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  1. Oh man, I forgot all about that. Wow, that's unusual to play them 3 years in a row. I feel like an idiot now. :P But I remember that muffed punt like it was yesterday. Hurt so bad.
  2. He's only played Philly once, with a bunch of injured starters. That seems like a stupid thing to point out when a coach has only coached against a team once in his career.
  3. I think the main reason is because a lot of people are writing that we could easily be 1-4 instead of 4-1, because of all the "flukes" that have gone our way. If we were 5-0, or if we had won all of those games in the same manner as the Arizona game, I think people would be putting us up at number 1. Also, the Jets are "the team" this year, have you not noticed all of the increased publicity on that team this offseason? I mean they did pick-up a lot of big names, but it's kinda' like they were crowned the Champs since the begginning of the season.
  4. Haha! That's awesome dude! I've been calling him Rodimus Prime for some time now, I think it is a sweet name and even if other people don't like it, I'm probably gonna' keep calling him that. Haha. Very nice work too, I like him more with the Falcon's logo and the 84! +1!
  5. I've basically been reflecting on the season so far, and I hate to say I've seen Roddy develop over these past 4 weeks into an elite player, because I feel he's been at that level for some time now, but **** SON! He seems like he is on a completely other level than everyone else on the team. So, just for some fun talk, does anyone else think that he's the best player (in comparison with the rest of the league) on our team? And if not, anyone else care to make a case for anybody else? I'm kinda' curious to see who the general consensus feels is our best player on the team.
  6. I am tired of all of these stupid posts about how the Browns are a good football team.. They're not, they suck and they're horrible.. I take it as an insult when people are saying they are scared of this game! If we lose to the Browns, I swear I'm going to be super pissed! This is supposed to be an easy game for us, and if we can't monopolize on a team that has at best 2 offensive playmakers and a crappy secondary, then we don't belong in the post-season. I think we are going to see a very similar week 2-like performance this Sunday. Look for Matt Ryan to connect with Roddy numerous times to show the Brownies that they're supposed to be losing by 20+ every game.
  7. If Favre keeps playing like he's been playing.. I don't think we'll be seeing them in the playoffs. I'm sure a legit reciever will help, but not all of their passing woes are at fault of not having a number one reciever. Favre just isn't playing good ball right now.
  8. I think Robinson is being thrown at more than Grimes.
  9. Anyone care to summarize this for those of us who are stuck at work for the next few hours?
  10. This is who we need to draft next year with the 32nd pick of the 1st round.
  11. **** yeah. I don't see how you couldn't want Peppers. This man takes entirely too much criticism for what he bring to the field. In my opinion this comes down to Dunta Robinson or Julius Peppers, and I'm sorry. I like Dunta Robinson, but I would take Julius Peppers any day of the week over Dunta Robinson. With that said, it does give more room for our developing DE's, I just feel like Peppers would have made more of an impact. But it's hard to say that for sure.
  12. I think these are pretty accurate. If I made a list, it would probably be very similar. Heck, I might even have us ranked a bit lower!
  13. I would draft a WR in the first round. Other considerations: Left Tackle, Cornerback, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker.
  14. I think Dunta Robinson, JA98, and Roddy White all played good.. Haven't you noticed that Marques Colston/Robert Meachem rarely had their names called? Also, that Devery Henderson play was a pretty good one, not to mention a few nice open field tackles. I saw JA98 penetrating the line a few times and putting some good pressure on Brees. While he wasn't able to pull in a sack, he looked pretty good to me. I'm not sure if he was playing End or Tackle at the time. And Roddy played just about as good of a game as he could have, especially on the touchdown play, that was just great.
  15. I've heard it was just cramps. Spoon said he was alright on his twitter and that the cart was just protocol. I haven't heard anything official though, but I assume he'll be fine judging by how lightly most of the board is taking it.
  16. He's a powerback in almost the purest sense. Not gonna' be making any highlight plays. If he does take any snaps, it's going to be on a dive play. He's got potential, but he's most likely not going to be "great" and he was most likely picked up to replace Nance on the PS.
  17. It tells me that the Falcons are 1 or 2 teams to have not allowed a passing touchdown on defense this season.
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