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  1. Hmmmm I'd like him for bench depth, but that is Duvall...hmmmm not sure what to think of this. I thought we'd atleast try and upgrade here.
  2. Will Sutton
  3. Lamarcus Joyner could come to town, his wife hella fine
  4. Belated happy birthday to you mate
  5. I endorse this, in fact I'll join you too... Can also teach bosh the ol droppie
  6. How-owly key-car-ha not that hard
  7. I quite like the sounds of Touki starting hes got some special stuff. Minter in the 8th Viz in the 9th.
  8. We have the team to go all the way. We need to be firing on all cylinders offensively and defensively.
  9. yup head over as early as possible and hope that we ambush Kershaw. Would be nice to get some payback for that Wild Card loss last time we played in the playoffs
  10. Playoff team that made minor trades to be better. Phillies made some pretty wholesome trades and it almost made their team worse haha
  11. Give me Anthony over Duke all day. I'd cut Duke and keep foye to develop Dion and Anthony and we would be away.
  12. Maybe it's what is working for him?
  13. Dansby you suck! /purple
  14. Great work Dansbyyy