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  1. Just to keep a record, I think these will be our projected needs heading into the 2018 offseason: WR - Taylor Gabriel leaving + Mohamed Sanu probably going to have the 2018 season as his last due to $$$. Justin Hardy's contract ends after the 2018 season too. OG - Andy Levitre might be leaving for $$$ reasons like Sanu after the 2018 season or they could extend him if he has another good season. Who knows how RG turns out. DT - Poe's contract is just for 1 year. Grady Jarrett is the only other asset at DT we have. What's Hageman going to do in his contract year? 5-tech - If Shelby or Crawford don't perform this season, could see both being released and it also makes sense financially to do so.
  2. Grabbed Ben Heeney, who will be molded into Daryl Smith's successor. Got my starting 22 sorted after the first 2 rounds, now just to draft for the future.
  3. Did Goldman really fall that far? Right there with Shelton imo.
  4. are you saying there's something wrong with signing 7 running backs? lol
  5. Sorry about that guys, I've cleared my inbox now. Also pm'd Seahawks, who are OTC until 2:15 EST. Got a contested catch extraordinaire for jump ball Joe.
  6. They're on right now. EST 3:30 - 7:30
  7. Running 5 yard curls and simple flat routes all the time probably didn't help.
  8. Antonio Smith for a 3rd and Glenn Dorsey is daylight robbery
  9. This is what Robb said in the very first few sentences of the first post of that thread:
  10. Anyone interested in trading for Arthur Brown? PM me.
  11. Signing bonus is over 3x as much as 1st year base and the base salary jump is over 20%/$1M. Increase the first year to $5M and it's fine.
  12. BALTIMORE RAVENS Adrian Peterson RB 3 year deal, $6,000,000 signing bonus Year 1: $2,000,000 Year 2: $3,000,000 Year 3: $4,000,000 Year 1 cap hit: $4,000,000 Total salary: $15,000,000 over 3 years. Patrick Robinson CB 2 year deal Year 1: $1,000,000 Year 2: $2,000,000 Year 1 cap hit: $1,000,000 Total salary: $3,000,000 over 2 years. Troy Polamalu S 1 year deal Year 1: $1,000,000 Year 1 cap hit: $1,000,000 Total salary: $1,000,000 over 1 year.
  13. Ravens withdraw bid on Dez Bryant.
  14. BALTIMORE RAVENS Dez Bryant WR 5 year deal, $10,000,000 signing bonus Year 1: $5,000,000 Year 2: $6,000,000 Year 3: $7,000,000 Year 4: $8,250,000 Year 5: $9,750,000 Year 1 cap hit: $7,000,000 Total salary: $46,000,000 over 5 years
  15. How are we dealing with exclusive rights free agents? Just saw the Ravens are into the double digits with them although most of them are scrubs.