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  1. What's there to laugh about, TC ability to catch passes and run the ball opens up the offense for everyone. When he left the SB the offense sputtered and shat the bed. That's saying something. Lmao @ you.
  2. I'd like to kick the tires on him see what he has to offer.
  3. Yeah who cares about the 3rd best player on the offense who makes us multi dimensional?
  4. You're a funny guy spongeDad .
  5. Don't like Cody ford for our zbs scheme, love Rocky Ya-sin but think he will go in the second most likely. Love Wilkins. Don't think Simmons falls that far and don't want an injured player from the draft tbh.
  6. Probably got 2 prime years left in him, we should cut him when we get the chance. His contract was a horrible deal for us, and should have signed Coleman in hindsight.
  7. We got Kazee and Blidi Wreh, I think we should draft Mooreland.
  8. A saints brown poop nugget.
  9. Clowney has been awesome the last couple of years and it finally clicked for him..i think he will get paid $$$. If he becomes an FA we should drop Beasley like a bag of rocks and get him.
  10. Finally. That's always been the reason I looked forward to your posts.
  11. Lindstrom is perfect for our outside zone blocking scheme and played in a similar scheme in college, he is very athletic, and is nasty. He is my number 1 option at guard, and Jenkins is my number 2. I wouldn't mind if we traded down and took both.
  12. Same here, would have rather paid the much cheaper Coleman and drafted DF's replacement. I hope we cut him in 2 seasons when he is no longer useful.
  13. Good backup, we still need his replacement.
  14. $5m is actually pretty cheap for a quality backup like Shaub, I like it.