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  1. RIP Mr Falcon, God bless him and his family
  2. It was posted, then moved, then the admin halted any responses once posters started in on the accusers looks
  3. We are making it too easy on the defense. We run a crap ton of short timing routes and do nothing 80% of the time to get a free release off the line. Every time we bunched receivers tonight, someone ran free and Matt found them. Problem is, we rarely do it.
  4. Can we please stop rushing 3, I just saw Poe in pass coverage
  5. I’ve played Madden Mobile on my phone since it came out I think 4 years ago. In the new season the first thing they had you do is run the ball with James White in overtime of the super bowl. I immediately deleted it
  6. Best case scenario for the playoffs is nfc championship game in the swamp and the Falcons win.
  7. Have you seen a single Falcons game this year? No way in **** this team covers a 10.5 spread. I guarantee we’ll be up by more than that at some point, but then we’ll let them right back in and need some kind of late game heroics to win.
  8. Evans vs Trufant and McCoy vs Schweitzer is enough to worry about.
  9. Using Vic as a spy seems like a gigantic waste of his talents. Both those guys have crazy quick get offs. Use them coming off the edge on both sides.
  10. Exactly, that was one of the biggest bright spots of last night. Give Wilson the credit he deserves b/c no other QB is escaping that pressure last night.
  11. Brees will have the all-time yardage record, so that number will go up.
  12. I understand, if I knew anything about technology I’d link it from twitter
  13. I don’t disagree but it certainly helps
  14. It’s all over Twitter the suspension is back on and effective immediately!
  15. Yeah I don’t see Arian Nation going over real well in today’s climate