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  1. Whether its Turner, Grimes, Robinson, or Roddy i think TD will trade at least one of them for a 1st rounder or a 2nd rounder What do y'all think?
  2. I live in jacksonville and remember what dirk did for garrad and that running game with fred taylor and jones drew, he is a great cordnator with talen. Also excited about the hire if nolan , i know he is going to take this defence into the top 5. But who is going to become our next QB coach. Havent heard any canidates for the job. just wanted to hear what yall might think he will be. It may be this guy.
  3. but we were the 4th ranked run defence in the league
  4. Im afraid we do get into the playoffs and just get our *** whooped like last year.we just don't deserve it. it seems like every ******* week we can't close out, can't score, the coaching staff is a joke, it seems like every ******* 3rd down the opposing offense can convert, every 3rd down they run that stupid *** rollout play and it never works. And im a big matt ryan supportor but **** he cant hit a wide receiver on a deep pass to save his life,hits roddy first play (touchdown, Julio third play(touchdown) i mean come on . This is superior ******** and im really pissed off right now. Fire ******* murlarkey, fire the ******* qb coach, and maybey if some one sticks a flaming rod up BVG *** maybey he'll call an agressive blitz,still think coach smith is the best but **** were going to become the cowboys, all this talent with no wins. This is just my rant take it for what it is, agree ,disagree, i don't really care, im just tired of puting my faith in this team only to be let down.
  5. I remember when rams drafted steven jackson when marshall faulk was declining, (not saying turner is decline because he if the mvp of our offense right now) but will snelling leaving, tuner could be our big running back, and new rb could be our premier rb, and jaquizz could be our 3rd down rb.
  6. we only need to get a new defensive coordnator with creative blitzes and can some one please teach our linebackers not to show the blitz before the snap, i can tell who is coming im sure brees can
  7. for all of you who say don't realease hayden, Terrell Thomas is going to step in at nickel or take the job away from dunta.Plus franks and rainey can fight over the kick and punt return duties
  8. Resigned: Brent Grimes, CB John Abraham, DE Curtis Lofton, MLB Kroy Biermann, DE Harry Douglas, WR James Sanders, S Release: Sam Baker, LT Kelvin Hayden, CB Jason Snelling, RB/FB Chris Redman, QB Brent Romberg, C Eric Weems, WR/RS Reggie Kelly, TE Thomas Decoud.FS Retirement: Todd McClure, C Tony Gonzalez, TE Mike Peterson, OLB Free Agency: Terrell Thomas, CB:We only get one big named free agent each year Other free agents will only be signed for depth I think Will Svitek proves he is a really good LT. Draft: 2nd Round: T.J. McDonald*, S, USC McDonald has played well thus far in 2011, even though he hasn't recorded an interception. McDonald is a good tackler who is a real presence in the back end of the Trojans' defense. He has 21 tackles in four games. 3rd Round: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford Fleener is a dangerous receiver for quarterback Andrew Luck. Thus far in 2011, he has 18 receptions for 405 yards and seven touchdowns. Fleener runs good routes and is adept at exploiting the deep middle of the field on seam routes. He should be a good fit in many pro offenses. 4th Round: Ryan Miller, G, Colorado Miller is having a strong senior season with some impressive games. He's shown the ability to be a forceful run blocker. Miller is a very good athlete and has excellent quickness to fire out of his stance to get to the second level. He anchors well in pass rush and has the mobility to slide with defenders. Miller has the skill set to get some consideration at right tackle. 5th Round: Chris Rainey, WR/RB/KR/PR, Florida Rainey was a point producer for the Gators in the first two games of 2011, and has looked good in Charlie Weis' pro-style offense. Rainey ran the ball 27 times for 207 yards and two touchdowns, plus caught nine passes for 110 yards and one score. He also returned a blocked punt for a touchdown. 6th Round: Jelani Jenkins*, OLB, Florida Jenkins has been fairly quiet so far this season with seven tackles and two passes broken up. Florida has cruised to easy wins the first two weeks, and the starters have left each game early. This week against Tennessee will be a better test. 7th Round: Kyle Martens, P, Rice Marstens has averaged 46.1 yards per punt this season.
  9. I could see Robinson along with Jerry to get a real starting corner. who do you see getting traded
  10. LT Sam Baker-We all know that this was coming, too many penalties to many miss blocks that lead to sacks and just gets man handled by average DE(Adrian Clayborn) CB Dunta Robinson- The man can't cover, you can say it is the scheme all you want, but even when he is playing man he still gets burned dosn't react well enough to play in zone anyway (those mother****ing slants) FS Thomas Decoud- Blows touch downs countless times (saints last year anybody)James Sanders has played very solid, either him or a free agent or a rookie will take over for Decoud Tell me who you think might replace these guys for our 2012 Super Bowl run.
