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  1. I missed it, what did julio do?
  2. Beast, What does he project as Bullpen arm in the majors within the next 2 years?
  3. Dansby Swansong
  4. Hopefully folty pitches 9
  5. Let's go, squeeze play and give him 1
  6. This is great on the box score... Keep it up folty
  7. Maybe the fans are old and just don't have time to be patient... Lucky I'm young haha
  8. Humility?
  9. Anuda walk muahahahaa
  10. Nice eyes there Tyler
  11. Acuna Matata!!!
  12. LOL was that you? haha
  13. **** Kris Bryant...Rizzo not doing so well so far is he. Remember a season or 2 ago when people said they'd rather have Rizzo over Freeman lol
  14. I would say poor challenges but i've seen the review decisions and they are BS.
  15. Well good on you A.J, good stff just keen working.