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  1. You haven't seen his post draft interviews?
  2. No offense but MR2 can't hold Wilson's jock strap.
  3. Doesn't help when your QB takes nearly 10 coverage sacks, and waits to throw until the 🏈 has mold on it.
  4. Was going to make the same thread. I guess he is in a long line of falcon players who won't shut up and talk with their play on the Field.
  5. Pretty much, wins once out of 3 games. These guys are ecstatic because of it. Ryan is old and is good and reliable. But we should definitely replace.
  6. Arch is a sensible guy, some of the guys here are acting like they were in a kissing booth with Matt. Sure he is a decent Qb, but he's not the guy you can rely on to regularly beat the saints.
  7. What's matt Ryan's record vs saints?
  8. Props for duffing us out with your 3rd string QB. I hope you choke in the playoffs so I can have some semblance of normality.
  9. Gonna watch the other games, falcons kind of ruined football for me and it's time to get my passion back.
  10. Pretty much this, he just doesn't have the arm talent to have the wr open up on the deeper throws.
  11. This team doesn't deserve being rooted for, lost to 3rd string backup. Doubt anyone wants to lose to the saints, but it's time to overrate and overestimate this trash and just set it on 🔥.
  12. Zach Wilson should be available between picks 3-10. We need a new QB badly.
  13. Hurst, Ridley, Gurley, and Julio are all first rounders. Hard to believe no one got open. Terrible coaching, and QB play.
  14. Been on here since 09, been watching falcons since 98.
  15. I can live with that throw, Ryan gotta keep taking risks like that.
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