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  1. I agree, I think 7 wins is doable this year. The OOC schedule is not difficult.
  2. I keep thinking so, but we always find a way to reinvent it...so probably not.
  3. Definitely centered around the Mims recruitment. I would be surprised if anyone else has to deal with repercussions from this outside Tennessee.
  4. Pruitt fired and Fulmer retiring, time for another mediocre hire! Let’s go!
  5. Staff should be paying the school for coaching negligence not rejecting pay cuts.
  6. Enjoy yours after Saturday, can't wait until I can light one up again, will be the best cigar I've ever had!
  7. Despite how terrible Tennessee has been at football this is always my favorite game of the year. Can’t wait for Saturday.
  8. They’re going to be pre season top 10 and picked to win the SEC, I really hope they don’t crap the bed haha
  9. I have fully excepted Tennessee being a basketball school for the foreseeable future.
  10. Good luck today boys. Looks like it’s going to be wet, hoping for no injuries on either side.
  11. Hoping for a good game here. I still don't think Tennessee has the horses to keep up with UGA but could see it being 7 - 10 point game.
  12. It was nice to watch an oline come out and just dominate the game.
  13. Sounds like the main reasoning was the circumstances surrounding this year. Still shocked it happened.
  14. Mays eligible! Shocked the SEC ruled it that way but I’ll take it!
  15. Meh I have no problem with them committing to a coach. It's not like if it goes south we are going to be in a worse situation then the past 19 years.
  16. Pruitt gets an extension today and SEC football is back on Saturday. Beyond fired up!
  17. I bumped into him a couple of times at Long's Drug Store on game day, awesome guy!
  18. RIP Coach Majors, **** 2020 just needs a restart.
  19. Huge past few days for the Vols in recruiting pulling in.. Terrence Lewis - 5* OLB Dylan Brooks - 5* DE Julian Nixon - 4* WR Kamar Wilcoxson - 4* DB Tiyon Evans - 3* (#1 JUCO RB)
  20. Yeah I think he definitely has the ability. Just needs to be a little more technical and savvy.
  21. Huge loss, really liked Fitz. Most likely will replace in house.
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