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  1. Great post, personally I think Daniel Cox is by far the best journalist covering the Falcons (including Steve Wyche & Pat Yasinskas). I agree with the sentiment that Norwood is going to be a crucial cog in this seasons' offence, I'd loved to get him signed to a long term deal before training camp.
  2. Thanks for the info, it was worth the read. P.S. You should be pleased you missed out on the free MaccyD's
  3. The 4 teams we play after their bye week are playoff contenders this year: Dallas, New York Giants, Washington & Chicago.
  4. Last year teams coming off a bye-week had a winning record & we play 4 playoff contending teams in those weeks.
  5. Nice post, although I disagree with your assessment of Middleton. Watch his highlight tape, this kid can fly & he tackles like Ronnie Lott. I appreciate playing at Furman he wasn't exactly competing against the best athletes, but I can see him as our dime back & with 5 sacks last year to go along with 4 int's he could be great on a corner blitz. I think it provides more evidence that Chris Houston is no longer in our plans for the future especially as TD expects Ownes to compete for a starting spot.
  6. and of course he would know spending all his free time in the falcons draft room
  7. I think we'll look to add a LB, but we're set now on the D-line & TD mentioned that he expects Owens to compete for a starting job so I'll be surprised if we bring in yet another CB. We could still do with another veteran OT.
  8. Chill. He introduced McKay first out of protocol (Owner, President, GM, Coach). Also Mr Blank explained in TD's introductory press conference that he'd been talking about having a seperate President & GM as no man can do both jobs effectively, Rich will be kept busy with the stadium project for years to come.
  9. Typical Patriots philosophy, basically we had Foxworth last year for free as we got back a 7th rounder with that trade. Class
  10. Considering what the ancient greeks did for civilization.....yes
  11. Goto: www.680thefan.com then choose archives - audio It was posted on a previous thread earlier today.
  12. I watched on-line & really enjoyed it. Regarding the Vick question, you could see from Mr Blanks' answer (when the question was meant for TD) that it's still a really painful subject for him & not just financially. What did you think of the guy who moaned about the fact they couldn't get buffalo wings & chicken nachos in the upper tier of the stadium....classic
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