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  1. Vick was faster, and could launch the ball. Vick did two things barry did one thing
  2. **** you dirtball he will still habe more fans/money/and women than you will ever have. So yea a convicted felon will have a better life than you lol loser You look like you have the most extreme level of down syndrome
  3. I hope he gets cheered because although he screwed the team over he obviously loved playing hear and gave us the most exciting player in nfl history. I mean MV was a cult icon in atlanta from 2001 to 2006. I also think this will be a game for Matt Ryan to go absolutley nuts passing the ball to show the city that this is my team and I will take you to the promise land! I hope vick has a couple TD's on trick plays but Matty Ice with a game winning drive.
  4. i am not crying i am just stating IF TD was our GM in 2002 Reed would probbly be on the team right now. because he loves db's
  5. My Offensive Player would be Andre Johnson - He is THE BEST WR in the NFL. He is the more complete WR over Fitzgerald. He is faster, runs better routes and imo is stronger. My defensive player would be Nnamdi Asomugha. It would be Ed Reed but we are pretty solid at S. CB is a much more pressing need. If positions were of equal need i would obviously take Reed. IMO Reed is the best playmaking S ever, until Eric Berry takes over that title lol. Interesting stat... in his last 2 Games lined up against Asomugha, Johnson has 3 catches for 28 yards. IN HIS LAST 8 QUARTERS COMBINED. He usually gets t
  6. Notable First Rounders Passed On: 2007: Michael Griffin - One of the best S in the NFL had 7 INT's last year. If alot of people are questioning him he does have a 95 in madden this year. This was one of the couple key positions that year that we needed to fill. Jon Beason - Top 5 MLB in NFL. Darrelle Revis - One of the best CB in the NFL. Marshawn Lynch. We didn't have Turner at the time. Patrick Willis - The best MLB in the NFL and looks like he could go down as one of the best all time if he keeps it up. We passed on all these guys for Jamaal Anderson. We need to realize he is going to be NO
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is sooooo mean
  8. I remember us really wanting him a few years ago. But washington nabbed him and instead we got...he who must not be named... "I can't believe this GM is stupid enought to take me in the first round! I cant wait to get my money and make it look like I actually try!"
  9. If you add Douglas', Peele's, and Hartsock's stats together from last year: 41 REC 505 YDS 3 TD Lets say Douglas YDS increased by 500, REC increased by 30 and had 5 more TD, then the 3 players combined stats would look like this: 71 REC 1005 8 TD We acquired a HUNGRY MOTIVATED PLAYER named Tony Gonzalez and hid stats looked like this: 96 REC 1058 YDS 10 TD P.S. He had Tyler Thigpen throwing to him most of the year. Now he will have a Pro Bowl level QB throwing to him. And don't say he wasn't the only target because they had a very good Dwayne Bowe. Also we forgot the most important fact: MATT
  10. dont be surprised if he pulls in 500 yds this year. he is a red zone threat and could also get 4-5 TD's. plus he has a legend in the making throwing him the ball
  11. The bright side is that how ever good we play this year we will be even better next year no matter what becuase of the return of HD. I couldnt imagine what he is going through right now. it is like if you were 10 and it was christmas eve and when you wake up it is july 1st. He will come back hungrier than he ever has been next year and will have a big chip on his shoulder
  12. I knew he played with the lions. I said we should get him as a joke becuase i knew even if he was a free agent we would not pursue him ik knew he was with the lions i live in michigan. so don't tell someone they dont know there information when you dont know yours
  13. We have to go after up and coming superstar Adam Jennings. I mean he has reliable hands and is an elite punt returner. He basically was the key to our season until the coaches let him go becuase it was what was best for Jennings. We werent using his talents enough so he left our team and LIT IT UP WITH THE LIONS. We really struggled after we got rid of him. We had to resort to putting in a DUD at PR and that was HD. Where is HD now? Adam Jennings is the KEY to our season Obviously I am kidding
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