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  1. yeah I hear you, just saying if it was a legit pathway you guys could steal some serious talent. Good luck to him
  2. Not impressed at all...Hes just in NYC (under 20's), we've had plenty of players dominate in that grade and do fookin nothing against grown men. You wanna look at a real beast Nelson Asofa Solomona is the one
  3. 26 - 17 Falcons
  4. Yeah although of the ones we brought in I'd like to kick tyres on Devin Taylor
  5. Jared Odrick?
  6. I haven't read anything on this post but if it was me I'd either 1. Ban and contact with the helmet. Any contact is an instant ejection 2. Take off the pads and helmets. The protective gear is effectively making human battering rams. Not saying rugby and league has any less chance of CTE but most retired professionals atwbt vegetables by the time they are 50.
  7. Can we just pin this address lol
  8. Play action really only works if our run game is effective man. That bears front was pretty solid
  9. I haven't been watching for a week. Who is this Freitas guy and where are Suzuki/FLowers?
  10. If I were them i'd go run heavy and play action. I dont think they will be able to keep up though.
  11. Lol let's not be silly, I'm kiwi not a pom
  12. American athletes would be perceived as soft, I think the English are hard buggers.