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  1. Our CB depth is just stupid. Olatoye and Goodwin played well and contributed last year. And they're only our 5th and 6th best corners. Its why a guy like King confuses me as I'd be pushing the coaching staff hard to let me play safety if I were him. He may never see the field otherwise
  2. Kazee may not be the fastest but he is easily faster than Allen. Allen was a 4.61 guy playing corner, we literally have Defensive ends and linebackers faster than him. Allen switching to safety saved his career. Kazee is a 4.54 guy, which is still not the best for a corner but for a safety is plenty. If he can play with his instincts as well as his timed speed he will look like a blur compared to Allen. .7 seconds difference is enough to go from just being in tackle position to being in position to make plays on the ball in air.
  3. Yeah, pass defense is a team stat. We may have given up more volume of yards in the air but we gave up near the least amount of explosive plays. Teams ate us up underneath all year when trying to come from behind due to all the rookies in the middle of the field (Neal Jones Campbell) I would include Poole as one of those rookies with growing pains but he really played well all year it would be wrong to throw him under the bus. Either way, our corners balled most of the year even after losing Tru. Our man coverage was as good as I've seen in a while. Alford really stepped up his focus after Tru went down too. Most people forget how often teams avoid throwing to Trufants side, meaning that Alford got picked on a lot. Without Tru teams started avoiding Alford's side more and more. Long story short, both of those dudes can ball. They're different styles but they know how to play some dang defense
  4. Yeah that's what I was sayin, Neasman is your backup SS right now.
  5. I don't think weve added enough competition at safety honestly. With Ish switching to LB, if either or both of Neal and Allen go down, you're looking at Neasman and Kazee as your starting safeties. That's a 2nd year UDFA and rookie 5th rounder. Now looking at our other positions and their depth, safety is by far no way comparable in terms of experienced competition. There's not one player on this roster that fits that rangy FS that the defense calls for unless Quinn truly believes in Kazee as that guy. I just find it odd there isn't another vet on this roster that has played NFL snaps at FS. Allen has no real competition right now
  6. Safety depth is my ONLY concern on this roster. We don't have much room for error there. I still don't see how Akeem King is on this roster for the 3rd year and hasn't gotten any practice snaps at safety. With Ish allegedly playing LB full time, Kazee and Neasman (udfa) are your backups. That's not ideal considering the level of talent we have at every other position.
  7. Don't forget about Andre Roberts, he reminds me a lot of Aldrick when it comes to body size and speed ability so I really imagine him getting a lot of those same routes and snaps.
  8. Except what if we run the ball the next play and fumble it, then what? It's easy to play the what if game because we got a bad outcome.
  9. From my understanding Crawford will be featured along the interior, Then both Clayborn and Shelby can be kicked inside as well. Freeny is not a necessity by any means but I don't think he would truly cost us any significant player if we brought him back. If anything we lack depth at safety and linebacker. But we are DEEP at corner and DLine
  10. There's always Courtney Upshaw
  11. No worries, classic ESPN bait and switch lol
  12. Is anybody else seeing the graphic on the screen that says he will be on TOMORROW not today? says: "Tomorrow: Coach Dan Quinn to discuss Falcons bouncing back from Super Bowl loss"
  13. Well he really isn't wrong, when you look at the games Gabriel does align outside a lot and most of Sanu's grabs came from the slot a la Brian Finneran. In today's NFL you think of short guys as slots because they tend to be so shifty and not necessarily as fast. But Gabriel has shown the ability to go up and get it from the outside and be able to get over top of the defense like a Tony Martin used to do
  14. Scheme comparisons I don't mind but player comparisons are what bug me most. The whole so and so is our Bennett and so and so is our Sherman stuff is so annoying. Our guys are very different individually from a stature, athleticism and playing style standpoint. The only thing we have in common and Quinn and his philosophy.
  15. And that's why Smith is no longer here. We had a huge need for a pass rusher and he took a flyer on a guy with physical ability but low competitiveness/ toughness with our 2nd round pick. Ignoring the DEs that we're still available. Smith drafted like he planned on the guys being depth for a couple of years. Quinn drafts like he wants starters today. I'll never forget the year we drafted 4 LBs and not one stuck around. Sigh...
  16. I'm not saying we were lucky and didn't deserve to be there because we absolutely did. But things have to happen in your favor to get that far. We overcame a lot of adversity last season and that was the biggest reason I knew we would be a threat come the playoffs because we suffered like 2 genuine losses all year where we just got beat. We showed that we could beat anyone during the regular season and that's what almost happened in the playoffs. Quinn has two things going for him that give me hopes that we will always be in the hunt and that's his Competitiveness (staying hungry, resilient, loose, never afraid, not backing down, having fun, etc...) and 2 is his vision (specific roles, goals, brotherhood, style of play, willingness to use & develop rookies, etc) Our team reflects a lot of Quinn, and if we stay hungry we can continue to have success year after year. But the wrong breaks at the wrong time can derail anyone's season. That's not taking away from last year but putting in to perpective next year and beyond. People say losing Trufant was proof that we didn't have any luck but what if we lost Ryan or Julio instead? Mack was injured for sure but he still played,what if he couldn't go at all and we had to use Mike Person for the 1st time all year in the Super bowl instead of the hobbled Mack? Or what if the Pats had Gronkowski who was injured? There are a lot of variables that nobody can predict. One innocent play can cost an entire season just ask Derrick Carr and the Raiders. The NFL season is a grind and a long journey from start to finish. No team finishes the year the same as when they went in. Nothing ever goes according to plan. Of all these off-season moves chances are that at least one of them doesn't pan out for us. Chances are at least 2 or 3 guys that played well for us last year will regress and at least 2 guys will be lost for the season. Those are just the odds. Can we overcome those things happening next year is the question. We did a great job this past year, but you can't make a living betting on those odds.
