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  1. Between our draft and Avengers endgame what an amazing weekend
  2. Id rather put lindstrom on the left between Jake and mack then use one of the veterans guards on the right Next to mcgary. I would not put both rookies on the same side of the line, that could end really bad
  3. The true definition of hard work beats talent. Wish we had more players with his mentality...
  4. I rewatched the condensed Game against the Eagles we won in 2012 and i saw a lot of dump offs, shovel, screnpasses to the hb. What i liked the most though It was the rotation between Turner, quizz and snegs. They almost played the same amount of snaps. Let's ser i koetter does the same with free ito and whoever we put at 3rb
  5. So, we are returning to the blalock-asamoah days... Not bad. At least we have a better lt and center than last time. Rt is the same, overrated clabo and overrated schraeder
  6. Do you think we will move Trufant to nickle back and draft somebody to play outside cb in the mold of Oliver? Big, physical cb DQ likes. I know Trufant cant tackle to save his life but i think his quickness would be really good for a nb corner
  7. He was payed a lot less than he deserved his first four years. He proved he deserved a pay rise with his onfield production. Maybe not 15M but right now is market value.
  8. xs and os

    PMF posts are like drugs, once you get one, you want more...
  9. Seattle D is holding pretty well. If (big if) the offense can put some points its gonna be hard for the patriots to come back.
  10. Seattle offense is lame, if they have to pass, they suck.