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  1. Hello darkness my old friend..
  2. Welp guys I’m out, take care of Vandy tonight!
  3. Tennessee is done until they go out and spend a ton of money to hire a big time HC.
  4. It’s tempting my friend...very tempting...
  5. I’m waiting for his ultimate plan to come to fruition and him to insert himself as the HC.
  6. It really sucks, but it is what it is.
  7. The disturbing thing is how much this isn’t even bothering me.
  8. Bring on basketball season boys!
  9. Dline is charmin soft.
  10. I think Pruitt has grown up a lot in the role so far. The current staff we have is probably one of the best that UT has ever had. If he can keep the train on the tracks I like where it's headed. As far as Solomon goes no one seems to know anything right now. He's gone from taking snaps with the 1's to taking snaps at the back of the line which leads me to believe they don't think he'll be playing this year.
  11. Welp it's almost football time in Tennessee! Here's hoping to a season of improvement and a bowl birth. In another news Tennessee did pick up a big time commitment today from DE/OLB B.J. Ojulari!
  12. Yeah not to surprised by that, I thought Kyle Phillips may have an outside shot. Anyone who would have been drafted this year left as Juniors during the coaching change. I guess I should be grateful CJP somehow beat two top 15 (at the time) teams with that crap roster.
  13. Very relieved to be on the opposite end of one of these situations for once.
  14. Rick Barnes will remain at Tennessee.
  15. My UT fandom has made me accept the fact that he is already gone, Grant Williams will go pro, Bone will go pro, Josiah James will get out of his scholarship and head elsewhere.