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  1. Overrated- Mark Sanchez Tony Romo Brian Urlacher Underrated- Arian Foster Jerome Harrison Jason Snelling Jamaal Charles DeMeco Ryans Health Miller
  2. Big win for sure. We have to keep moving forward from here.
  3. In A Better Place....atlantafalconstalk.com

  4. Drinks - Cream soda & 7 UP. Food - Brats, BBQ chips, peanuts, chocolate frozen yogurt, Oreo's, ETC... Can't wait.
  5. Bad news, man. We'll see him in the Hall after 5 years of retirement. Best TE to play. Period.
  6. We drafted a 25 year old last year, if he's 40 it's nothing new. :P
  7. Who cares if Ryan never reaches "elite" status? All the guy does is win. Regardless of what people say, I am happy that he's our QB now and he will be our QB for a very very long time like it or not.
  8. Link Q&A: Mike Mularkey pronounces the offense is ready for the season FLOWERY BRANCH – In perhaps the afternoon's most interesting matchup, Falcons offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey will match wits with Pittsburgh's respected defensive coordinator **** LeBeau on Sunday. On Friday, Mularkey spoke with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez, his days in Pittsburgh as a player and coach and how the offense is ready to go after the first team scored just one touchdown in 13 possessions during the preseason. Q: How does your wide receiver group look this year? A: It
  9. I think we can slip by the Steelers and the Cardinals but we're going to need our entire team out there come week 3 @ N.O.
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