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  1. Would make a nice backup for the Falcons imo. Would be nice if we use him like the saints use Taysom Hill.
  2. Out of all the run D he played the least which is good. As long as we keep him under 10 snaps and mucking up our game plan we will be ok. Cut him in the offseason and get someone better.
  3. Wanted TJ watt out of that draft too, so did @Knight of God. Would have saved us a 2nd rounder.
  4. Sure but also less snaps for certain players (Ishmael, Allen Bailey, Davison).
  5. Takk would be having a great season with better coverage. I am ready to move on from Beasley and find Takk a better running mate. We should have done that last off season and had we had bookends of Takk and Clowney we would have been infinitely better than wasting space on worthless Allen Bailey and Vrex.
  6. Horrid run/pass play. He has amateur instincts when it comes to peeling off and playing the screen. He is putrid against the run too. Look how much better the defense already looks with him being limited to only 15 snaps so he couldn't muck up the score board.
  7. Ok gotcha, in the last 8 games gives an impression theres 8 games left which would be nice. I still dont think we'd have a winning record in a 17 game season .
  8. I'll be honest, I wanted Greedy Williams this year if Chris Lindstrom wasn't available. Thank God we dodged that bullet. I also wanted Hageman when he came out but that fat rascal ended up disappointing. TD is a decent GM but not great. His weaknesses have always been he can't draft OL/DL or sign any good ones to save his life. Bailey, Ghey Ray, Kroy Boringman, OSI Umenyiora, Vic, Takk, Maponga, Tyler Starr, Malliciah Goodman. Its just been one bust after another.
  9. Can't go 6-2, we are 2-7. We could go 6-1 which would give us the typical DQ draft recking record of 8-8.
  10. Lol he has no filter, kind of miss those sort of candid interviews. He is almost as bad as Dennis Green.
  11. Whoever that flyer is, he better not land in Atlanta.
  12. One thing I learned from my 2 decades of being a Falcons fan is never to count my eggs before they hatch. And when they hatch you take a rubber hammer to those forsaken eggs to ensure they dont miraculously unhatch themselves.
  13. Bringing Allen Bailey down to less than 0 snaps per game is going to be nice. He is just atrocious. I would also like to see grace get some snaps.
  14. Young corner who doesn't hustle and likes to cover grass. He would fit in well next to Trufart....on the waiver wire that is.