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  1. Beasley is still our best pass rusher.
  2. Lmao. There's a reason Ryan stopped going to him at the end of the year and that is because he had a Habit of delivering the football on a silver platter to CBs, let alone he is a weak route runner. In his case the stats are lying because #1 he had more than 3 drops, #2 he single handedly is responsible for 3 interceptions.
  3. He's supposed to catch that regardless, that's his job.
  4. I am not falling for this scam again. I am drafting Gronk, or the panthers Te for fantasy football. Hooper is the 5th option in the passing game as he should be. His hands are suspect.
  5. Campbell turning into a gem.
  6. Scheme guys open. Less reverses, and utelize people not named Julio.
  7. Those are excuses, Hardy can't run routes or free himself. Hes just a TATF legend like Kerry Meier.
  8. We over achieved in 2016. We got lucky because Shanny was the coach and the masked the flaws of a weak defense. I think if Sark can get his act together and seem competent we can make it.
  9. Lol who's still counting on Hardy to be a relevant wr? He's a good special teamer.
  10. Probably a negative influence on Julio. Owens was a cancer and depleted team moral anywhere he went.
  11. 320lbs running a 4.6 fourty, BREAST!
  12. Hage could be a problem with the right coach. He showed our against both the Hawks, and Packers in the playoffs. I am not surprised BB is looking at him.
  13. Mamaniux made him retire because he worked tireless hours but almost never got home.