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  1. ....Who gave up 45 points to the pats again?
  2. So i workout at this training facility called Gsp for football. I saw vance walker, Corey Peters (with a boot on his foot) and Dominique Franks working out there. My coach interduced me to Walker and Franks. Me being a defensive tackle, i really wanted to meet corey peters. I didnt really say much to them other than hi lol. Not much a 20+ year old has to say to a 15 year old. But it was pretty cool seeing them. Oh and Franks is small af in person.
  3. How do u think it will all plan out? Obviously White,Julio,and harry are the first 3. and Meier is most likely to be kept at 4th option. Who is the last one going to in your opinion? Cone? Davis? Rodgers? i hope we keep cone and rodgers. rodgers for mainly for kickoff and/or punt.
  4. R.2 David Wilson, RB Va. Tech R.3 Brandon Boykin CB/KR, UGA R.5. Ladarius green TE, ULL R.6. Kheeston Randall DT Texas R.6 (comp pick hopefully dahl) Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma R.7 maybe some depth at linebacker or o-line
  5. name 1 good corner that hasnt been signed in free agency.
  6. Waita go making us think he signed with us -__- gtfo
  7. There absolutely no point to this thread
  8. Post what he says im not gonna be here
  9. T.J Duckett was better. Jacobs is 6'4 260 and scared to run up the middle
  10. This is average, Not even on mars will ted ginn jr ever be an upgrade over HD. Im glad none of us are GM...smh
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