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  1. I bumped into him a couple of times at Long's Drug Store on game day, awesome guy!
  2. RIP Coach Majors, **** 2020 just needs a restart.
  3. Huge past few days for the Vols in recruiting pulling in.. Terrence Lewis - 5* OLB Dylan Brooks - 5* DE Julian Nixon - 4* WR Kamar Wilcoxson - 4* DB Tiyon Evans - 3* (#1 JUCO RB)
  4. Yeah I think he definitely has the ability. Just needs to be a little more technical and savvy.
  5. Huge loss, really liked Fitz. Most likely will replace in house.
  6. Sure thing! Very athletic, strong, physical player. Can line up at end or linebacker depending on scheme (kind of similar to how we used Beasley). He needs to get better at getting off blocks, most sacks were him just out athleting his opposition but he has the ability to do that. Very strong at point of attack, stonewalls tackles really well. Ultimately just needs to develop some more tools to get to the QB and become more proactive then reactive. Physically he’s ready to go.
  7. I’m not a fan of players pulling the switcheroo during their commitment but it felt nice to not be on the bad side of that for once.
  8. Big day for Tennessee going 2/2 landing Dee Beckwith and Malachi Wideman. Very happy with this class! Add in the Jones and Mays transfers and it is a very promising haul for the Vols.
  9. Crean may be looking to get some payback for last season. This is a good year to do it.
  10. Wow huge news, Trey Smith has chosen to come back to Tennessee for his senior year.
  11. I'm not to worried, just going to be one of those years unfortunately. Our class coming in is ridiculous so next year has a chance to be special. By the way thanks for beating Memphis, love seeing anyone knock off Penny.
  12. Losing Turner hurt a lot. I think a couple guys like Bowden are still learning their new roles. Vescovi looked good outside of the turnovers. Hopefully they can make a late run.
  13. I really hope so! Obviously the jury is still out on him but watching Tennessee play good defense and lining up in the I formation again makes me giddy haha.
  14. All good man! I set my UGA hate aside on this board for the most part haha, enjoy talking with you all.
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