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  1. holy **** this thread is still a thing haha good stuff
  2. It was obvious that he was writing a book. You never saw him without his notepad.
  3. Id guess Matthews - Aso - Hawley - Chester - Schraeder Im pretty happy with that line. Aslong as noone gets hurt (knock on wood) Thats pretty solid
  4. He has to have just forgotten. There is noway he actually thinks that right
  5. Not even mad. what a insane comeback
  6. stupid. lay off the weed play your years in the nfl make money and smoke all the bowls you can afterwards
  7. I just bought 17 PSL all front row and I have a billion dollars and im my own boss and im rich and im not even going to go to the games coz im rich and have a big tv and entertainment system and my couch has beers and a toilet
  8. Remember that last time we had a TE from the chiefs.
  9. The Castle is awesome
  10. hahahahaha gonna have to make some popcorn and grab a soda to read this thread. what news to get home too
  11. Man he must really hate Jimmy Graham.
  12. Surely we could match that. Maybe we offered him a 32 game $8m contract but Spoon didnt want a life contract