  17. One thing that I love is that despite the fact that our defense improved naturally down the stretch of the season, to the point that they were really flying around and making plays, the front office didn't just sit on their hands and say oh we're good we can save money and watch the young guys grow. They still went out and added pieces to a unit that came in to their own and will probably get better and better over time without major additions. That gives me some real hope that the franchise is still hungry and won't have a SB hangover like past runner ups. Its one thing for the coaches to try and get the players to buy in and stay motivated but to see it from the top makes it even more relevant. It shows the players that the team is serious about building a champion. prime example: we have 4 players at CB that contributed huge last season returning and we go out and draft a CB that has serious potential to get on the field. That pushes guys like Poole and Collins which in turn pushes your 2 highest paid guys Tru and Rocky. We could've ignored that position altogether and been fine with those 4 and any of the returning vets below them. But we added talent and scheme fit. Beasley breaks out and leads the league in sacks and what do we do? We add another pass rusher so that Vic doesn't have to do it all by himself. I mean how many years did we sit and wait for someone to step up opposite Abraham only to have him be the entire pass rush year after year? Debo and Campbell solidified our LB position last year but we add Riley who is going to push hard for playing time. We added more talent to a strength. Jarret broke out down the stretch and dominated the SB and we go out and add one of the games best DTs in Poe. We are adding talent to talent. That's how you build. The FO is proving that they won't stop until we hold that Lombardi and that makes me proud as a fan
  18. Championships are not won on paper. We may be talented, but you cannot underestimate the significance of luck. Injuries, penalties, opponents on hot streaks, weather, home field advantage, 50/50 balls going your team's way, etc... Our 2016 team was so successful because things fell into place. As good as we were, we still needed Arizona to beat Seattle so that we could secure the #2 seed. That gave us home field, yet we also needed GB to beat Dallas to host the NFC Championship game. I'm not calling us lucky, however we had things work to our favor at the right time to couple the fact that our team raised its level at the right time too. You cant predict those things happening over and over again. Every team hopes things fall in to place for them but they rarely do. That doesn't mean we won't be successful, but it definately means that a return to the SB is not garunteed just because we look good on paper. Anything can happen, and "good" looking teams in the off season almost always disappoint. Our moment will come I believe that, but nothing's ever promised tomorrow today.
  19. He can't play Tackle, that's about it as far as the setbacks go
  20. Julio and Vic Beasley. Defense would 6 Beasleys at DL and LB and 5 Julios as the DBs (Nickle obviously) Offense would be 6 Julios at the Skill Positions and QB and 5 Vic's on the OL That Squad would beast. We all know Julio is a freak but people don't realize just how fast (4.53) YET strong (35 reps) VIC is. He is as strong as many linemen and as fast as some WRs and RBs
  21. Honestly Sanu has a great personality about himself. Very warm person. As a man I look to him with great admiration for his ability to connect and come across genuine to those around him.
  22. He can be listed at 206 but he was at least 10 lbs bigger during the season. And he played well at LB for us.
  23. So the off season is moving along great and we're looking solid on both sides of the ball. I'm curious however how we see ourselves at LB as we enter the draft. Obviously Deion Jones is the alpha in that group heading in to next season. He is a star in the making. My question is what about the vets Wheeler, Spoon and Reynolds. Do they have a role with us going forward or can we upgrade them in the draft? Also, Devondra Campbell, he flashed a lot in the off season and preseason and was solid during the regular season for sure. He was a 4th rounder so I don't place a ton of pressure on him to become a pro bowler or anything but does he have what it takes to man that WLB for us for years to come. Do yal expect him to make leaps to his game or maintain his solid yet not flashy play? Lastly, what linebackers (not edge players but true backers) do yal see in this draft that we may be interested in that can make an impact early for us?
  24. And based on that we only have 4 true backers in Jones, Campbell, Reynolds and Keyes (who I know nothing about). I will say this, Reynolds played some really good ball for us this year. I was really surprised by him as I was just waiting for him to be cut in preseason but he earned his spot for sure. We could definitely used a couple more athletes at that position especially to use on Special Teams now that Jones will be a vet and we don't need him getting hurt. I'm thinking maybe add another Vet a la Wheeler/Spoon who are versatile at all spots and then add another young gun to boost the overall speed of the unit. One thing is for sure, guys are going to miss games at that position so we will definitely need more depth to get through the season
  25. Agree wholeheartedly. There is no validation in losing a game that you dominated for 3 quarters. That's the same mentality as"10 yards away" that set the team back 3 seasons. As much as I hate the Pats, they have the ability to reset year after year and continue to be in the hunt for a title. BB knows how to keep his guys focused on the game a head of them and not the ones behind them or off in the distant future. Falcons fans, the playoffs are not garunteed let alone another trip to the SB. We are going in to next season with the same record as the Cleveland Browns and 49ers. 0-0. It's a long fight and each year has its own story. The 2017 Falcons team's legacy will not be defined by how well they played in Super Bowl LI. That book has closed. Next year is about can we improve our defense? Can we find success under a new offensive coordinator? Can coach Quinn improve his critical moment decision making? We are starting from square one, no consolation prizes and no leg up on the competition. 31 other teams are looking to improve themselves too and get to the SB. It's not our manifest destiny any more than it is theirs.