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  1. Trufart has been destroying the team in run fits all season, he is scared to break a nail. He can go do that on the saints.
  2. beat me to it, but yeah I am down with this. Irvin already looked better than Beasley IMO.
  3. Trufant need to be cut or traded, he is not a football player.
  4. Would be nice to decrease Deztard's snaps as well as those of Richards to 0, and increase Irvin's snaps.
  5. You notice him avoid making tackles in the run game, and spot his wr 10 yards for slam dunk completions on 3rd down right?
  6. Bro after yesterday I am not ready to hear this none sense.
  7. *If We also need a #1 CB who doesn't look like he has undergone a sex change.
  8. Yep when you have Trufart spotting a 15 yard cushion, and the run defense looks like ace this is what happens.
  9. Bustly and Trufart both should have been traded. Honestly I rather have Patrick Pete and he isn't even all that good.
  10. I rather miss the playoffs. This team lacks genuine play makers in the backfield. We need to get rid of Trufart like yesterday.
  11. We need some corners as well as a DE. I think Corners are more urgent as we can resign Bruce Irvin and he had a decent game.
  12. He has the heart of a hamster, dude is scared to break a nail.
  13. Did you watch that tranny looking mo-fo play? He gave up 5 easily catches for 10+ yards and ran away on Chubbs long TD like the softbatch blitch made coward that he really is.
  14. Trufant is softer than a baby's ace.