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  1. We do every year
  2. This post. Taven.
  3. TD out here sporting the guile haircut from street fighter. Go TD!!!
  4. Should look at TE as well. IMO hooper isn' tall that.
  5. The truth is that MR2 is worth every penny, but it would be optimal if he wants to win and gave a discount.
  6. IMO you need both.
  7. Crazy how NE has the best line every year.
  8. You didn't see how bad we struggled passing the ball for Tds? Hooper is below average.
  9. I'l take either Taver bryan, or either of the NC state Dts.
  10. Voch is the truth.
  11. No one wants to see shoulder tackles that miss for a big gain. Thats why I dont want us to get cute and draft him.
  12. I'd be OK if we moved Allen to starting NCB and signed ET. Would make us a lethal defense.