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  1. So you put the falcon on it to cover up the finger smudge on the icing.
  2. I think its easier going down than up put a foam pad at the other end of those stairs. :P
  3. Waiting on abraham to get a couple sacks in tonight to upset rodgers.
  4. This should be marked as a "classic thread".
  5. Well give it some more time for them to work it out, im sure matt will only get better with plenty of seasons before us still.
  6. I just hope ovie is blocking for me,or im in trouble.
  7. Well in my book a true falcons fan know's there number 1 no matter what a poll says.
  8. well i can tough it out to end of season to see how it goes.
  9. I say at the end of season let the fans have a say and vote on what we need, or don't need for this site.
  10. He seems ok to me however they have been doing plays with the other qbs as well.All is looking good.Just wait till preseason to see if we really need to work on anything.
  11. Didn't someone on this board have an avatar of a dog squatting on an opponent's rug?
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