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  1. Brandon graham struglgled with injuries and played in the wrong scheme early on but I get what your trying to say
  2. Reading comprehension is a real problem in America lol
  3. Prove one point that I've brought up in any post not being true or one debate that I've had twhere someone has corrected me and I haven't owned it. so I'm a ***** because I gave clear arguments on why I our defense didn't have a good game . Matta fact I'm not even about to argue with you. just ignore me . I'm gonna keep on speaking my mind. I didn't create a negative thread in fact the only threads I've created since the game were positive. I can't stand when stupid people try and sound smart.
  4. If I don't see good play or potential and call it for what its more of me making making a projection. Ive called out cambells play but I still like his upside. I've called out hageman but I still like his upside. I support Collins while most everyone around here calls him a bust . Beasley and Jones are the weak links on our defense right now but they get the most support around here so yea I'm gonna continue to call them out young or not.
  5. I came in the thread saying the defense didn't play good as was stated by the OP. Y'all have turned this into yea but there were flashes argument. Which if are put into context mean nothing. But I could break down each said player play for play and there would still be overall acknowledgment of the good vs the bad even if there are more bad plays.
  6. So if a team makes no good plays then their bad? There will always be positive plays in a 60 min game. For you that outweighs the other 80% worth of trash that we witnessed. In turn meaning that we played good? That's the only thing I came to this thread to dispute. im not even gonna go there on the player evaluations.
  7. You are putting it into Falcons are my team so I want something to look forward to context.
  8. Finally a valid argument. I like cambell even tho he's made his fair share of mistakes. Speed on defense is great but I don't think we will ever get anything more than that based on their college careers and performances so far. Their mistakes will always outweigh there speed factor imo
  9. We gave up 32 points and I'm the one who dosent know what I'm talking about?
  10. How am I twisting anything? The stats speak for themselves. Flashes of what? Really what were there flashes of
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