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  1. Unfortunately we are the legion of gloom. This team gets us close to get a whiff of the Lombardi then disintegrates when it matters. Hope this is the year.
  2. He hasn't been attending our endzone plays for a few seasons. Makes no difference.
  3. His dad looks like Harvey Weinstein.
  4. How important is our best player to our hopes of winning a SB?
  5. If he isn't confident in his ability then something is wrong. Also Gabriel is underrated.
  6. Julio is going to set the market, and it doesn't have to be OBJ the NFL is full of impact wrs.
  7. OBJ is younger, cheaper, and is not allergic to catching TDs. He would be a better fit for us considering we have GJ VB, and TC coming up for contracts. So if Julio wants to be the best paid WR he can do that in NY.
  8. If we trade him it better be for Odell Beckham straight up or Mike Evans.
  9. I am very disappointed in Julio Jones choice of workout partner. Terrell O'cancer was the worst teammate in NFL history and did not deserve to be a HOF based on his ability to divide a lockerroom alone. He destroyed the confidence of any QB that stepped on the field with him, and undermined the players around him. Julio was billed as the anti Terrell Owens coming out of college. Regardless of this contract situation he needs to cut ties.
  10. Pay the man, he will be a HOF, but put him on an incentive laden contract where he has to drop a certain amount of passes, and catch a certain amount of Tds.
  11. Taft!
  12. Cosigned. He's top 5-7 but there are a lot of good cbs now.