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  1. hmmmm yeah and nah
  2. These ones pretty tighhhttt EOTNx0sXsAAOs8A.jfif
  3. I saw somewhere a concept which brought gold in, Like ATLFC. wonder if thatd where we are going. Red Black and Gold
  4. 5 and 7 step drops are going to change it up. I think he will do well but get sacked a ton more.
  5. He was aight at the Lions but dropped off big time in Oakland
  6. what was this about?
  7. No Dustin May?
  8. He really struggled Q1-3, came on strong in the last. I think we got a gooden, watching him on D has been good too. Only thing is getting his fouls down so he can play hard all the time.
  9. Just ahead up Cam and DeAndre paying over $2.00 to hit more than 1.5 Threes...I like them odds
  10. Harrell is a Dawg!! Been fun to watch
  11. thought he was gunna sit, I got clippers at -3.5
  12. So are we beating the Clippers today or what? Any word if Paul George is playing? WOuld love to see Cam go head to head with him
  13. now we can watch him abuse our bigs tonight
  14. After today's game sign me up to some Harrell...the man is a junk yard dawg.
  15. Watching this Clippers Mavs game...please give me Harrell, the guy is a DOOOGGGG!