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  1. I was just watching NFL Total access and they were talking about the teams that could beat the Patriots. They mentioned 4 NFC teams and Atlanta was not one of them. Now I know that the media kisses Aaron Rogers *** and they love the Seahawks, but **** give a team with the most points, best duo running backs, leading sacker, and MVP Matt Ryan some respect. SORRY JUST SAYING!!!!!!!
  2. thank you HD you sure did a good job when JJ was gone two years ago. thanks and I wish you the best.
  3. I totally agree. It don't matter who wins the money battle, the only one's who pay are the fans, and I do mean pay. higher tickets,higher shirts and hats, higher everything, but we're just supose to feel sorry for the downtroden millionares.so sad.
  4. thank God some reasonable talk...I believe and have faith in the falcons as well.
  5. I also live in louisville, ky less then a mile away from papa johns cardnail stadium. GO Cory Peters, and Harry Douglas. GO Atlanta Falcons!!!!!!!!!!
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