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  1. I was excited, then read he’s joining the staff of June Jones. That’s like mixing and acid and a base together in my book, June Jones cancels out the awesomeness of Glanville for me. On a side note, I coach a Jr high team in Indiana and about once a week dress in all black despite our team colors being red/blue. I’ve had a person once say to me, “you’re going Glanville on us today.”
  2. I’ve been on the get a guard in FA train, but the more I look at Wynn, the more I think he’s our best option at OG.
  3. Lol, that was my exact same thought. I liked the way he moves for a big fella, but I kept coming back to how bad the QB looks.
  4. Shannon Sharpe Stephen A Smith Collin Cowherd just kidding
  5. This is being way over stated. Philly doesn’t get there without Wentz who would be the mvp if not for the injury. Case Keenum has put up great numbers this year, and Tom Brady is the goat. The only real team this applies to is Jacksonville. We are only 12 months removed from the final 4 qbs being Ryan, Rodgers, Ben and Brady. It’s still a QB driven league.
  6. I’m definitely excited for next year, probably more so than I was for this 2017 season because I’ve always wanted our Falcons to be a defensive team, and the pieces are in place for a top 5 defense. As far as the offense goes, I’d like to see one OG and TE come from FA. Our offense isn’t getting any younger and I don’t believe we have the time to roll the dice on rooks. The draft needs to bring some offensive line depth that can develop with time.
  7. It’s our best 2 pt conversion play. A roll out that takes away half the field and nothing to help WRs get open.
  8. Wouldn’t be a Falcons game without a little clock mismanagement
  9. Dream scenario is winning the nfc championship in the swamp
  10. I don’t know that I’ve ever complained about officiating, but this is crazy
  11. Wait...a reasonable Saints fan, where the heck am I?
  12. Definitely Carolina. If everything plays out how it should, we lose to NO and Carolina beats Tampa, then Carolina has nothing to play for week 17. They’d be locked into the 5 seed.
  13. You’d make a great Falcons fan