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  1. I like the red jerseys, I just wish they had red pants.
  2. Thanks my dudes, had a good day considering the circumstances. War dogs, wife cooked my favorite meal, and some boobs.
  3. Thanks yall I am humbled .
  4. No luck can you email it to me? Freddizzle@yahoo.com
  5. No way we take Paddy Queen over Henderson, if we take Lber clearly KMurray is the way to go, but I got us taking a db. Either we take Delpit or Henderson. We go lber in the later rounds, and I got us taking Okwara in round 2.
  6. Thanks, for whatever reason the link posted showed him as second team I stand corrected. I do think there are better options out there.
  7. Its their historic moment in the sun, of course it will catch air time. We would have ours if some Shanahaningans didn't muck it up .
  8. one first team all pro, and one second team all pro...he is alright but in my opinion he is seriously overrated.
  9. Sure, Kazee and Rico do the same thing for us. Like I said he is just a name, and isn't that good otherwise it would show up on his pay check.
  10. Right, he went from NCB to FS because he sucked at NCB. This is a normal process that all coaches do with slower or less capable corners, for example Kazee is being converted from NCB to FS because he can't play.
  11. Malcolm Jenkins, Harrison Smith, and Glover Quinn at Safety.
  12. There are older guys you can take over him as well.
  13. Saints fan Friend told me this, and I came in to post it. I guarantee we lost and they blocked a mother bucking punt. You can always count on the saints to block a game changing mother bucking punt while the falcons remain impotent and sterile for the rest of eternity in that department .
  14. I guarantee we will move up and take Henderson, apparently Henderson has a top 10 grade on him.