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  1. good point man, I guess I'm seeing this from a business perspective rather than as a fan.
  2. signing robinson for that much money was a mistake. that's the past now and that can't be changed. he is still a starter for us though (although I think McClain could do a better job) so he is an important player. if grimes didn't get injured, I bet robinson would have been gone after this year. now it's a difficult decision. robinson will still be getting more money than grimes imo but grimes injury leads to question marks. if he can get close to his play the past two seasons or so, it's worth resigning him and cutting robinson to save us money.
  3. The Browns could be 4-0 just as easily as we could be 1-3. They've lost by a combined 12 points in their 3 games.
  4. and bump for the rest of the crew
  5. you'll have to compare position by position rather than some WR and a DE. A 2.0 score for a WR is elite and doesn't occur often. iirc, last year's top score over the season was 22 which comes down to an average of <1.4 per game. QBs on the other hand can get scores of 150 points. DEs, i can't really remember but I think Freeney had 30 just for pass-rushing.
  6. Whether it was a comedown after a huge victory in New Orleans, or just the Falcons finding their level, it was a victory that has raised some serious questions regarding the Atlanta Falcons. Namely, just how good are they when faced with a more than competent defense? For the 49ers, they’ve managed to lose another game they had opportunities to put away, and so you start to wonder about the mental strength (or indeed capacity) of this team. There’s more than enough talent there to be a lot better than 0-4, but they haven’t had the hardest schedule in the NFL and yet they still find themselves
  7. probably still recovering from his injury. don't expect him to be 100% until towards the final third of the season, maybe next year.
  8. Watch out for OLB Roth. Also, Joe Thomas is going to be **** to get past.
  9. Troy Polamalu is a better comparision.
  10. Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne have to be there along with Roddy White. On the top of their game and with good QB play, Calvin is #1. You could throw a designed 50-yard route, 60 yards and he'd still go catch the ball.
  11. better bye week, we don't play 4 teams coming off their bye and, on paper, the tougher games are at home while the easier ones are away.
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