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  1. Always been a bunch of lame o's On TATF great Source for falcon info though.
  2. yep I'm cool with taking Gurley or whatever olineman they like at this point. I think orchard and Marcus golden are our best pass rusher options right now. I think it would be really smart to see what the eagles want for vinny curry as well.
  3. I'm not taking either one atEight. They both have showed they aren't ready to handle the responsibility that comes with position. I believe in second chances but at this point I couldn't rationalize using anything less than mid to late second round pick in either of these guys. Ray really pissed me off with this news cause hes got pro bowl potential if his head stays on straight.
  4. I thougnt he'd get a shot to perform. I guess there goes the theory that players don't get released on the rookie contracts
  5. Would love to get hardy but the filter is still in place
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