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  1. This is going to be hard to reconcile with certain folk, methinks
  2. Just something for you guys to remember when you're conjuring up your "bandwagon Saints fans RRRRRRRG!" threads upstairs - Falcons fans aren't necessarily on the firmest of grounds in that regard
  3. 15 yard pass = "deep ball" in ATL. There's your headline, fellas.
  4. Brees has 110 more completions on 78 more attempts. Just Sayin.
  5. Drew is top tier RIGHT NOW. Tell me Ryan's name belongs aside that.
  6. The lack of most of an offseason for a ROOKIE QB that may experts insisted was not pro-ready is significant, sorry haters. What Cam has done is impressive, and I'm afraid it's mostly going to be uphill from here for the Panthers. Imagine Vick wasn't an idiot...
  7. I'm pretty sure every fanbase loves that about every other fanbase. BUT THE FALCONS DO IT MORE
  8. "Maybe we should just scrap the deep ball, y'know? :/"
  9. But what about his first 3 years, Pox? WHAT ABOUT THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
  10. I didn't name or quote anyone specifically, Mrs. Guilty Conscience.
  11. That's a dumb question, Fd56. IT WILL MATTER UNTIL IT IS BROKEN, NO MATTER WHAT. You've been kicking your feet in the sand quite a bit here lately, season not turning out the way you expected?
  12. Notice how all these threads seem to have a common theme - "can Team X spoil the Saints season and do our dirtywork?" Let's go Vikings! Panthers can EASILY beat the Saints! Lions could spell trouble for New Orleans! I wonder if certain people are getting cold feet about their bold predictions this Monday night? They certainly seem to be searching for salvation elsewhere...
  13. FOREVER LINKED IN HISTORY. Remember that, dd! Don't worry, we'll be here to remind you
  14. Sounds like Falcons fans are a little worried about the upcoming game.... last year? Sounds like 2009 again
  15. Graham will hurt your DBs trying to send message shots - real talk.
  16. The question was - 'would it be lessened'? And the answer is no. Drew Brees is less than 300 yards away from becoming the ONLY PLAYER IN LEAGUE HISTORY TO PASS FOR 5000+ YARDS TWICE. Sounds to me like a certain faction of fans are pre-emptively trying to deflect the impact of him reaching that milestone against a certain team...
  17. Haha, Spoony. Imagine fearing someone with that nickname!
  18. I've never seen him crying on the sideline. Or pooping his pants on the field. Just sayin'.
  19. Why would we be worried about the Lions? After tonight they're likely going to be San Fran's problem
  20. That's twice you've thrown in the "as we claim they are" dig in the last 20 minutes. How good do YOU think they are? Good enough for big contracts?
  21. Commit fewer turnovers - although even that isn't a sure thing. The team is kinda on fire right now.
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