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  1. See how bad the Seahawks look when the refs actually call penalties on them
  2. man 56 attempts. Completing 39 for 326 yards. sure seemed like their WRs only run routes less than 5 yards or really deep no inbetween
  3. In the mean time enjoy my fav gif of Earl Thomas
  4. Not all PI calls are tough. Every throw towards #23 tends to be pretty easy to call
  5. kinda half expected the former pro bowl db to be Des Trufant was thinking well yea no ****
  6. The crowd was rocking and super loud. All 3 of them sounded like a full stadium.
  7. Not confirmed but what I heard was that he deflated a football at a practice
  8. Isnt that just the same question that got Ovie and Ray Edwards to sign with us.
  9. I mean yea we can get better production at a cheaper rate but dam if this doesnt hurt. Thanks #84
  10. they didnt even line up any of the logos on the falcons one. smh.
  11. Havent watched a Conference in awhile but to finally have a sound guy there picking up all the questions is sooo good
  12. 1969? huh well spoiler alert I wouldnt get too excited for the next 50 years of Falcons football
  13. stink my pc must be broken its not loading OPs picture. will have to reformat I think
  14. what did he actually do on that penalty?
  15. all that praise is better directed towards Turner than Murlarkey
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