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  1. I almost feel dirty for how much enjoyment I get watching them lose playoff games. Almost.
  2. Never did get that Michael Bennett role filled, did we?
  3. Being that Shanny’s offense was historic I’ll say no. What we need is him to run a better defense than DQ.
  4. With as loaded as WR classes are becoming I’m starting to think you it may be a good idea to never pay a WR top money. There should be a ton of young WRs in the league in the next couple years. If I’m running the team I’d start shifting resources to the defense and draft a 3rd to 4th rounder WR every year or every two years. Then let them walk after 4 years.
  5. I 100% agree with you here. But the way my brain works is when I’m watching a college kid I look for the nfl comparison more as a ceiling. Then again there is a reason I sell real estate for a living and don’t work in an nfl front office.
  6. EB likely not getting a HC job again this round? Heard today that his only shots were Atlanta or NYJ. I seriously wonder what it is with him? The skeletons from his past, doesn’t interview well or the recent history or Reid’s assistants.
  7. If you watch tape of Wilson the first comparison that comes to mind is Mahomes. He throws dimes across his body, on the move, from different arm angles etc. Didn’t say he’ll be just like Mahomes, said the comparison holds up.
  8. Only if we trade back and load up with picks. If we pick at 4 it either has to be the QB of the future or defense.
  9. This is the single biggest take away from Monday night!
  10. I’d like to see Brady and bring in Wade Phillips as DC. Guy always has a good defense and brings the HC experience. I believe he was McVey’s first DC .
  11. Hoping something happens this week. You wait too long and the new HC will have slim pickings for building a staff.
  12. It won’t effect the decision. A great GM will have a huge impact over the next 10-15 years. 2 3rd round comp picks are nice but the GM will have a much larger impact. It’s interesting to me that GMs don’t get paid more. 2-3 million a year on average and you could make the argument they impact the success of the team as much as any position.
  13. A lot of the podcasts I listen to have debated it. I doubt they do, but it’s possible
  14. Don’t know much about him, where is he projected to go?
  15. With our needs we either take the QB or fall back and load up on picks. Personally I want Wilson b/c the Mahomes comparison holds up.
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