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  1. No mention of Grady Jarrett? The difference in Quinn and Mora was that Mora was all about what he coined “athletic arrogance” meanwhile Quinn is “fast AND physical”. Now, it’s all just words in the end, but Quinns identity varies very differently for me than Mora’s because he has brought in players that have speed true but that LOVE contact and LOVE to hit and you could really see that take shape during our 2016 playoff run and all last season. It’s the reason our defense has improved so much. Vic, Jarrett and Takk as your young studs to build off of isn’t bad at all. Obviously we will need more bodies to add for depth but we’ve got some talent for sure
  2. That’s so funny. I’m total Lefty. But dudes response just shows how the right doesn’t even know who they really are these days with the reality star in chief at the wheel. No offense to you good ol boys on here. We’re all Falcons fans
  3. Get another TE in here to add competition. He hasn’t earned the right to be handed a starting job. If he rises to the occasion great, if not, at least we covered our butts. Either way, we NEED more production from that position group as a whole next season
  4. I still think Roberts was solid. STs as a whole was trash until the playoffs. My only gripe is he offers next to nothing offensively and that bothers me. I want our returner to be able to contribute on scrimmage plays.
  5. There we were, yet we couldn’t punch it in. We go from the top offense and basically winning a SB in ‘16, to losing in Rd 2 cuz we lost the line of scrimmage in ‘17. One side of the ball got better and the other got worse. We haven’t drafted any top talent on offense in the Quinn era, it’s been defense defense defense. Imagine the kind of bounce back year we could have on offense with a solidified O-Line. We don’t need to ignore the defense, but spending a 1st rounder on offense for the first time since Matthews (‘14) and Julio (‘11) would be nice. Going Oline day 1, then back to back Dline on day 2 would yield some positive results
  6. Dude just ran a 4.38, I don’t care how many limbs he has, he just made some money today. Dude can play this game and he will continue to prove doubters wrong
  7. He had a little bit of a sophomore slump in coverage but he sets the edge on the perimeter unlike many CBs in the league. He, along with Jones are a huge reason why you can't just throw screens against us like you used to do in the past. When it comes shutting down plays that are in front of him he is consistently in picture perfect position. However just like with Tru, he was caught sleeping a lot and allowed balls over his head. I'm giving him another year to bounce back in that regards because as far as zone nickel corners he is about as textbook as it gets.
  8. We will see, Saubert did nothing in the pre season vs 3rd stringers and guys that are out of the league. His biggest knock coming out was the level of competition he went up against and so far that seems legit. He could easilybe beat out and or replaced by a FA or mid round draft pick this offseason
  9. Yal some spiteful MFs on here smh lol
  10. Again, you don't know what they were doing at practice or in the locker room. Nobody does. I'm confident it was addressed. These things happen, and sometime they happen all at once. But things always even out in the end. We saw a laughable amount of drops/tips/fumbles/ints etc... this past season. I can garunteed no matter who is on this team or who the coach is that we don't match the same number of mistakes next season just by law of averages. In other words, relax
  11. Raheem coolaid? yeah... whether or not Raheem is the coach my argument would be the same. We had issues with WRs getting separation under Robiskie. People didn't blame him though they blamed the scheme. Your anger at Morris seems over the top. Drops are a concentration thing not coaching. You don't coach grown professionals on how to concentrate. They learn that before the pros. You don't teach them how to catch, they wouldn't be in the league if they couldn't catch. Route running and separation are a part of a coaches job. But again we saw wide open WRs who dropped passes. So something's got to give. What I'm saying is that Morris had the same role in 16, there wasn't any issue and in fact players like Sanu and Gabriel broke out. Do you give him credit for that? I assume no. So the same should hold when pointing the blame. If their success in 16 doesn't go to him then neither does their struggle in 17
  12. It was the 98 Super Bowl for me. I was 10 at the time. Nobody in my house ever watched the Falcons or pro football for that matter. I just used to hear rumblings about how awful the franchise was when my dads friends came over. Then all of a sudden one night I hear the entire neighborhood erupt in cheers with chants of "we're going to the SuperBowl, they did it" and "that was unbelievable, I can't believe he missed the kick!" referring to the NFC Championship against the Vikes obviously. The next two weeks were pure bliss everywhere we went. Everyone was happy and slapping fives. And finally once the Super Bowl came right before kickoff my dad made me and brother ride our bikes to the gas station about two miles away to get more chips and sodas for the guests. By the time we made it back we were already losing. And by the 4th quarter they had turned it off completely. "They blew it!" Is all I remember people saying. That was my first time watching the Falcons. I didn't watch again on my own until preseason started in the 02 season. I've haven't looked back since then. The SB and then the magic of Mike Vick that year have always made me believe our franchise could do amazing things and go the distance. We just have to get out of our own way.
  13. You don't know any of that tone true. You're just assuming because it didn't get better that nothing was done. You could put these guys at the jugs machine for an hour after practice and it still doesn't mean they won't drop another pass. Our WRs had career years under Morris in 16. They didn't forget how to play the position all of a sudden or how to prepare for a game. Flukey things like drops happen. If they bounce back next season and catch better are you going to come on here and sing his praises? I doubt it.
  14. You need more than one TE in the NFL. Another threat won't hurt us
  15. This isn't a Hooper headhunt. As someone else said, if Hoop gets injured then what? We have no real depth or skilled talent at the position outside of the consensusly average Hooper. That's all the reason you need right there. And also, TE is a part of the line of scrimmage too. So getting a good one counts towards improving the trenches