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  1. Lindstrom is not a center. He played RT and guard. Bradbury would have been the guy to take as replacement for Mack. Just a stupid pick at 14. Nice player, but they could have traded down 10 spots and still got Lindstrom.
  2. McShat has him #41 and The Athletic had him at 36. Bottom line, trade down if you want to take that guy. Dexter Lawrence, Bradbury, and several others would have been more valuable and better picks.
  3. You guys are ridiculous. Lindstrom was rated No. 36. You don’t draft an OG no. 14. Trade down, get more picks...Taylor, Ford, Burns, Sweatt, Dillard, Bradbury, and Lawrence ALL hold more draft value. Once again Dimitroff $#!ts the bed and makes a panic move after Wilkins went off the board,
  4. Dimitroff wouldn’t know a great offensive lineman if one b!#@% slapped him.
  5. I don’t think it’s silly to think Quinn and Dimitroff are ALL IN on this draft. They HAVE to win this year or they are toast. Why not trade up into the top 5? Why not off load Vic Beasley, who was just like Montell Jordan, a one hit wonder? Why not go get Bosa, Allen or Quinnen Williams? Or draft the best OL in the draft to protect your $130 million QB, who ain’t getting any younger or more nimble? All those veteran FA signings could be just for a big move on Thursday. The Falcons need a difference maker to go along with Grady and Takk. It’s not a re-invigorated Vic Beasley. It’s Bosa or Allen on the edge. It’s Williams, Wilkins or Oliver inside. I say make the big move move and get YOUR guy, not an acceptable player at 14
  6. Wilds is a one cut back. He has good power and speed. However, he is as brittle as a twig and is often missing games because of injury. I watched him play every game he has played in college, many of them in person. He has the talent and abili, but he goes down too easily, and to be as athletic as he is, he dose some of the most unathletic things Inhave ever seen. Until his senior season he was also plagued by fumbles. It it will be interesting to see how it shakes out with Wilds, but I would not get overly optimistic about him being a factor in Atlanta.
  7. The problem is Shanahan and play calling. His scheme has become very predictable. Formations, personnel groupings and down and distance are dead give away so. There is no going off script, his play calling on down and distance has become predictable. Falcons need to self scout and change things up during the bye week.
  8. That's all on the offense, particularly, Matt Ryan. The turnovers cost the Falcons the game. The OL is still simply not good enough. But Ryan has not been in his A game for about 3-4 weeks now. And BTW...I tried to tell all you guys infatuated with Vic Beasley he was not the answer. Look at his build right now, I bet he's not over 235 pounds. He's a total non factor. Another Dimitroff bust.
  9. Ryan is Elite. Pass rush is still lacking. Still not sold on OL or Hankerson being No. 2 option. Let's see how it plays out. Winning division in year one would be huge for DQ. Roster still needs work to be a title contender.
  10. Johnson was spot on with his comments. Team looks out of sync on offense. Early drop by Julio was big. Tamme drop was a drive killer. Credit Washington. They came to play.
  11. You must not have watched him play much. He was at worst the 3rd best back in he draft, and possibly the best with Gurley's knee being questionable. Many Big 10 players thought Coleman was better than Gordon.
  12. That's. Not true. DiMarco was a TE/HB at South Carolina. I watched him make plenty of really good catches in college. He has excellent hands. I do know he had a couple of drops last season, ur he has been a dependable pass catcher,
  13. I think we should go DE or OL next. Plenty of backs in 4th rounder or later.
  14. another horrible pick by the FO. Should have traded back and drafted Dupree or Ray and added another pick. Beasley is a nice kid, but he will never hold up against the run or play above 235 pounds for a WHILE. Sorry, all you guys withe the man crush got your wish. He will be a mediocre player at best. Not getting back to the playoffs with him leading the pass rush. I'm out until TD is out. Peace!
  15. Bill Williamson said Falcons could be trading up at 4 with Oakland.
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