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  1. He is listed on nfl draft scout web site as a DT or FB. So I think we are looking at him as a full back. Has some great pro day numbers. look at the vertical jump numbers. i like it.
  2. Did anyone else notice that the Falcons (on press release &roster) have Goggins listed as a fullback. He is 6'1" 272. He was DL for Syracuse. His pro day numbers sick for D-line but undersized for DL. Looks like they may be trying to convert him to FB. Draft Scout website lists FB as alternate position for him also.
  3. For the harvin lovers, I like him too. I am just saying we would have to trade major assets for him and he wants top receiver money and we don't have it. You can have someone like Knox for near league minimum plus incentives and don't have to give up anything for him.
  4. I love our top three receivers (roddy, Julio, hd). I am even optimistic that one day (if he can stay healthy) that Meier will contribute. But, no doubt we need depth and help in the return game. I am not in favor of any expensive options like harvin. I am in favor of Later draft picks or 2nd chance free agents that will be cheep like Knox or massaqu, etc
  5. I see that many on the board want Harvin in the ATL. His talent and explosiveness would be great. He is an injury and character risk. There is another guy out there available with almost the exact same measurables (height, weight, speed, production, injury history/risk) but can be signed as free agent (cut player). The player....Johnny Knox. Chicago cut him. He is coming off major injury and did not play last year. Sign this guy with incentive layden contract. May start on PUP list. Low risk, high reward. If he can recover, then great returner and 3rd/4th receiver.
  6. Why not sign him to 2 year incentive dominant contract with that veteran exception clause. Even if u have to put on ir this year for him to get healthy, u have a young talented tackle for future or trade bait for nothing.
  7. I am a turner fan and I would love to have mjd on our team .......but I don't think a swap is right idea. I say let's get a third party involved that needs a running back (like San diego - see pro football weekly artical). We send turner to jax to reunite with mularkey, jax send mjd to San Diego ( home state), San Diego sends draft picks to us and jax. We go with Snelling, quiz, etc this year and have more picks and salary cap next year. Y'all figure out draft picks but I think this makes most sense for us.
  8. I agree with hjerry on the USDA list. What happened to Myles wade. I don't see him on a list either. I would also add roddy jones rb Georgia tech.
  9. 7th wade DT Portland state FA George Bryan te ncstate - great blocking tightened....can catch also but slow Quizz rogers brother - wr Oregon state Patrick Whitt -QB Yale - from GA and transfer from Nebraska Roddy jones - rb - ga tech Receiving te - best available (maybe chichester from Louisville) Robb Herbert - c/og Lu's (son of bobby Herbert) Thorpe cb/s from auburn
  10. I don't think we take cb at 2 unless we trade grimes for picks. I do like trumaine though.
  11. I am ok with going with Harley (although love mcclure), but we don't have another center on the roster. There are some good ones in draft that will go 3rd round through 6th.
  12. I like focusing on line of scrimmage and like players you have selected but looks like we are going to grab a center some where in here.
  13. Like him as free safety that can br versatile to play cb if we need him to.
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