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  1. If you post a bunch of "inappropriate" pictures, you will get the boot. If you choose to do so, however, please indicate that's what in the thread (for those at work) and allow us to make requests as to what we would like to see.
  2. To me, winning the Super Bowl is kinda like having an orgasm. The best ones happen when you've been backed up for a while. This city and its fan base has been backed up since 1966 so believe me, when it finally happens we're all gonna need a cigarette.
  3. It's northeast of Tampa. Just stop when you smell the combination of vodka, herpes and shame.
  4. "I just killed your entire family. But yeah, go ahead and make fun of my chin."
  5. I'll be pulling for Colts as hard as anyone, but with the Saints in the Super Bowl this crossed my mind. For any of those that don't know, the winner of the Super Bowl hosts the season-opening Thursday game the next season. So that could be us. As much as I'd hate to see the Saints win it, I'd like to see the Falcons play in that game.
  6. You can't hang out with Kim Jong-Il and just waltz back into America. You need to make a decision. What's it gonna be? Us or them?
  7. I'd root for my wife to blow my best friend before I root for the Saints to win a Super Bowl.
  8. That city and its fans are responsible for 87% of the sexually transmitted diseases in this country. **** em.
  9. Eric can suck my berries. Go Dawgs!
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