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  1. Ha great series win, some lessons learned and our bullpen finally looking like they should.
  2. This will be interesting...
  3. Jenista level and below I think.
  4. Hope we tee off on them!
  5. LOL they going to make the PLayoffs? They aren't getting a wild card spot
  6. Did we win the trade battle of the NL East? Looking at the moves the Nats, Mets and Phillies did vs us I think we kicked their *****!!
  7. The two deals for Greene and Melancon are pretty sweet. We maintained alot of our future talent. Losing Wentz and Allard (in Martin Deal) are the two 'big losses', happy for Demeritte to be able to play his way up now.
  8. Haha Amir charged the dugout soooooo
  9. Man STFU
  10. Yep, higher on Muller and Wentz than Allard.
  11. High 90's fastball, Sinker and Cutter. 43 Strike outs to 4 Walks, Great FIP, ERA hovering at 3.00.
  12. I think this is a low key signing going to keep tabs on him for sure.
  13. No idea eh, just get Giles and be done with it.
  14. Contreas and Pache get em off that list.
  15. That'd be stupidity to me... Anderson is our future Ace