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  1. RILEY DA Goat, showing up Vlad
  2. Pretty **** happy with Soroka, Riley, Jackson and Charlie. So much potential coming through. I didn't realise Riley was our 4th best prospect either.
  3. Wonder if the fans turn on him in year 1 of his contract or not haha
  4. Lol fargup in your arm chair
  5. Tomlin, what a bosssss!
  6. Wah Wah Wah, you should work in our front office instead of in your armchair...
  7. Yiiikesss
  8. **** me
  9. Should change your name to Falcons Fan LVP...
  10. Man I wish we had of signed Harper to play RF.....
  11. Perfect game :/
  12. 200 hits.....
  13. Fried is pounding!!!
  14. Great start frmo Max
  15. ohyeah I get that, I meant his hitting tonight will be a good gauge of if he is dinged up or not.
  16. His hitting should do that, he's looking so much better at the plate this season. Just looking at the Stats and ender is off to another notoriously slow start
  17. If anything I kind of wanna see him sprinkled in the infield more, giving those guys a spell.
  18. I don't mind us winning they've still gotta play the griz twice and the sun's. That's 2/3 wins there atleast. We are still 2 wins behind them so we could just lose out if we wanted to but I'd be dossapointed in that. 5 and 6 pick I'd be stoked with.
  19. Camargoat
  20. Man Wes is certainly a pleasant surprise outta the pen. Did Dansby remain in the game?
  21. How the **** does Lester draw 2 walks
  22. Lol bullpen zzz
  23. Julio dealing, nice recovery. 7 Strike Outs.