  11. All we needed was for Matt to take control of the offense and murlarkey to just consult for our offense to work . I think we finally have the Peyton Manning we all want (now just fix the deep throws and we will all be fine)
  12. Remember how we were all saying that mm would open the playbook more to Matt. well maybe there isnt any more to give him. i remember hearing roddy say that they only have 15 plays just in different formations. madden has more plays then that. maybey we just need a more creative oc
  13. Would it be a bad thing if we lost. of course i would like for us to beat the living **** out of the panthers, but losing may force Blank and TD to maybe fire murlarkey or bvg. Because there is no one on this earth that thinks we will completely shut down Cam newton.Hope we win but in case we don't we may get our wish of seeing Murlarkey or bvg gone.
  14. Im just saying that he had it now he hasn't with a good qb coach maybe john gruden or brian billick could become qb coach and offensive cord
  15. Ryan dumbfounded. he is just not used to the o line not giving him time. think about it there is nothing wrong with Ryan's arm remember that pass to Roddy during the chiefs game a beautiful rainbow to him. so don't be so quick to judge our franchise QB. Plus i think it is freaken murlarkey and that passive *** playcalling.
  16. thats what im saying we need to change up and mixx up the plays not just send tuner up the middle or sen our wide receivers on a drag
  17. Why don't we have the same game-plan that we had in the MNF against the saints or the game-plan that we had against Arizona. Arguably the best games Defensively and Offensively. Why do we always dictate to what the opposing offense or the defense does why not just run what we feel like running. it just makes me sick to see all this talent wasted on this sorry exscuse of a coaching staff. i like smitty god knows i do, but he needs to grow some and fire murlarkey and porno van gorder, the schemes are weak and something that my grandmother can tell from her couch. hope we just become more agressive that is all we need.
  18. you continue to not have an education ''big up a big play you continue to not have an education ''big up a big play
  19. Anyone think TD May try for this guy maybe ship Nicholas or another linebacker/draft pick for curry. Heard he was on the trading block Just a thought
  20. Every one keeps saying that Matt has a weak arm but was anyone saying anything when Matt threw that 80 yard bomb to Roddy white in 2008 or when Matt put prefect touch and air into that throw that Julio dropped? You know what all of those plays have had in common,******* PROTECTION that's all this offense needs to play well
  21. I just feel we have to much talent to be this bad. Defense showed up today but still we had them in 2nd-11 plenty of times and still could not stop them from making it 3rd-1, 3rd-4.To me this is do to that soft *** zone those blitzes that a 4 year old could audible to block and that sorry excuse for tackling that we produce, that all lays in how the coaches prepare the players. I don't know what the **** happened to our offensive line.I thought that with the leadership that McClure would bring when he came back,but that just hasn't been the case.Did Daul mean that much to our o-line. I thought he was a good player but McClure brought the leadership to it. It's just so sad to see a great line like last year crumble to some 2nd year players. And please don't get me started on ******* Sam Baker. The man let Adrian Clayborn Make Matt Ryan and him his *****.Clabo by the looks of things doesn't deserve his contract,Blaylock doesn't deserve his either,McClure looked just plain old, and Garrett Reynold got ****** in the *** by Gerald McCoy. The only reason the no-Huddle works so well is because 1.Matt calls the play and that predictable Malarkey doesn't 2.they use quick,quick,quick passes then bombs you deep and mix in the run like a real offense does 3.the o-line doesn't have to block that long. So after this long rant I propose this in the off-season fire Malarkey and 70's Porno Vangorder,Move Sam Baker to Guard and draft or sign a real LT,Higher a smart and aggressive offensive and defensive coordinator, LET MATT TAKE OVER THE ******* OFFENSE, And finally GET RID OF THE 3-3-5 AND BLITZ FROM SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN THE ******* NICKLE POSITION THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME
  22. Just in my opinion dunta has not lived up to the money,think about name one play where grimes got burned or even throw at. I say we should cut dunta or trade him at the end of the season and use that money on lofton and grimes then find a zone coverage corner because gets burned by average receivers. Last year Mike Williams of the buccaneers, slant pattern, should have gone for 5 yards in stead a 40 yard TD play. grimes shut down jackson sunday night even in man. and when dunta plays man he still gets beat Roy Williams anybody. im just saying he should not get paid like Asomugha and play like chris owens.
  23. i agree we should fire bvg in the offseason and let mike smith take control of the defence or we could try and trade daunta with a renegotiable contract or just realease his ***
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