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  1. That's not a 50/50 ball. That's a Duck that would've been picked off if not for Ridley. Ridley was running away from coverage. He was even with the safety in full stride before the safety had turned to run. Had he not had to downshift he is easily 5 yards in front of the safety at the catch point. Trajectory should have been lower and in front of Ridley. The throw was so behind that it looked like a 50/50 ball when it wasn't. It was a wasted opportunity when he had time to make a good throw.
  2. Matt Ryan needs a lot to go right for him to consistently be successful. Matt Ryan has had a weak line for years now. It's not like he puts his uniform on every Sunday thinking he still has the 2016 line protecting him. He knows during the offseason, preseason, and game prep that every defensive front he faces is tough and will create pressure because his O-Line is shaky. My issue is lack of game awareness, self awareness and adaptability. I am on my couch seeing that pressure is coming pre-snap. Matt has to know where his hot routes are. They need to be on this in game prep. If he believes when they install the game plan that he can consistently count on Ridley to run 2 double moves on every route and have enough time in the pocket to find him, then yes he IS a part of the problem too. He has to speak up as THE captain of the team and be honest about what we can and cannot do to win games. To win games, you have to win drives. To win drives you have to string together multiple series. You do not have to score on every possession, but you have to move the ball and gain field position. You have to give your weak defense more than 3 plays to catch their breath and regroup with their coaches. Game within the game, it all goes hand in hand. Throw away stats, I'm over it. The only stat that matters is 18-31, his record the past 4 seasons. It's the same formula. Get down early, squander possessions, rely on the defense to get him the ball back which is not the strength of the team, play from behind which leads to more pressures, and shoot ourselves in the foot with errors and missed opportunities. Matt's DNA is get me the ball with the game on the line and time on the clock. It has never been to dominate the game from start to finish and not have to worry about making a comeback. This is not a question of does Matt Ryan have talent. Of course he does. But his talent does not make a difference. His talent doesn't inspire or make anyone else play better. The entire team underachieves, and he is just as guilty. I have never see a team for so long make playing football look like rocket science. We are unorganized, disjointed, undisciplined, lack any sense of urgency until it's too late in the game, and then too late in the season to matter. Matt is a part of this losing culture. He bears responsibility just like every coach and coordinator that has been fired to prove Matt can still get it done. 2 winning seasons in the last 8 years. His legacy is starting to look more and more like those Falcons QBs that came before him than it is the "Savior" that we all thought he would be after his rookie year. People so desperately want to be right about him that they ignore the product and the results on the field. QB's number #1 stat is win's and losses, not yards and completion %. Fantasy football got yal's heads messed up
  3. Didn't even give Ridley a chance to catch that last ball. Matt is allergic to the endzone
  4. We still have the Hawks. Those kids play with a pair.
  5. When was the last time we picked up a 1st down? Ridiculous
  6. Nobody cared about their roster management until they started winning Superbowls. (Plural) We do that and they will start to think our poop dont stink either.
  7. I got flamed for calling McGary out early last season. So Ima let things play out. Im going to go on a limb and Mayfield will be a surprise. I do not have a ton of faith in Hennessy, we shall see how this goes.
  8. From a talent perspective does anyone truly believe we got better in the trenches as opposed to last season? I think most are banking on this staff pulling something out of these guys that the other staff couldn't. But there was a lot of NFL experience on the old staff. Ledford will have is hands full trying to turn around this unit.
  9. Donald is more cut, but Grady is bigger still with good definition. Grady's pecks alone are enough to make me give up at trying lol
  10. I still remember many posters wanting to push Poole out of the door because he struggled playing on the outside, despite being elite at nickel. That and they thought Kazee was better lol This kid was always one of my faves. You can't teach the stuff he has. He was another tone setter for us.
  11. Grady is too swole bruh..... like you win dawg, you win lol Aaron Donald gets a ton of love for his physique but Grady deserves just as much praise, this man is not real. I wish some of our O Lineman would take notes, bunch of tall for no reason but still getting pushed around softies.
  12. In 2016 our historic, 7th All Time, unstoppable offense, was only able to carry the team to a 7-5 record with the defense struggling. It wasn't until the defense started to click (when DQ took over) that the team went on that run to end the year and reach the SB. I say that to say, even if we can somehow catch lightning in a bottle and repeat that historic offense, we arent doing anything if the defense cant hold their own.
  13. Media is simply the MEDIUM between a source of information and its recipients. Hold the source accountable, not the entire institution. Use the media as a tool
  14. Two things I was right about last year's draft: 1) I was never sold on Okudah and thought he was being way overhyped. Said so on here. 2) I was trying to convince myself that Henderson was going to be great since rumors said we loved him, but I was afraid of him too. I was hoping he went before us. Semi bonus point: I consistently drafted AJ Terrell in my draft simulator, BUT ONLY in the 2nd rd if he was still there. I nabbed him EVERY time in rd 2 because he was my favorite CB that would potentially be available there. He was always a late 1st-early 2nd value to me. I loved the player, but I knew the moment his name came on the screen that 16 was early for him and everyone would melt down lol So, that's why I say semi bonus point.
  15. Moving goalposts. Question was who lived up the pick, not who lasted 15 years. There are a ton of circumstances that can effect longevity that have nothing to do with the QB and their performance on the field.
  16. I forgot all about that guy. He hasn't been bad when he has played
  17. If it were the other way around I don't think it would matter as much. If we lost the 9th road game to London for example, which is exactly how it should be if the league wants 17 games. You should not allow some markets to profit from 9 home games, and others to only get 7. Huge competitive disadvantage.
  18. If a QB you love is there, you take him. You don't just take a QB because you have to or need to, because we don't. But if you love one of those top QB's, and he is there, take him. If Matt Ryan isn't the problem, great, his job is safe. He now has an understudy to teach up. Just like when we drafted Ridley. The GM that drafted Ryan is gone. TF can respect Matt all he wants, he isnt his guy, and TF plans to be here long after Matt is done playing for the Falcons. So if TF loves a QB, and he is available, he will draft a QB. Plain and simple.
  19. Well to be fair, behind our O-Line, he wont have any time to look beyond the 1st read anyway. Until we shore that up it may be nice to have a guy that move back there and not just take sacks #gaslighting
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