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  1. Moving to his full-time residence in Atlanta sounds promising to me. We must pursue him when we can.
  2. Besides the six games below which teams do you think we'll face next season? Tampa Bay 2x New Orleans 2x Carolina 2x
  3. How much for the Tickets?

  4. That prices will continue to be reasonable until it clear who we play. If we end up facing New Orleans or Green Bay the prices are only going to increase. I can see them staying the same as they're now if by chance we play Seattle.
  5. I have 8 tickets. I offered one of my season ticket packages for at cost and a gentleman out of state purchased it from me. The added incentive was allowing him to purchase playoff tickets at cost as well and it's worked out nicely. This person was a complete strange who purchased the season ticket package from me 6 months before the season even started. Talk about trust! The preseason games are worthless and acquiring what I paid for some of the regular season games can also be difficult. I sold my Monday Night tickets against the Saints earlier during the season, so I missed out on the bi
  6. A pair of my season tickets are located in 352, but I wasn't able to attend the game today, and it's safe to assume the person who purchased them from me was one of the loudest in the section. Glad to hear the section is representing and it's always been one of the best sections at the Dome.
  7. The trade will be finalized once Randy Moss signs a contract extension.
  8. I wish Pittsburgh was home and replaced Arizona, or Cincinnati....but oh well. Solid games at the Dome!
  9. The two sections I own have increased $200 per pair. Ouch! Not sure what I plan on doing.
  10. TY for the breaking news.
  11. Yeah, so what...haha Both places are high with the fees.
  12. I bought mine way back considering I have two pairs of season tickets. Sold one pair already to a close friend.
  13. Enjoyed it tonight. Also at the end of the night Matt Ryan walked right in front of me, signs the boy to my left's hat, and signs my football with that beautiful autograph.
  14. I have two free autograph tickets one of you can have. Send me a message.
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