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  1. I'm disgusted by our defensive performance in yesterday's game. It's apparent to me we don't have the players we need at this time to be a good defense. We can't change that right now. So what can we do to improve our team before the next game? We need to sit Steven Jackson down and allow one of the other RB's an opportunity to start and receive the lion share of touches. It's time coach we all see. Please give these young guys the opportunity to save your job cause Steven Jackson is not going to do it. On defense I don't know what the answer is but I can tell you a rookie QB starting his
  2. Real talk trufant you don't deserve to wear that number. This kid seriously has shown zero ability or technique at his position every time you look up he running behind somebody out of position take that number off till you earn it
  3. we played so awesome as a whole I'm so proud of the guys...but we left alot out there with the drop passes and franks messing up on special teams you gotta fair catch that ball that changes everything
  4. micheal koenan had that good year....
  5. usually for me its the draft but this year free agency is gonna be bananas for us I hope
  6. man im not sure how i feel about this... does that mean curtis is gone or does it mean we going to a 3-4
  7. man yall old heads crack me up how am i suppose to know bout them 1987 teams...
  8. Man I absolutely loved those two plays the first one was executed so perfectly like I even went to sleep like oh man he not gone snap it then BOOM...I honestly believe the second time they did it he was not gonna snap it too that he just wanted to draw them offsides and he did it....that's how u run a sneak take your time don't rush be discipline let it play out
  9. Naw dunta played a good game overall...yes he was out jumped on that jump ball and he missed it I believe he was to worried about getting a potential flag....but no way is the 4th and 16 play on him that was all chris owens bad angle missing a tackle on that play
  10. Naw coach made some mistakes in past two games during his tenure as our coach I never quite felt like I had to question his decisions I had trust in him but he been getting outta character here lately
  11. My dude chris Owens is azzzzzzzz like I tried I have given you the benefit of the doubt so many times homie but when I saw kelvin on that cart and I saw #21 in his place I just knew bad things was gonna happen your not doing your freaking job my dude seriously....decoud homie you get beat every single freaking game my nigga every game tho you need to tighten up stop worrying bout whatever you worrying bout and do your job
  12. www.p2p4u.net is shows all games with no probs enjoy it

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