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  1. We need to shut Bogdanovic down - All our Wing Depth just seems to have evaporated over the past 2 series
  2. Stink we dont get home court. I thought with us knocking off the #1 seed we would have won home court too. I hope we can get bodies on Giannis and contain him. Hope Bogi can go and if not, does Reddish make a return?
  3. This is good news. Hope if he does get game time it doesn't kill our flow.
  4. LenDale White and CJ2K 2.0 where do I sign up for some of that in ATL
  5. RIP Hammering Hank!! Your impact on baseball and the braves is legendary. So much so, I know who you are all the way in New Zealand.
  6. 3rd and 2, corners 10 yards off. Barfff
  7. Prepare for Bend dont break, corners playing off and rushing 4 with Pees...not that happy with the hire. No more Debo and Foye blitz, kiss the corner blitz goodbye too
  8. Is Hurst stupid? 2 plays he's run outta bounds instead of just taking contact inbounds and running the clock down.
  9. moe mai ra Vaughn, lots of love to your family and the wider atlanta/espn team
  10. He has no quick reads, I could swear DK runs Streaks every **** play. Its painful to watch
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