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  1. Throwing the ball out of bounds is worse than a sack/getting hit, losing yards, etc..?
  2. Do they ever hold sacks against the QB? If so Matt deserves blame for that last one. The O Line has been great today. He had time and decided to eat it instead of throwing it away
  3. Not before that last score. Its calmed down a bit. I stand by it though. Lets get the Dubbb!
  4. Reading this board you would never know if we were winning or losing. I mean you would probably just think we were losing. Its like being in an abusive relationship for some fans. I hope you all get treatment for your emotional scars. I get upset too when we play like crap. But I also enjoy all of the good times I can, because they arent promised. You cant wait for x date or x event to take place to feel safe to be happy, just live in the now.
  5. Dear offense, Here is another short field. Hope you enjoy it, Sincerely, Defense xoxo
  6. BIG catch by Russell. Way to respond offense. Way to bounce back Russ
  7. That was a duck by Matt. DB had no business getting back in that play. Ridley had him beat clean
  8. Offense shut out this half, does the defense need to gift them another short field for them to score points?
  9. Gage looking like Sanu on that throw. Why is that our wide receivers do a better job leading Julio on deep throws than Ma... oh nvm.
  10. I guess the defense is at fault for that dropped pass too? Fire DQ, fire Koetter
  11. Allen, smartest defender and team captain. Takk, has been unblockable up this until injury Foye, single handedly forced what, like 3 fumbles today? Those are big losses. The only thing worse would be Grady or Debo.
  12. We are missing Takk, Rico and Foye right now. I hope we can make adjustments and bounce back
  13. Trying to make it 28, you know in case we give up more 3 TDs without scoring again. Confidence lol
  14. Those new helmets are SWEET. God I cant take my eyes of them. The decal is too perfect
  15. We are up but offense has no rhythm and leaving points on the field. Defense set us up HUGE in Q1, too much football left to be played to get excited now
  16. Defense has provided 3 TOs, 1 turnover on downs, and a forced punt. Offense has not capitalized as much as they should have, but hopefully its enough. They still are not operating at full throttle yet.
  17. Deadrin Senat sighting!!!! Downfield making plays. Foye is buck WILDIN today, thats pro bowl type impact he is making.
  18. Its way too early to get too excited about this lead. But we look good so far today
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