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  1. Careful, he might invite you to a game of recreational basketball and not show up.
  2. Vic is like an ingrown hair that won't go away. Sadly enough he has his riders here who said he will ball out when he goes to the Titans. Sorry mothersucka!
  3. Yeah makes no sense consider he just had 11 sacks.
  4. Glad that soft batch buster is off this team.
  5. Gary Barnidge was the real deal, dude ended up in a crappy TE carousel. Vic was a fluke for sure.
  6. I agree with this, imagine Jerry now. He'd average 1600 yards and 15-18tds per season.
  7. I wouldnt say always, he lost us some games because he blew his assignment pretty bad, and now that hes probably slower, I can see him play lber a little bit and us moving Hawkins to SS in some big nickel situations.
  8. Larry Fitz I believe is in the conversation when it comes to overall yardage. But Julio stinks when compared to jerry, TO, or Moss as far as TD totals. AS far as YPG and overall yardage I believe when all is said and done Julio might be able to make a run at Jerry's record. Jerry Rice's TD's are madden type stuff. No one is scoring 22Tds in 12 games.
  9. Didn't you say in the other thread I was crazy because I pointed to JJ11's low TD total as a flaw? be consistent.
  10. rooting for him to succeed. probably Carbing up to add some muscle.
  11. Year 3 stats for to Peyton. Peyton was possible the GOAT. Although Ryan is a good one.
  12. Him being nice is a good thing, him getting shoved out of bounds and having a 6td per year average is a bad thing, and I am not blaming this on Matt. Theres definitely no lack of trying.
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