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  1. Y’all need to do what I do. I refer to it as super bowl 50 3/4. I’ve rewatched it a number of times and click it off after the 3rd quarter. I’ve almost convinced myself that 4th quarter never happened.
  2. The more I mess with it the more a fan I am of trading back if we can. I just ran this one where I traded back twice before eventually picking at 27 and stock piled 3rd rounders. I don’t see us double dipping at LB but this is a good display of talent in rounds 2-3. 27- Winfield Jr S 47- Gross-Matos DE 64- Gallimore DT 78- Malik Harrison OLB 81- Cam Akers RB 89- Willie Gay Jr OLB
  3. Bare in mind I’m way more limited in my draft knowledge than most, but I don’t see Thomas or Becton kicking inside to OG, where I think Wirfs could dominate there.
  4. I’ve played around with a trade-up for Okudah if he falls past 8 or 9, but after continually seeing who’s there in rounds 2 and 3 for our pick it’s just not worth it.
  5. Those were my same 3 picks first picks. I do like that sim. If nothing else it’s pretty eye opening that we should be able to get some pretty good players in rounds 2 & 3.
  6. That’s a valid question, but in this scenario only Tua and Burrow went at QB before us, and only 2 or 3 tackles went. Every reasonable defensive pick including Murray went ahead of us.
  7. I think taking a wr in the first is about the only way I’ll come away upset with this draft.
  8. Just curious on others opinions. I’ve been playing around on the draft networks draft simulator and it does a good job of mixing things up. I highly doubt there is any chance of this playing out, but what if: I had Tristan Wirfs fall to 16 so I took him. Any defensive pick would’ve been a slight reach. Then in the 2nd round Swift was sitting there. So, how would you feel if things fell this way? By the way, I was tempted to take Trautman in the 3rd but took a CB instead.
  9. Sadly, that’s exactly what popped into my head
  10. IMO where Gurley may have a huge impact for us will be the red zone. You gonna double/triple Julio or worry about Gurley? Gonna be nearly impossible to eliminate both threats. In fact, I’ll go as far to say the only force on earth that can stop that red zone attack is Dirk Koetter.
  11. If somehow he falls he’d be my first choice. Him and Debo would be awesome together, plus he’d be insurance for Neal as an inside the box safety.
  12. Wasn’t Person the guy who routinely rolled the snap back to Matt?
  13. Very Nice!!!! Was starting to doubt it was going to happen. CB looks like all but a guarantee in the 1st
  14. This is the first mostly red design I really like. I’m hoping for mostly black, but I could definitely get behind this.
  15. This is the first mostly red design I really like. I’m hoping for mostly black, but I could definitely get behind this.
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