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  1. U wrong for that, Funny as **** tho! But wrong
  2. Man that Video got me amped If Everybody stays healthy I easily see the Falcons winning 13-14 games, I think the Falcons are going to be a Force to be Reckoned with this season.... Just take it easy on my Browns LOL!!! This Team scares the Shid out of me even more than the Saints, Much Success to The Falcons this season hope they go all the way.
  3. The Atlanta Hawks win the game, they thumped the Miami Heat held D.Wade to 15 points!! JJ put in 30, J-Smoove had 18 and 14, and Horford had 16 and 12. The Hawks are seriously looking like a real threat in the east, I would not sleep on this team by any means.
  4. Preciate it man, I'll be looking to do all those things in the future.
  5. Just asking anybody know any places that are hiring? I've been looking for work now for like 2 and a half months now and can't find anything, I need some source of income soon bills are piling up. so what's a guy to do?
  6. Can u make me one of Keri Hilson? or Jurnee Smollett? Thanks.
  7. I put Hog the Gatorade because he's gonna be a bit thirsty from sitting on the bench all game.
  8. We're not moving anywhere. I can see the Jaguars moving though.
  9. I Know right, He kind reminds me of Nnamdi Asomugha with his size.
  10. This Sorry M***erF***er right here if he gets beat by the WR one more time......................
  11. The way Crisp has been playing I would have to go with him I mean its like he regressed tremendously this offseason, did he bump his head and forget how to play the CB Position? Because thats what it seems like, he just looks totally clueless out there
  12. Matt Ryan: O god Roddy Crip Houston really does suckRoddy White: Lol, I know he make me feel like im Jerry Rice in practice, Sorry M***erF***er. Lol.
  13. **** that's some F***ed up ish, Police officers are complete a**holes. hate em.
  14. Smh. I know people don't like to lose but ****, punching some dude in the face after the game is classlesss, and thugish.
  15. Yeah, JA55 may break Derrick Thomas's sack record when we play tampa. :P
  16. Can u get me one of Keri Hilson for me, Thank you.
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