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  1. Yeah, i said on the other post. I would have kept Cooper over ish, but i think he is in for st play
  2. Or they are saving it for hageman
  3. Yeah. Put neasman at ss an Cooper at fs. He can also play some nickel. Anyway, ish got in because st play.
  4. Surprise no one mentioned Deuce McAllister from the aints, really great rb. Brooks was one of the lb ever. Steve Smith and Peppers two great players. I still remember MeAngelo losing it against Smith...
  5. Just sent a 5th rounder to indy for vinatieri. He is old but he is still one of the best and without Luck they are going to suck...
  6. We also played one of the worst games against the dolphins in 2016. O line was a s**t fest the first half and we went to the superbowl that year.
  7. Didnt we sign another veteran safety yo back up Allen? I think he was on the Colts last season
  8. He is a combo lb/ss. He is slow af but he may be one of the best tacklers on the team. He is also on goal line sets and st. I dont know why we stick with richards and tbh i thought neasman was going to take wilcox spot
  9. Id rather put Ishmael than Riley at this point. At least ish can tackle
  10. I was expecting Real Madrid tbh...
  11. You gotta beat the best to be the best, so bring it!!
  12. Between our draft and Avengers endgame what an amazing weekend
  13. Id rather put lindstrom on the left between Jake and mack then use one of the veterans guards on the right Next to mcgary. I would not put both rookies on the same side of the line, that could end really bad
  14. The true definition of hard work beats talent. Wish we had more players with his mentality...
  15. I rewatched the condensed Game against the Eagles we won in 2012 and i saw a lot of dump offs, shovel, screnpasses to the hb. What i liked the most though It was the rotation between Turner, quizz and snegs. They almost played the same amount of snaps. Let's ser i koetter does the same with free ito and whoever we put at 3rb