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  1. Rams tendered him with an original round tender so a 1st round pick would be the compensation for any team trying to sign him.
  2. http://nflspinzone.com/2015/07/13/atlanta-falcons-justin-hardy-upgrade/ I recommend clicking on the link since the formatting comes out on here terrible but some eyeopening info from the text: Hardy's 387 receptions is an all-time FBS record. 12 of Matt Ryan’s 31 interceptions the last 2 seasons have come when he’s thrown to Douglas. This works out to 38.7% which is an incredibly high amount compared to the rest of the Falcons’ receivers corps. Julio Jones and Roddy White have the next highest amount of interceptions come when they’ve been targeted but that’s only been 4 each which works out to just 12.9% of Ryan’s 31. Another way to look at this is INT %. Using Pro-Football-Reference’s target data; Julio Jones: 222 targets, 4 interceptions – 1.80% Roddy White: 220 targets, 4 interceptions – 1.82% Harry Douglas: 204 targets, 12 interceptions – 5.88% --------------------------------------------------------------------- The rest of the article just talks about the strengths and weaknesses of Douglas and Hardy but those numbers were interesting.
  3. The little graph for Jake Matthews' PFF grade splits in the article is interesting. The 4 weeks he played through injury before the bye was the reason for his low overall grade otherwise he was fine the rest of the season.
  4. If you compare the Falcons to the Cowboys, In Dallas, teams would have to invest an extra defender in the box against Murray and their OL leaving Dez in more 1-on-1 situations. In Atlanta, non-imposing run game and OL meant that the extra defender would help out the CB guarding Julio. We were 6th best in redzone touchdown % anyway so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Teams choosing to give Julio more attention means lighter boxes for our backs to run through and looser coverage on our other receivers.
  5. Every time I see someone mention PFF, I always see you come along expressing your disdain for it. How come you hate them so much? I can understand not agreeing with their methodology for their grades but statistics are statistics.
  6. Big upgrade to last season. We wasn't going to be able to fix everything so we'll just have to get by with the possible weaknesses on paper at MLB and FS.
  7. If Mariota fell to #8, Eagles are a possible trade candidate and could package in Kendricks with #20 and their 2nd rounder.
  8. Run/Pass Rush/Penalty Sheard: +9.4/-0.7/-0.6 Hughes: +9.7/+7.6/-9.1
  9. Dee Milliner and DJ Hayden, both have struggled with injuries so far.
  10. Smelter is really good. Shame he tore his ACL because he could have found himself in the top 2 rounds.
  11. http://bloggingdirty.com/2015/01/30/falcons-dan-quinn-rebuilding-front-seven/ Article discussing Quinn, scheme and free agent possibilities. Good read. Agree with getting 2 pass rushers in free agency.
  12. Cover-3 is easier to play than cover-2 for a safety, less room to cover. Cover-1 is what Earl Thomas and Ed Reed are known for. Devin McCourty is the only safety I see in FA or the draft that can play that role.
  13. Chancellor doesn't play deep. Earl Thomas covers deep.
  14. He was a 5th round pick. We got a fine passing down back which is good value for a 5th rounder.
  15. Orlando Franklin the only FA out there. I like Kouandjio in the draft too
  16. Better sooner rather than later. Like you said, Roddy White has dropped off dramatically. HD and Hester are ordinary. Get someone that's good at something. Whether it be at separating, or making contested catches or someone who excels vertically. Someone that brings their own role to the O so we don't have to rely on Julio for everything.
  17. I'll just chime in on the Dimitroff debate. I thought he was gold 2008-2010. Things started turning south with the Julio Jones trade and couple the lack of draft picks between 2011 and 2012 with poor players taken, and it has hurt the franchise a lot. We ended up with 1 good player from both classes which is terrible. But since that trade, I think he's been good again in 2013 and 2014. My only main gripe with him is that he drafts for the future rather than taking care of immediate needs. Really should have drafted a pass rusher in 2013 or 2014 rather than taking Alford to be the CB of the future and Hageman to be the DT of the future. I understand why we didn't select a pass rusher highly in the draft 2008-2012. He tried to get Dee Ford in 2014 but just couldn't find an agreement and the Eagles were reluctant to move down so much into the 2nd because they were afraid their guy (Marcus Smith) might get snatched up. I can't find an excuse for him for not getting one in 2013 though. Basically, I think the Julio trade and the poor draft the following season was just an unfortunate bad storm and too much to overcome and that is what we're feeling the effects of currently. I do believe Dimitroff has learned his lesson and should be given more time.
  18. 3 assistant coaches I want us to keep: Keith Armstrong, Terry Robiskie and Mike Tice.
  19. That's not the case at all. He's had a ton of room to play from the pocket. He's been extending plays here and there to give his receivers extra time rather than he reacting to pressure. Yeah. Favre only had 2 400+ yard games and he is remembered for slinging the ball all over the place. A lot of 4+ TD games though.
  20. So, Rodgers and Ryan both became starters in 2008 and in that span, Rodgers has had 1 more game throwing for 400+. Rodgers had 3 years to develop too whereas Ryan started right away.
  21. This has to be one of the biggest false narratives out there. I think people just look at the box score for sack numbers. It's been a long time since I've seen the Packers oline collapse to the point of suffocation like the Falcons' oline did against the Bears and Ravens. Probably against the Giants in 2012.
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