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  1. For getting the W.... He don't seem to happy
  2. Had the refs actually stuck with the flag thrown on the field when lions rb was not set with 4 seconds to go and they snapped the ball, they would have enforced the 10 second run off rule and we pick up our 2nd win. Instead they provide zero explanation for not calling the penalty and review the previous play before the snap and spike and allows the lions to run their next play. Pretty much ignoring the snap and spike which was flagged..... As much as we want to blame coaching, Gurley or other lack of player execution, the officiating played the biggest role in this loss. The bad p
  3. Y'all..... The game should have ended in a 10 second run off. Detroit snapped the ball with 3 seconds on the clock with their rb on his hands and knees, no Where's near a position on the field that could be considered being set.... They threw the flag and instead did a booth review of the catch of the prior play. Since they had zero time outs, that flag should have caused a 10 second run off giving us the win... The officiating crew gave them that chance to score... With that said, I put more blame on dork Koetters inconsistent play calling and the lack of a closing defence.
  4. Not related to the OP at all but you've always got some cute ting ring in your profile pics 😂
  5. Eh y'all, I'll be working while our birds are playing. Do you know where I could possibly watch the game in full tomorrow, after the game is played? Regardless of the outcome I need to watch our guys battle #dirtybird for life
  6. Well seeing how we all know I have zero access to that. Do you have any sources you can share to show what he's done in the locker rooms? I usually don't follow players not in a Falcons jersey.
  7. Ahah how can they even jump to a lock draft when the NCAA season is even more unlikely to happen than an NFL season?
  8. I actually think he is going to turn in to a fine pro in this scheme. Much of his reports seem identical to Sherman when he was coming out of school minus the technical finesse but with better game time speed and athleticism. If Morris was able to coach up the defence to an above average showing with less than 8 weeks last year, it could be safe to assume that he can fine tune those technique concerns. I know the Chiasson fan base is highly against this pick but, does the team need another attempt at an undersized pass rusher? Or take the chance on the long, rangy, press man corner that
  9. I think Ito's biggest attribute is his decisiveness with picking a running lane. He sees a hole and goes and he attacks it with aggression. At times he chooses wrong but he doesn't just lay down.
  10. Keep these coming!! Great to read these smaller to the point type player reviews.
  11. The red you're seeing on Matt Ryan are his shoulder pads..... Yup. His shoulder pads
  12. Falconsin2012...... Your avatars always catching my eyes. Who are these women dawg haha
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