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  1. Btw... I think dent is filling in for spoon at publix. Was gonna check it out before I saw that
  2. Looks like they made it back. Maybe some scrubs got left behind. Hah
  3. Heard from someone in Philly about falcons player sightings. Said no flights are leaving till tomorrow. Anyone know if this is true? If so how's it affect the practice schedule?
  4. Tonys post on Facebook was "goon life. All I know". Lol Love all the confidence coming off this team. Philly used to be the bullies.. Not so much anymore.
  5. What's the situation on Svitek coming back next year.
  6. Because it makes the NFL look idiotic for ever taking meAngelos side in the smitty scurmish
  7. I got a friend in SF that's not even a falcons fan. Even he says the ga dome is getting a reputation of being a place opposing teams don't stand a good chance. I think that MNF thrashing of manning did a lot to boost our reputation outside of atl
  8. LMFAO. This was me after the braves in field fly call... Well minus the crazy
  9. ****... Denver put in some kid. Saints don't deserve mercy. Neither did Reid today. Really wish smitty would have just hit the field goal
  10. I really hope Peyton remembers the aints putting up 60 points as he watched from the sidelines last year. Hope he audibles and takes some shots up until the last whistle.
  11. Humans have eyes. Skin color is the first thing you see visually when you see someone. It's not racist, it's right in front of you and you don't have to act like you don't notice it. The next Asian PG will be compared to Jeremy Lin, if he's argentine, he'll be compared to ginobili. The next good black golfer will be compared to tiger, if he's Indian, then vijay, etc etc. I remember peyton hillis comparisons to alstott. It is what it is.
  12. We all assume Harry hasn't been dropping the ball in practice. New eyes on the team yet still no HD. Must be reasons
  13. Maybe the coaches, who evaluate the players on a daily basis saw something that makes him better than all other options. Gotta put playmakers in a position to make plays. We'll see what happens. They are probably planning on cutting franks again to make room
  14. Here's how the average board member predicts win and losses: Goes through schedule and marks an L next to any team that is remotely good.
  15. I like that the number font doesn't look like a pause symbol. But overall blah
  16. Disagree. All of those reasons you laid out are reasons that we should win. DC fired, HC struggling, QB struggling, offfield distractions, Reid due for loss after bye. If Philly were 6-0 and falcons 3-3, someone would make the same post on why we will lose. Have faith in our team people!
  17. The accountant in me thinks the ref demands are ludicrous. The falcons fan says the NFL better pay up before it impacts one of our games
  18. Fan is short for fanatic. Take emotion out of sports and you have something like arena football.
  19. Turner gets a pass this week because of his "LT flip". We got Julio doing the dirty bird, Tony slamming it in KC, and now Turner doin LTs move in SD. They are having fun out there.
  20. The screen at the game showed "spoooooon" after he made a big play. The dome guys were really on top of their game this year
  21. Smitty has called out the oline on run blocking. I see them running it all day to make a statement about atlantas run game. It will be frustrating to watch but we come home with a W.
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