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  1. I was kidding... As the starting lineup are all 1st rounders the only missing is fb
  2. See us going for a FB in the 1st round. Only one missing....
  3. You can thank koetter for that. Going pass all game and nobody helping to block or at least chip somebody. The last drive against the aints was painful to watch. Mcgary 1vs1 with Jordan he cant put stoecker or Graham to help him
  4. Then, the money we are supposed to pay him is out of the books??
  5. Funn thing is we put person at center and garland at guard. Person couldnt snap the ball to save his life, specially un the shotgun.
  6. We have an expression in spanish that says "correr como pollos sin cabeza" that translated would be something like "running like chickens without head". The expression means doing things with effort but that make no sense. Thats what the falcons play looked like the first half of the season. The effort was there but with a lot of wtf are you doing moments
  7. Lolllll, this is dumb. Aldo, why are 2 LG listed and for the other oline only 1player, wtf
  8. Maybe playoffs play a part, but he has been the sack leader and being dominant, not like Beasley in 2016. I agree giving the mvp to a player on a winning team but being a first team all pro has to do with your play on the field imo
  9. Not being a bucs fan but why barret is not in the 1st team all pro.
  10. That would be awesome. Living in Barcelona i can pick a flight in the morning and be back by midnight. But i understand watching a game at 9am sucks
  11. Yes, im sick of koetter. D has played great from time to time. O is the definition of inconsistent. Three 3 and outs and then an amazing drive. All season the dame s**t
  12. Since we moved Morris to db coach, Oliver has improved a lot. Not saying he is an all pro but he is above average. Sheffield is doing ok for a rook but he looks lost from time to time
  13. Ishmael out. Is he injured? The stubborness of Quinn putting him at ss and now he is not even active... I dont get it
  14. I hope is London. 2 hour flight from Barcelona.
  15. Hahaha, not really. In the sense that they are low round DE that for some reason are overhyped on this boards. Then, when in a couple of years Cominsky plays like the 4th rounder he is, everybody will ask fo their head like they did for Kroy. Dont get me wrong, i think Cominsky is gonna be ok like Kroy, but not more than a backup playera.
  16. Cominsky reminds me of Kroy Biermann, just saying....
  17. Just go man to man an Blitz 5 or 6 on every, we may lose but at least It will be fun to watch
  18. Yeah, i said on the other post. I would have kept Cooper over ish, but i think he is in for st play
  19. Yeah. Put neasman at ss an Cooper at fs. He can also play some nickel. Anyway, ish got in because st play.
  20. Surprise no one mentioned Deuce McAllister from the aints, really great rb. Brooks was one of the lb ever. Steve Smith and Peppers two great players. I still remember MeAngelo losing it against Smith...
  21. Just sent a 5th rounder to indy for vinatieri. He is old but he is still one of the best and without Luck they are going to suck...
  22. We also played one of the worst games against the dolphins in 2016. O line was a s**t fest the first half and we went to the superbowl that year.
  23. Didnt we sign another veteran safety yo back up Allen? I think he was on the Colts last season
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