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  1. How times have changed! While I've opened up to Turner's role in the offense as clearly our past success was linked to him (over Ryan) carrying the team, it seems like many today want Turner gone. What happened to the argument that he was lightly used in San Diego so he will be fresh until 40 years old?
  2. Must win this Thursday. 'Young' Falcons need to build some confidence going into the season...

    1. Twoism


      There is no such thing as a "must win" final preseason game".

    2. Borat


      Hey I get it! Your name is an oxymoron. Clever.

  3. Falcons drafted the wrong Matt...Stafford should have never left Georgia! 9-7 here we go...

    1. AF89


      Totally!! We should trade in our 700. starter for the guy who's only started like 10 games. Good call!

  4. Falcons lost even though Jaguars didn't show their hand...

  5. Ray Edwards: No more than 6 sacks this season....

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    2. Supes™


      Would it matter to you if he gets 18 sacks? You'll never be happy without Vick.

    3. Daddy's Home

      Daddy's Home

      This man speaks truth to power. Truth to power. Tell the truth bro. Just tell the truth.

    4. Supes™


      Thanks, Daddy. I appreciate that! :-)

  6. The only times I'm not 'right' is to see what it feels like to be 'wrong'...

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    2. Mr. Right

      Mr. Right

      Have to say, you know what they say? Daddy's always right.

    3. Three Radical

      Three Radical

      How's TJ Duckett working out Vick75?

    4. Daddy's Home
  7. I need bout tree fiddy

  8. I can see the love people have for you.

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