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  1. Lindstrom looking like a real gem.
  2. His tape is garbage.
  3. Lindstrom is my guy, he is nasty.
  4. *FFS70, ARM Chair GMs: "Jake is terrible! Can't wait to draft a dog."
  5. I am sure, someone like Hill, Ito Smith, or jacquiz rodgers.
  6. Should've spiked his drinks with pain killers so the cops would think he was hanging out with Sean Payton and let him off the hook.
  7. Glad I wasn't the only one who WTF'd @ this.
  8. Great hands, runs good routes, and can juke people that is it. He would do fantastic in DK offense.
  9. The choke sign is a great idea, or we can have a picture of the PI on Julio and a sign that says "Congratulations, bleaux that with the saints special," and it changes to Diggs' TD and says "Can you Digg it?"
  10. Hageman was a stud, but he also was an idiot, same for collins.
  11. TD scouted Zack Martin and Whitehair properly, the problem is he drafted neither. This is the year to make a move if Jonah Williams falls.
  12. It was already posted.
  13. So what? The man is not a robot and I am sure he was pulling 60 hour work weeks. He deserved time off for himself and his family.
  14. Not sure if serious but Jonah Williams is one of the best tackle prospects in years and will be a very good to great tackle like Matthews. I would rather trade up and get Jonah Williams and address guard in FA. This will give us 2 book end tackles for years to come.
  15. That's his favorite player of all time lmao.