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  1. That's a big if bro he gets injured every year. He drops a lot of passes as well I really hope we don't over pay him
  2. Definitely agree that Mathews was just average, yeah I know he had the ankle Yaya yada yada. Loving the new regime right now nobody is safe. I really believe this will be the first year that the best players will start.
  3. This^^^ Dukes is so irritating at times
  4. Brady told Robert Kraft he would be the best draft pick in the 99 draft. Big talk for a skinny 6th rounder. The point is he said it and he proved it. I like Colemans confidence kid has some jets could be the best running back in the draft who knows
  5. We have serious need on the OL. Did you not see Matt Ryan peeling himself off the campus repeatedly. We need a RT and a LG the ZBS won't turn our current OL into world beaters
  6. I don't think he fell four rounds because of scheme fit.
  7. Between Hardy and Hankerson HD won't be missed. Good luck to him Tennessee though.
  8. Option two -we get a talented DE and a franchise type running back
  9. Freeman will start only because Jackson is injured again. He should've been starting since week five imo but the coaching staff is loyal to veterans even when they are producing. Hageaman needs more reps hes getting better every week with this said he won't start either Smitty ball in full effect
  10. Yeah you're right nobody on this team can identify womens clothing like this guy. 😒
  11. This^^^^ On a sidenote did anybody notice Julio's lack of effort pursuing the DB.
  12. That six TD game by Jerry Rice still gives me nightmares, idk if hes Dimry bad but he's giving up alot 0f big plays I would rather see Josh Wilson at this point
  13. Wouldnt bother me at all, Nolan moves to interum head coach and the band plays on.
  14. Give the guy some time before we label him a bust yes he's immature but who wasn't at 21.
  15. Yeah we were all fooled. I thought if the D could ball out like that against a top five quarterback in NFL history we are on our way,boy was I wrong
  16. Freeman told me to tell you "i got that dogg in me man im hungry" steven jax is getting slower by the minute he runs like hes wearing ankle weights......SLOW. Play the yung gunz speed kills
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