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  1. I think he's got too, curious to see how the staff shuffling goes down.
  2. I will say this, Pruitt has put together an outstanding staff. If we can't get it done with this group of guys it's going to be a huge disappointment.
  3. Nervous about the A&M game, hope they can keep it rolling.
  4. Tennessee moves to number 1 in the AP poll!
  5. Haha that’s fair!
  6. Man what a game. I hated that travel call too, no one wants to see a game end that way. Tennessee had no answer for Petty in the second half, that guy was killing them.
  7. Hope he can get his life together and have a solid career.
  8. Yeah Tee is going to be a help on recruiting front, although this staff is already fairly loaded with good recruiters. I am curious to see how the Harrison/Chaney relationship goes. We offered a QB out of Texas today so we'll see.
  9. Fingers crossed on Wright. QB is a huge question mark. We have Harrison Bailey coming in 2020 which I think will be a huge upgrade but who knows if he is ready to compete as a freshman.
  10. I like the way things are going. If the staff they have in place can't get it turned around I'm not sure it will ever happen.
  11. Big pickup for Coach Pruitt's staff as Tee Martin will be returning to Tennessee.
  12. No shocker on some of those comments, a lot of vocal Vol fans are morons. I am really glad to have Chaney back, I think he will fit in really well with what Pruitt is trying to do. I also believe I hyped Chaney in the UGA thread when he was hired there so I've been on the train awhile haha.
  13. Really glad to have Chaney back, big hire for Pruitt!
  14. Man this basketball team is special, should be a fun ride in March!