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  1. I’d be careful with inexpensive jerseys on eBay. Every single time I’ve gotten a knock off, the logo looks like my toddler drew it.
  2. If I remember right, for years the Bengals didn’t have a practice facility or had one of the worst facilities in the nfl. I’m not saying a cheap owner resulted in one injury, but when every first round draft pick for a decade goes down, then it has to be either crap strength and training or a terrible scouting dept or both. But likely stems from an owner who won’t pay to get better results
  3. Their owner is notorious for not investing into the team like other nfl owners. If an owner won’t spend for a halfway decent practice facility then I’m guessing he’s not spending on top tier strength and training facilities and staff either.
  4. I get injuries happen, but I have to believe their problems all stem from an owner not willing to open up the check book.
  5. I doubt Ryan improves much himself, but I’d love to see his protection drastically improve, and if DK is also around for the next 5 years then it would also be nice for Ryan to get some consistency with a system.
  6. Congratulations and thanks be to God
  7. Rico’s job may be as safe as anyone on defense. DQ love Rico.
  8. I don’t think teams get special treatment from the refs but a teams reputation may influence a ref. The Patriots have a rep of being extremely disciplined so refs may overlook things that a teams like the Raiders May get called for all day. Seattle when they had the legion of boom constantly got away with grabbing and holding receivers, but because their rep was being an elite defense, they were less likely to get called for it.
  9. It’s really interesting what he has to say about Kyle Shannahan. Makes me want to root against the niners. I’d love to have him back in Atlanta.
  10. That’s basically the offensive scheme the Browns beat us with last season
  11. With Julio’s history vs PP, not sure this is an advantage
  12. I’m with you. I’ve been clamoring for high OL draft picks for years. We’ve been trotting out an aged OL for a few years and it but us in the backside last year. I’ll admit it wasn’t the specific players I wanted, but the guys I was high on fell out of the first round, so it wasn’t just the Falcons that didn’t like them. The Lindstrom pick reminds me of when we drafted Neal. Most experts had him slotted as a 2nd rounder and most of us thought he was a reach.
  13. It was more positional than anything. I buy into the belief you start in the trenches and built out from there. WR is at the bottom of positional importance to me.
  14. I’m with you. I was less than thrilled when we drafted JJ but I pay whatever it takes to get Quinnen or Bosa.
  15. I totally agree, don’t let good players prevent you from taking great players. I just think it would be off if you knew you were taking a premier DT to sign two prior to the draft.