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  1. 4th after smoking greenbay in the playoffs, and beating the Raiders during the worst part of our season. Hilarity ensues.
  2. I remember this thread like yesterday. Kudos and some Dap to the Op... ...hiv sop kind of dap.
  3. Crisp Houston killed me more than crisp owens. He simply refused to turn his head.
  4. Eric Coleman..chris crock of poo before.
  5. QB: Matt Ryan FB: DiMarco HB1: Turner HB2: Freeman WR1: Julio WR2: Roddy WR3: Gabriel TE1: Gonzo TE2: Tamme LT: Matthews LG: Levitre C: Mack RG: Dahl RT: Clabo DE: Abraham DT: Jarrett DT: Soliai DE: Beasley WLB: Brooking MLB: Deion Jones SLB: Nicholas CB: Trufant CB: Grimes FS: Allen SS: Neal K: Bryant P: Koenen KR/PR: Hester Like this
  6. Thank you! Palestine had a substantial Christian population as well. It has been ethnically cleansed by israel.
  7. Yuck at chris crocker of shyt. Thanks For That reminder, I Forgot How Bad He was.
  8. Lol forgot about Larry holmes, and Dez southward. Also forgot hartsocks.
  9. Yeah and lol @ Eric Coleman at FS. Decoud had an entire season where he bathed in butter pre-game.
  10. He has in years past, he knows he'll get smoked and don't want to be embarrassed lol.
  11. DE - Jamal busterson DE - Mallaciah badman / Gay Edwards DT - Trey Lewis DT - Tyson Jokeson ROLB - coy wire MLB - Akeem gets Dented LOLB - Bartu / Worried low CB - heavy Chevy Jackson CB - Crisp Houston FS - Decoud SS - Jamal fudge Nickle CB - Tye Hill KR - fair catch beef franks
  12. Qb - DJ shockley (the future) RB - Steven Jackson RB 2 - Injurious Norwood LT - Sack maker baker OG - Mike Johnson C - Peter Conz-us G - Andrew Jackson RT - Garret Reynolds WR 1 - Ashlie Lelie WR 2 - michael Junkins TE - Matrez Milner
  13. LMAOAOAOAOAOA thats pretty epic
  14. LMAO Gerald mccoy's comments are funny every year. I think Sherman is one of my favorite commentators as well.