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  1. DL- Anderson-Lewis-Babineax-Abraham LB-Nicholas-Lofton-Peterson DB-Chevis, Coleman, Decoud, Houston I think all of these players are decent enough to start, A defensive tackle is the only new starter I c in the lineup, if trey gets hurt again, I
  2. Come on bruh, this is a football message board, and you are not my english professor lol, so chill out, no one likes an anal ahole haaa
  3. I thought about an all Missouri drat t too, but theres only one problem, chase coffman can't block, and we dont sign tightends that cant block, c LJ
  4. rd.1 Ziggy "imso" Hood/DT did anyone c his pro day bench press, got me excited, straight beast rd.2 Connor Barwin/OLB, DE, TE, I know non-draft fanatics are like who the f**k is that rd.3 David Bruton/FS/SS- 6'2'' 219 ,4.46, ball skills, whats not to like rd.4 Macho Harris/ Perfect Cover 2 Guy/ him and Chevis would be nasty together, even tho they both run 4.6s but its cover 2 who gives a f**k about long speed This seems like a dimitroff kind of draft too me, leaves every 1 scratching and shaking there head about the pics, until gameday, and every one is like oh ok lol
  5. He's 75 years old, and he's a stinkin, dirty, filthy, buc lol
  6. I just hope we get Ziggy "imso" Hood. Did anyone c his bench press on his proday, got me excited
  7. Ziggy "Imso" Hood, Connor Barwin, and David Bruton FS Notre Dame, is all the moves falcs need to make./ And why Bruton doesn't get anylove is beyond me. 6'2'' 219, 4.46, ball skills, whats the prob
  8. I think Nicholas-Lofton-Peterson will be more than adequate this year, Im praying for Ziggy "im so" Hood, worst case scenario RonBrace, Remember people, OFfensive/Defensive lines, win gaaaames!!!!
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