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  1. They should do top 10 for every position as opposed to top 100. Who is better, Dansby or Julius Thomas. See hard to compare 2 differnet positions.
  2. Of course there's a varsity TATF. There are quite a few posters in it too. There are also plenty of posters in JV so you are not alone.
  3. I'm just going to quote this so others can see what you wrote. So when you do graduate from junior varsity to varsity TATF, you can't come back and delete it.
  4. Yep, no need to argue with someone who doesn't understand normalizing figures to allow for comparison. Stafford tears Ryan up in yards. Talk to me when you take your first math class. For now, I will place you on the TATF JV team. I only work with varsity students. You can try to test out of JV if you want. Just let me know.
  5. Tree you should learn to at least google the information you talk about before posting lol
  6. LOL! Are you serious? Ryan is not ahead in any meaningful statistical category. Even if we include Ryan's BEST season, which is 2012 in calculating the numbers, here are the results. Ryan: TD%: 4.6 Y/A: 7.3 Int%: 2.5 Rivers: TD%: 5.4 Y/A: 7.5 Int%: 2.4 Roethlisberger: TD%: 5.2 Y/A: 7.3 Int%: 2.1 Ryan is tied or behind in every category. ryan has thrown less TDs, INTs, and Yards on an adjusted basis. This is why I respond to Ryan posts because I'm trying to correct false information out there.
  7. I don't. I only try to bring expectations and perception in line with reality. If someone said Ryan was a sold QB, I don't think I'd respond. But Tree is thinking he's a top 6, which is far from reality. And why do you think that's the case?
  8. There's an argument that Ryan is better than Roethlisberger like there's an argument that a Honda Civic is better than a Maserati. You can make an argument no matter what even though I'm sure most people would take the Maserati
  9. Top 6? Are you smoking. It's unanimous that Rivers and Roethlisberger are better. Nothing wrong but he's not special like many try to say he is.
  10. LOL! Ryan is a generic as vanilla ice cream. He's nothing more than a solid NFL QB.
  11. A fairly paid player or underpaid player won't prevent us from winning a SB. An overpaid player will. I was against Ray Edwards too. Got some heat for that but homers will be homers.
  12. Additionally, most players are fairly rated/valued by board members. Ryan is the most miss-rated player. Everyone can agree Julio Jones is an elite talent. No arguments there Everyone can agree that Biermann is a serviceable DE. Nothing special, but good rotation type guy. No arguments there. But over half the board thinks Ryan is top 5 or elite. That's incorrect.
  13. The talent at QB is enough to win a SB. The talent/value ratio at QB is not enough to win a SB. That's the issue. Yeah we don't have a pass rush, but not like we've really spent that much money on it. Massaquoi may only get 4 sacks next season, but he's only getting paid 700K per season. Even if he doesn't turn out to be a good player, the value is there.
  14. So we betting or not?I like Brees more than Ryan and PManning but less than Brady and Rodgers
  15. Hey hey hey, no need to talk down. I have QB insecurity issues ok. Not everyone has Brees on their team.
  16. Wait what? How do you win both ways? Come on, think, you can do it
  17. No one's bashing Ryan. It's pretty much certain that he won't go 5K 35 TDs. I will sell you Ryan 5K all day. Let's bet.
  18. It's not entirely a popularity contest. Skill is involved too.
  19. I can see that. 6-10. Pro-bowl as a 5th string altnernative after guys like Wilson drop out to play in SB and some guys are injured.
  20. Yep, best play in Falcons history. CAn only be trumped by a Superbowl winning TD.
  21. Uh no. TD has a MASSIVE ego. Emphasis on the massive. There is no way TD will let Harbaugh make personell decisions.
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