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  1. To answer your question honestly it doesn't look like it. I'm talkin about in game fire after a mistake does he react like manning and Brady doesn't look like it to me Ryan has that get em next time mentality and that sometimes doesn't cut it... But as a man can't be mad at him for not having that special firey hunger for rings it gets harder when you got 100 Ms
  2. Maponga has been neglected by this coaching staff...
  3. Lol so confused he says he's ok but his arm is in a sling not good!!
  4. Won't happen tho this staff is inept at setting our players up to their strengths
  5. Lol at willy no to olb?? What!? Would not be a smart move. Southward has to get pushed aside nice pick but hes learning this year. Im really not opposed to having willy no at ss and ish at fs and Lowery at that lb spot we had him playing (I prefer this to be thrown out on 3rd downs)... And all our safties can switch like Lowery at his natural position and ish ss and mo at centerfielding
  6. I'm tired of hearing matt doesn't have an o line it's good enough make some plays!!
  7. I was thinking about matt Ryans career stats vs the Cardinals and I must be honest it's terrible. I'ma huge matt ryan advocate but those stats are alarming. Anyway I believe if matt has the competitive edge and a will to be great like the greats do he would refuse another beat down by this team and lead his team to a impressive victory.
  8. Maponga and mass on the field all at once is our best pass rushing personnel and I think nolan has done this twice this year two plays!!
  9. Its so frustrating when mass was not 100% I thought we would get to see him more ... Kroy is so allergic to making plays maponga with limited time and I mean limited!! Has what a sack 2 fumble recoveries and I'm sure some pressures
  10. I would start utilizing maponga... Call me crazy but he is way better than kroy and just as talented as mass. Y'all agree?...
  11. I say we run the ball and don't abandon it and work play action have Roddy work in across the middle and Julio on deep routes... Prob not going to happen due to koetter
  12. Its sad how much playing g time maponga yes maponga gets in such little time he gets turnovers and sacks unlike kroy
  13. Ay guys anybody got the full gif wit Harry fighting I jus get so pumped when I see some fire from this team!!
  14. I feel like we got lucky and this coaching staff is terrible but i love this team! And can't be nothing but happy!
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