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  1. Would love to see these reports each week Vel! Well thought out and non bias opinions here.
  2. Hey y'all. Long time Falcon fan living on the east cost of Canada. Here in the 902, my selection of Falcons related gear is extremely limited. It's ******* trash. I'm looking for a team duffle bag to fit my welding gear in it (helmet, gloves, brushes and etc). Anyone able to help a brother out?
  3. You also had the more competent and less egotistical coach calling the plays, accompanied by one of the better defenses in the post season that year. It wasn't just Brees or the other individual QB to win the game is what most logical fans are trying to point out.
  4. Holding you to it
  5. couldn't help but be in awe of your tv room. few questions and if there's a way of sending firect msgs thatd be great if not would you mind sending me an email at lil_jb14@hotmail.com. 1st thing I'd like to ask if if you go to the training camps at anytime during the summer and if so would you mind getting a ball signed for me? I would send you the ball with a return address ? please msg me back :)

  6. yo what that girl name in your signature jiggling her booty?

  7. yo what that girl name in your signature jiggling her booty?