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  1. This GAME defines Matt's career in Atlanta He goes 29/39 for 419 (10.7 YPA), 3 TDs, No Picks or Fumbles, puts up 36 points and can't get the W because the defense can't stop a wet dishrag.
  2. My wish list to sign: A Starting DT (ideally Johnathan Hankins) A Rotational DT (ideally Rubin or Jay Bromley - min deal) A Backup LB (ideally Gerald Hodges or Reynolds - min deal) An Experienced FB (anyone who has played before - zero guaranteed money to compete in camp) We're no worse off at OT than we were last year, and the FO has obviously bet on Hooper breaking out in year 3.
  3. It is highly likely we only get a 4th for Poe, per https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/ Still, this to a certain extent justifies waiting until after the draft to pick up depth FAs - Bennie Logan is about the only DL Free Agent who is substantially better than who we could sign after 8th May (Suh / Hankins are cuts so wouldn't count for this) to the extent where it's worth losing the comp pick.
  4. Wow. I knew he had been unpopular with the coaching staff there (he seems to be their version of Asamoah in that no one is quite sure of the reason), but didn't expect that. Even though I'm not a "bring him home" type, I'd definitely be keen on us picking him up as a backup for Durant, who is very good but questionable from a reliability standpoint.
  5. Trade down with the Vikings to ensure the Bucs don't get Bridgewater. Pass rushers and offensive tackles are gone. Therefore we have one huge need left. Draft Donald or Nix (whichever Nolan wants) at 8.
  6. Congratulations. You answered your own question
  7. I wouldn't mind us taking a look at Dennis Roland, who has just been cut by the Bengals. 30 career starts at tackle and has been active for every game for the Bengals the last 4 years. Good size at 6'9 325lbs - just looks like he got caught in a numbers game over in Cincinnati. He also played at UGA, so should consider us favorites if we get in competition with someone else (obviously only paying the minimum).
  8. - Russell Wilson to get at least one vote for MVP - Stephon Gilmore to be an All Pro - Gronk is top 10 in receiving yardage and top 5 in TDs despite playing 12 or fewer games - Ron Rivera to be the first coach fired (is this bold?) - LeSean McCoy leads the league in rushing - Raiders, Titans and Vikings are top 3 in draft
  9. Thanks very much mash - really appreciate the details.
  10. The problem with the SoS analysis is that it doesn't mean anything until the actual season in which it takes place. Last year was supposed to be a middle of the pack SoS, but then the AFC West was terrible (Chiefs were talked about preseason as a playoff team - they went 2-14) and the Eagles fell apart. And if we're good, that will naturally depress the records of the teams we play. I think we will likely take a small step back in the regular season simply because 13 wins is a lot, and the Bucs have had a good offseason. But if you have a top-8 QB, which we do, recent history has shown that yo
  11. There were 20 players with 10 sacks last year. 9 were high first round picks 2 were end of the first picks (both at #26 overall) 9 were taken outside the first round - two weren't even drafted at all For those who got 8+ sacks there's even fewer high 1st rounders (Suh, Irvin, Kerrigan) and even more late round talent (Kruger, Mathis, Avril, Griffen, Robison) To act like the only way to get a good pass rusher is to draft ultra-high or overpay in free agency is absolute rubbish. PS - Criticising the article, not smiler (who just quoted it)
  12. If you only mean players that teams would realistically trade for a 1st, then no-one. I'd much rather take my chances in the draft than with anyone who would be available. 3 options if I can trade for anyone: 1. Trade #30 for the best player for our needs - JJ Watt or Von Miller 2. Trade #30 for the most valuable player in the league - Andrew Luck (based on cheap contract) or Aaron Rodgers. Then trade him for substantially more (1st and 2nd this year, 2014 1st and 2nd). Then use those picks. 3. Trade it for Russell Wilson. Trade Matt Ryan for 1st this year and a 2nd next (Cleveland would do it
  13. A few clarifications: In the last 5 years worth of drafts, there have been 18 Texas players selected, 10 in the 1st 3 rounds. 5 of them (Orakpo, Thomas, Charles, Finley and Henry Melton, a Pro-Bowl DT) are difference makers. Of the 5 Defensive Linemen drafted in the top 150, there are two difference makers, two low-end starters (Roy Miller and Lamarr Houston) and Sergio Kindle. That's not a bad success rate by any means. --- But the stats are actually irrelevant. Even though Jeff Tedford produced Joey Harrington, David Carr and Kyle Boller, it didn't stop his next guy being Aaron Rodgers. And
  14. Confirmed by Jags twitter account. I'm disappointed we lost Caldwell - he obviously knows his business!
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