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  1. Koetter, Mularky, and Shanny are quality Ocs, it has nothing to do with Ryan. I wish we could get Koetter back.
  2. Because we are asking a lot from our game manager QB. We need to figure a way to get the ball in our play makers hands without taking risks. Sorry but MR2 is just a Troy Aikman type, you can't ask him to win the game for you.
  3. Both lines sucked. Dline needed an invitation to bring pressure.
  4. Still sucked and looked uninspired, sans a few holds.
  5. I thought it was funny, I hope he lit a fire under freeman's fumbling azz.
  6. Saved a big time matty meltdown. He needs to clean up his tackling and he would be an elite backer.
  7. Allen has been quietly having a season. He's an absolute stud. That tackle on Ingram tells me all I need to know. However the pass rush, and the Dline in general sucked.
  8. Haven't all season. Dude was a TD machine last year. Kept catching tds.
  9. Wish we could use teco like the saints use Kamara.
  10. It was a miracle win AT HOME, we got lucky. We are going to be laughed at if we make the playoffs. There are better teams and they will blows us out by the end of the third.
  11. Dude bathes in butter pregame, time to cut.
  12. Ryan plays his best for the first half when it matters. Second half is full of stupid pick and sacks.
  13. Ignore the Homers and draft Austinks Hoof hands replacement. Ryan is a game manager QB, we need a stud TE to mitigate his short comings. We also need a really good RG.
  14. He's an overhyped troy aikman.