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  1. dude is about to bust a vein in his eye with his raging temper.
  2. You are punting either way, but you know he can also take a shot and throw an incomplete pass.
  3. DIdn't Mularky have Julio and put up 2 points on the giants? He was great when Turner was in his prime, but his offense did not work in the playoffs. GO back and read, I said RW does not need a top rushing attack, that was the whole point. You butted in midway during the conversation, so thats where your cognitive dissonance comes from.
  4. GO back and reread, I already said before he didnt have a top rushing offense in 2017 and therefore unlike ryan isn't wholly reliant on a top rushing offense, he also played without carson in the playoffs. I am also replying to 1989 whom you seem to agree with. Eitherway both points are very bad.
  5. OK my mistake it was 1989 who was apologizing for Ryan. He said he wasn't as good as Mike Williams, LMFAO.
  6. Ummm objective my ace this is way off, Ridley leads the NFL in 100 yard games and top 5 in TDs.
  7. lol he hasn't done anything special to warrant hall of fame, get off the opiods.
  8. I am done with you. You are incredibly idiotic. You negated your own point in 2019 because Marshawn Lynch was a street FA who played extremely bad in the playoffs {2.3 YPC}, and in 2017 he had the #23 rushing attack. Eitherway whatever point you are trying to make you walk away from this with an egg on your face. Koetter is better than Mularky, funny enough Ridley has the most 100 yard games in the NFL this season for a WR, the same guy @JD dirtybird21 and others called a #2 WR who benefits from Julio, and tear down to build Ryan.
  9. quote that entire post, I think you misread my post. EItherway you are wrong like usual and the point is stupid. Trying to count a 2 game player, and Chris Carson as somebodies who carried RW in the playoffs makes you look very dumb.
  10. Where did I say that? also if you are counting washed up lynch then you are obviously not very smart.
  11. FYI Chris Carson got hurt and didnt play in the playoffs, so whatever point you are trying to make falls on its face.
  12. That wasnt my statement, but keep beating that strawman. I said he doesnt need a top rushing offense to make the playoffs. Anyway TheTrueL I got a game to watch rather than waste with your non sense.
  13. Roflzzzzzzzzzzz Are you a Tanker now? I'll take 3x playoffs and 1 win over our 18-27 record.
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