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  1. We need a solid plan B before we cut him. The OL needs a makeover for sure, but we now need a DT, a couple edge guys, at least one OG, I’d rather not open a vacancy at OT until we have his replacement in place.
  2. I’m hoping the silver lining of this season is it opens the eyes of the coaching staff and FO that the trenches need a massive overhaul. As previously mentioned, it’s not about paying dudes, but it’s about year after year restocking with OL and DL picks. Last year I heard a number of times it being said a high OL pick would be wasted b/c we’d be moving on from Harlowe. I like Ridley, but I’d sure as heck like to see a better option for us at OT or OG.
  3. I’ve been patient with Sark b/c I don’t want to see Matt have to go through yet another OC. But the last few games looks like the offense has completely given up. Something has to change.
  4. The Browns definitely threw in some new wrinkles we weren’t ready for. I was at the game with Browns fans and heard a number of times “I’ve never seen this before.” They did a great job and putting in 3 TE sets and we’d immediately sub out all our pass rushers only to see them throw out of that set. And our LBs were lost bs the 3 back set.
  5. I’ll be there section 336 row 4
  6. I do, beating them in the swamp in the playoffs would be ideal!
  7. The only reason I’m upset about this is I’ve been pulling for Teddy and his comeback!
  8. Vaughn McClure mentioned he just had his pads removed at practice but did note that they were not looking at his shoulders.
  9. I’ve gotten to the point that I do next to zero research on players in the draft. I just sit back and wait to see who ATL takes then check out those guys. Makes it easier to enjoy the draft and saves boat loads of time.
  10. Lol, that was my exact same thought. I liked the way he moves for a big fella, but I kept coming back to how bad the QB looks.
  11. Hold up, all these years I thought it meant something I was too old to understand. But it's just a typo that stuck?
  12. I'd be all for having something we haven't had in a long long time...2 pass rushers on the roster at the same time.
  13. Look on the bright side, he'll fill the Bennett and Chancelor roll by himself!
  14. No worries, turns out this is just our punishment for noise gate. NFL mandated we re-sign him.
  15. Lol, same reason I'm here.