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  1. kinda half expected the former pro bowl db to be Des Trufant was thinking well yea no ****
  2. The crowd was rocking and super loud. All 3 of them sounded like a full stadium.
  3. Not confirmed but what I heard was that he deflated a football at a practice
  4. Isnt that just the same question that got Ovie and Ray Edwards to sign with us.
  5. I mean yea we can get better production at a cheaper rate but dam if this doesnt hurt. Thanks #84
  6. they didnt even line up any of the logos on the falcons one. smh.
  7. Havent watched a Conference in awhile but to finally have a sound guy there picking up all the questions is sooo good
  8. 1969? huh well spoiler alert I wouldnt get too excited for the next 50 years of Falcons football
  9. stink my pc must be broken its not loading OPs picture. will have to reformat I think
  10. what did he actually do on that penalty?
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