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  1. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/total/year/2016 For added measure the Dolphins average less yards per game and less points than last year's rams. So we lost to the worst offense of the last two years. Doesn't matter how you sugar coat it, they are a really bad team.
  2. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/total/sort/totalPointsPerGame Check this out. The dolphins are the worst in total yards and ppg. What's even funnier is they scored 20 points against us which likely inflated their stats.
  3. Cutler is serviceable. The phins have a really bad oline, suspect wr, and undisciplined defense. It's too bad you are too stubborn to realize this. 12 ppg is really really bad offense. The 3 wins really mask how bad they are.
  4. It would be a success if we don't get routed. We are playing like chit and going to the Pat's house where we have never beaten Brady and bill. Good luck. They are going to have 200 yards on the ground and 4 tds.
  5. And still Gilmore is better than any dB the dolphins have.
  6. One game and he's behind 200 yards. Cutler is getting these guys the ball, they are playing like trash. Seriously watch our game and see how many balls the dolphins dropped.
  7. Landry has 272 yards 2 tds Cooks has 472 yards 2 tds Cooks is better.
  8. That's because you are blind. How many balls has Landry dropped so far? I guarantee his stats are inferior.
  9. I will also say the Patriots Oline is way better. The Dolphins averaged 12 points per game for a reason.
  10. First of all the secondary of the Patriots is extremely better. You should be ashamed of this bad post. Who do the Dolphins have better than Butler or Gilmore? The dolphins dline isn't much better, but I would say cooks is better then any Dolphins receiver. They also have better running backs overall. The Dolphins only have one good back which is ajayi. Lewis, gillislee, and white are better as a commitee. In fact I think the Patriots receivers are a little bit better.
  11. The Dolphins talents can't hold a candle to the Patriots FYI. Name one player of the same level talent as Brady or Gronk on the dolphins.
  12. I watched most Dolphins games this year. Their wide receivers are overrated and dropped a ton of balls. They dropped a bunch of easy balls against us otherwise it would have been very ugly. They have the worst offensive line in the league during the last three years. There defense is also overrated and has been dominated at times. This is a team that was shut down by the Saints during the Saints slump.
  13. They are the worst team, trust me. They were averaging 12 points per game, and even those numbers were inflated. They have the worst offense I've seen in a while. They managed to DOMINATE our "revamped" defense somehow.
  14. Shanahan built the offense around Julio. He made him the focal point and tried to get the ball to him on every pass snap. Unfortunately Sarkisian thinks Sanu us our best player.