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  1. Ahh H3LL y not Wade Joe JSmith Lebron Horford Looks good to me Bring em Home SUND
  2. I don't think I'd be able to make it thru the day with that dude to funny LOL
  3. whether he gets the job is another issue, but its good none the less to have a big name coach to interview and not all asst coaches
  4. got this from twitter @STEIN_LINE_HQ Avery Johnson gets first interview for Hawks' vacancy tonight, NBA coaching sources say. Dwane Casey also to interview with Hawks this week
  5. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/chat/_/id/30653 guess i'll add on mort really feels strong atl is n play for peppers J.R. (Glen Allen, VA) What does your gut instinct tell you where Julius Peppers will play next season? Chris Mortensen (11:09 AM) Well, it is just a gut - I'd say the Atlanta Falcons are a team to watch. Their owner, Arthur Blank, is very focused on a Super Bowl and a stud defensive end would fill a huge need. I'd say watch out for the Broncos, too. Who knows, maybe Dan Snyder will top himself and add him to the D-line with Albert Haynesworth.
  6. when i first seen the topic i said cool, then as i begin to see every1 pics and although u have some nice pics, i thought why would i wanna be on an deserted island with 3 woman. Thats a headache that'll never end. They pissed cause its only u, they not use to that lifestyle,etc. Then pretty soon they kick u out and have a threesome So i'd want 500 plus million in a duffle bag(thats my bed) all my fruits i like to eat and a jar of vasaline :ph34r: soon or later id get off the island and i'd have all the money i need to go sleep wit all of your choices But in keeping with the topic trend gi
  7. Great win for the home team last night...Josh really got this team going and we didn't look back....i know its still a few games till the allstar game but i believe last night win really pushed Josh to his first allstar berth....outside of that lets continue to take care of the next 3 games....LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. WELCOME HOME RIO..... Glad to see him back, I really thing this is a big move in terms of now we have another guy who will get out there on the wings and backcourt and really put pressure on the other teams best player. http://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-hawks/fan-favorite-west-back-273410.html
  9. It was spoken and it was giving lol, 4 in a row..... Bump for a win VS ORL! Let's go Hawks!
  10. U asked and u received LOL....Do we dare go 3 in a row? Bump for a win Friday vs BOS! Let's go Hawks!
  11. The new streak starts 2nite, hate we let that Chicago game slip away, its over with but man, after seeing the bulls up 35 midway in the 3 to turn round and lose man it stings even more now but hey thats the nature of the beast.... Moving forward everyone round Joe 2nite should have a better outing........LETS GO HAWKS
  12. that should have been a top 10 play on espn and nba.com...
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