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  1. 7th ranked pass defense includes the play of the Nickle corner. Poole gets the same credit for our pass defense as anyone else as far as I'm concerned This defense is designed to give up the underneath stuff and tackle well. That being said Poole does his job as well as anyone else considering how often the ball is in his area of the field.
  2. I don't care who we play, who is healthy, home or away, national tv or not; when the Atlanta Falcons don't beat themselves with mistakes, they have the talent to bury any team they play. There isn't one single dominant team out there that I'm confident would beat us on talent alone. We just need to get our head out of our ***** and start taking care of business.#Facts
  3. This is very true, playing closer games and from behind more has our opponents trying to grind it out more than last season where they were trying to play catch up and getting chunk yardage against our prevent D.
  4. Cowboys were cocky and underestimated our Dline. We played a 4-man front and they just believed that their Oline didn't need any help blocking. They didn't try to chip Clayborn or put a TE on that side or keep a blocking back in. They left 79 on a island until he cried mercy
  5. Collins was really good last year, but he was not better than Alford or Poole at any point. He made the most of his opportunities. I'm not knocking him, at all. But our DB play has been really good under Quinn overall, so there's nothing overly valuable about him all things considered. I think people really underestimate how special Poole is at Nickle. And Alford has been our best corner for 2 seasons now
  6. Our DB play and rotation is solid. Collins can compete for Dime corner with whoever currently holds that spot but he will not come back after 10 games and supplant our top 3 guys based on his play in the offseason. Also, Collins couldn't beat these guys out last year until Tru went down. Why would that change all of a sudden
  7. Idk but the defense as a whole is better with the rotation we have going now. Especially against the run. Maybe bring him as a sub and special teams from here on out. Try the starter thing again next year.
  8. If you take away the TDs and FG scored off of our offenses turnovers, our PPG allowed total is really a lot more impressive. The D has been put in very bad spots all year, seems like we lose the field position battle most of the games, but they hold down the fort and really stop the bleeding. One side note, that really bothered me about Tru's dropped interception wasn't that he didn't catch it but that he got up and celebrating like it was all good. Not too many elite corners celebrate after dropping a pick. Yeah he broke up the pass but most of the best guys get pissed at themselves when they miss a gimme. It made me think that Tru is just fine settling for the breakup and not the pick. Maybe it's just me
  9. Did we ever end up putting him on Dak? I became so distracted watching the Dline vs their LT every snap that I didn't notice what was happening on the back 7, but after halftime Dak certainly didn't gash us anymore
  10. We were also 7-5 and on the outside looking in last year before our amazing run. We also had bad losses against teams we should've beat. And we honestly were just middling as a team. We finished strong and had some breaks like Seattle losing to Arizona which is what got us the 2 seed and Dallas losing to GB which kept us at home all playoffs. Point is this, its a long season. Anything can happen. A lot of things that we have no control over can dictate the course of a season. Until our team is mathematically eliminated, there is no reason to count them out or get too upset. Just watch and enjoy
  11. Poole is one of the best tackling and block shedding defensive backs I've ever seen. He sets a hard edge out in space like nobody's business
  12. We suck on 4th down this year, it was the right call. We get stuffed there and the confidence falls down another notch
  13. Bro, not kidding. We ran in to a loaded front. They're in our backfield without loading box what makes anyone of our playcallers think running a dive against them on 2nd and long was a good idea Bad bad BAD play call, even worse for us to actually run it. We single handedly killed our own drive
  14. Use the pass to set up the run, they're stuffing us. Open them up with Julio and it'll get easier to run
  15. Matt Ryan, take control of your ******* team and stop settling for BS playcalls. Your team needs YOU
  16. Offense has to hold on to the ball. We've had it for only 3 plays
  17. Ima say this, if we are backed up on offense, we can't afford three and outs. Forget the interception, we should not be in 3rd and long to open the game. They stuffed the first run, we need to get chunk yardage. Bad playcalling
  18. Big difference between this season is last is that when our starting field position is bad on offense, we don't seem as comfortable as we did last year when we relished making those long dominating drives. We've really struggled when backed up on offense. Lets hope today is different, starting with this drive
  19. Dallas left tackle is getting ate up out there boy
  20. Is it me or are they attacking Trufant? Run defense is solid so far but the left side of the defense is getting thrown all over
  21. Honestly, for all those complaining that we are missing Freeney and that's why the brotherhood isn't there, I sincerely doubt that. He never seemed to be as involved with the brotherhood last season as the younger guys. He was more of the reserved vet that had a lot of cynicism but kept it to himself because of the exuberance of the young guys. Once we went got on a roll and we got more media attention, he didn't really show the same connection as the younger guys. His biggest contribution was helping Vic. Other than that he was a pros pro in a locker room full of pros. An asset yes, but not a keystone
  22. I don't get why you assume they want to be in the spotlight all the time. We don't have any divas on this squad, we don't have any players that pander specifically to the media for attention. Our guys seem genuinely passionate about the game number 1. That passion is reflected through exuberance after good plays. But never have I looked at any of them and assumed they are crying for attention or just being me first. If a guy wants to win so bad that he gets beat trying to make a play, I can live with that knowing he learned his lesson. But you cant teach effort and competitiveness. I'd much rather have guys that want to do too much and have to reel them in, than who don't have any drive at all and have to push them constantly to give %100 We are a team of guys that give %150 and it's taken us out of position at times. So now the focus is on staying focused and patient and still give %110. Easier problem than the alternative
  23. I'm not a Sark lover or anything but I can't put Matts turnovers on him. I blame Sark for the NE and MIA games for sure. Yesterday we literally had to start running shotgun every play just to avoid another fumble. It was ugly trying to run the clock out from shotgun but we did what had to do. Otherwise Sark called a good game. I still think we are getting too cute on the goal to go plays. We never tried to just run it in after saying we would lean on the run going forward. Seemed like we are still afraid to let the OLine muscle up and punch it in
  24. This is the biggest thing that people don't realize. Cable TV is slowly becoming a thing of the past PERIOD. Only older generations care about having 300 channels that they will never watch and paying $250 a month for that. A la cart TV streaming services are the new wave and are a lot smarter, if the cable giants aren't careful they will miss out on this shift. Think about how in just 15 years, social media went from a thing that older people made fun of kids for using to becoming almost a main line of communication for people. Think about how in less than 2 decades of internet the music industry went from only record sales to online downloads and streaming. (Touring revenue still dominates) Its only a matter of time before people move away completely from Cable TV packages, just wait
  25. Yeah, some people don't like facts, they just like to repeat what they hear on TV and Twitter.