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  1. The entire point about social distancing is to flatten the curve. What you saw in NY, Italy etc was health services being run off their feet with so many sick patients. We aren't going to eradicate the virus but you can manage its impact. Health > Money, I still have no idea how the US doesn't have a global healthcare system but thats another thing. Anyways, around the world, social distancing has allowed many nations to flatten the curve and we are starting to get back to modified normality - we have professional sports returning in a fortnight. I hope you guys sort it out
  2. Kia ora Korua, Kiwi & @Knight of God, Like kiwi said, our outlook on the world is much different to western society. Our history and lore are rich and stretch back many generations to common ancestors here in Aotearoa (New Zealand) such as Kupe, or ties further back to our pacific origins such as Hawaiki (Hawai'i, Savai'i -Samoa) which is our spiritual home where our ancestors came from. This was all Oral before colonials arrived here. The big things for us is that we acknowledge the tuakana - teina (Elder and junior) relationship between man (teina) and the gods and their realms
  3. man STFU, you the biggest cry baby on this **** board.
  4. Good on them...I look forward to beating on him twice a year.
  5. Winfield off the board so Epenesa for me
  6. Was actually quite good seeing how sticky he is to them.
  7. I'm worried about the Broncos, they could pip us and take Kinlaw...
  8. Yall are dumb dumbs...just stay home, its a long but necessary process. @kiwifalcon and I been doing it tough here in NZ but we are seeing results.
  9. The combos look great, I'd just drop the Red Pants.
  10. I think they are dope, So many of you wanted to go back to Black and now you get it you have a cry....gtfoh
  11. These ones pretty tighhhttt https://twitter.com/Deen_Worley/status/1217324060369149952/photo/1 EOTNx0sXsAAOs8A.jfif
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