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  1. We don't agree on much but dam...
  2. He reminds me of Brian Van Gorder for some strange reason, maybe its the mustache ?
  3. I am looking at their menu and it looks pretty good. Their guacamole and chocolate pinata looks official.
  4. Can always count on the mods for a bit of buzz killing .
  5. I brought my flame retardant led suit lol.
  6. As I said before Gono was expected to probably be the starter and Caleb Mcgary the swing. With him hurt McGary starts and Sombrero will be swing.
  7. I was driving the other day with the wife and we came across this gem. What's your favorite Julio sign?
  8. As he should..
  9. He was named the starter over Freeman in 15.
  10. Could use a few power runs, and PA fakes to the TE.
  11. Yeah you will pass him the ball once he is on a roster. its only a matter of time as he is a very good player.
  12. Why? I hate both teams equally.
  13. Pretty much expect Rodgers to look terrible for a while.
  14. Who else is enjoying this snooze fest?
  15. They wasted a whole article for that?