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  1. How much of the pressure on hurts came within 1-2 seconds of the snap? Our pressure came on delayed blitzes. Not on 4 men rushes. More athleticism would help but a solid pass pro would be best. Again, hurts would not have avoided a DT in his face or blindside after beating a guard off the snap
  2. Ahaha this is bs. A mobile quarterback isn't avoiding the pressure the line is giving up. He's just not.
  3. What I see in those films are great instinctual plays. Much of the time he's avoiding oncoming blockers, sets them up before engaging and making an easy line to the ball carrier. When meeting a blocker head on, he definitely isn't over powering them by any means but he isn't losing a lot of ground either. He's also bulked up a bit... I think around 5-10 lbs
  4. That's assuming Payton gets extended after the next few tough years in No. No Brees at qb full time is gonna be a challenge for them.
  5. Really enjoy seeing them have Matt putting in work. Haven't seen any Tc videos of him with this amount of running involved. I feel a big year is coming for him!!
  6. He himself has been playing with HOF stats. The team hasn't. Every great and HOF qb has had lapses in their games every season. They aren't at HOF level each and every down, and the team has suffered hysterical losses but his personal stat line per season has definitely been HOF worthy. Don't twist his play and the teams play,even if the QB lives and dies on the sword.
  7. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Duckett to FB. What a time that was
  8. Hey y'all I'll be working tonight when the draft starts and when our birds officially go on the clock. Does anyone know any free online radio stations I could listen to hear what's going on? Thanks
  9. Good thing games are won and lost on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays ahaha (those added games take the wind out of the sails) but seriously. When we had easy schedules, they say "well who have they played" or "look at their schedule. They've had it easy" and then when we're given a tougher schedule "they're the same ol Falcons".... So that strength of schedule ish means boot. Even during our SuperBowl run they tried claiming the wins had come against inferior teams...... although we played teams that were in the playoffs the year prior and had winning records at the time of us playing them.... πŸ™„πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ
  10. We forgetting about Mud Duck and the good years of Schrader?
  11. Brown's aren't with a rookie qb and Mayfield wasn't all that good to start his career. Not to mention their other draft day blunders at qb. After flaccos super bowl (that had his defence carry him in to) he hasn't been good once. That isn't speculation, that's pointing to their careers. However, I do know what you're saying. My post is directed to those many fans here who are quick to say trade Ryan and then draft an unproven rookie with hopes of them completely turning the team around. No QB is going to hide our lack of defensive ability to get after a qb or get off the field. Nor will any rookie qb make our poorly coached oline look like a complete unit.
  12. I would hope so. The consensus seems to be "trade Matt Ryan and get a qb" but that isn't going to work out. I just don't see any qb coming out turning in to Murray, Watson, Russ, or even Matt Ryan for a rookie year. I agree we need a new qb, but for the future not for 2021 or even 2022. Statistically he's still playing good football. He's had bad games, like all qbs have the tendency to do but it's not like we have Flacco, Eli, Cam, Winston, or any other qb who lost the ability to play well.
  13. Ahaha what is the fascination with the top 5 pick? Are y'all really thinking a rookie qb is going to come here and turn this team in to playoff contenders? What are the real expectations for the team for those who think a rookie qb is the best option in the draft? Are you prepared for prolonged losing or mediocre seasons? Because none of these qbs coming out will give us any more wins than Ryan under centre
  14. If those 2 players fit their want.... Did he do his job given what was asked? He also would have been around to evaluate and draft those other gems on the team so there's two side of the coin
  15. I think that's an unfair opinion. The guy scouted players based on Quinn, smith's and TDs player profiles. It's not like it was his and only his decision on who to scout and what we were looking for in a player. His idea of what a "Falcon" is could and hopefully is different than what past regimes had him scouting for.
  16. According to a different topic on the message board, part of the blame falls on Matt for saying he is okay with the hire...... Cuz you know, the starting qb is going to publicly say he hated the hire and would have preferred a different guy when asked about the hiring πŸ™„
  17. A man who does not make organizational demands or decisions. Had he of said no and they hired him, how much better would that had turned out? It's not as if there were much option. Quinn literally said that's who he and the organization wanted, after the hire and leading up to the hire. But I'm sure like everything else wrong gg with this team, it's Matt's fault lol
  18. Giving an approval doesn't mean he wanted the hire.... While he definitely could have said no, he didn't request or ask for Dork
  19. Doesn't matter who you sign or draft to run the ball.... If there isn't a hole to hit, it's not going to be hit hard and aggressive. We've had high caliber running backs, pro bowl players, all pro voted players but there isn't anywhere to run. Power backs like Henry will be left moving lateral behind the line with this o line scheme.
  20. His only real problem right now is not firing Dork Koetter. The Team has played well with how poorly they're being coached offensively. Defense has been much better overall. If he rids the team of Koetter I support the hire.
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