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  1. I miss the days Gonzo was here, he really transformed our offense and took it to another level.
  2. Need ICE to stop throwing them arm punts and we will be back in business.
  3. Own - Julio Jones 11. Was going to buy: - William Moore, Featherspoon, Ryan, Turner. Still going to get a MR2 Jersey. Glad I didn't get a weatherspoon one lol...I could have swore he was going to be awesome for the next 8 years.
  4. What the vietnamese phuc.
  5. I hope not, he is still Raw and we are deep at db. We should bring him along slowly.
  6. I don't know who will get the nickel snaps but I guarantee Duke will get the majority of snaps.
  7. I guarantee Duke will be the starter this game. Foye a worse option. He started the last drive cause duke was tired, and the funny thing is he made many of the same mistakes people blame duke for (like the TD that was Campbell's fault lol). He also got lost in the pass game, and got dragged on some tackles and hit the wrong gaps. Imo we need to be patient with these guys and allow them time to develop.
  8. Lol he knew how to rile people up for sure, he had that journalist writing style. Dude could be Darryl led in disguise .
  9. Glad to hear it, dude isn't as bad as people think he is. I am sure the same people criticized deion in his first season.
  10. Lol we should bring back swift, he made things interesting around here.
  11. Nah can't be worse than the Jake Locker thread, that went on for months. Then there's also the DJ Shockley, and Matt Stafford threads.
  12. I've been a matthews fan, but after last season he needed to pick it up.