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  1. Bingo!!! See the New England Patriots. Randy, Antonio, Blount Doesnt matter The strength of the culture out weighs the individual. Not that Ramsey is a bad dude either. But culture above all. It allows for one or two questionable personalities. And just like the Pats if the price gets too high they will release/trade your butt without batting an eye.
  2. Teams definitely smell blood when it comes to dialing up pressure against us. Until we repeatedly burn them we will keep seeing it
  3. Julio earned his money before the season began. Now, he is just doing what he has always done: Perform at an elite level #periodt
  4. Honestly after tonight, some of those comebacks are starting to feel empty. Had he not not put us behind the 8 ball there would have been no need for a comeback tonight. Its like an NBA player getting credit for rebounding his own miss. If you didn’t miss you wouldn’t have needed the putback. If Matt didn’t throw 3 Ints this game may have been a blowout with no comeback needed. I’m not in the mood to celebrate him playing “good enough” tonight. Defense showed up. Matt needs to clean it up fast.
  5. Exactly. Everyone gets their rocks off when he cusses out his teammates, meanwhile he owes them all an apology for these terrible interceptions. They deserve better than to drive down the field and not at least be able to get a FG
  6. Dang I forgot it was 4. I kept thinking it was 3. Not only were we minus 4 in TO ratio, but the Vikings scored off of all 4 of them. That’s the ball game really
  7. 1. Quinn needs to address the penalties. No getting around that. It’s been the same story with Defensive PI, flags on big hits, holding due to miscommunication etc... 2. Special teams. They bounced back after the blocked punt but still, that is a phase that cannot shoot us in the foot. 3. Everyone needs to practice and practice the right way. We looked like a team that did not take pre season seriously and the same mistakes that lost us 4 games resurfaced all over the place today. Final score may not matter but execution and detail does and we have lacked that leading up to the regular season. 4. Matt needs to be a better leader. Stop telling guys to just do their job when you are making boneheaded throws trying to do too much yourself. That 2nd pick was just lazy 5. Lastly, Blank must issue a public apology similar to what he did back when the Colts embraressed us. The city, fans, investors, all deserve better than the product that was put out there today
  8. I loved the part about Transient?? No, we CHOSE to be here! Thats what we’ve been missing. I’m sick of all this transient city BS. People aren’t passing through they’re relocating. They chose to be here and stay. We didn’t ask anyone to move here, they picked us. Next time somebody tries to drag our city, but they live here, remind them of that.
  9. Basically the fact that nobody looked even remotely competent at returner meant we had to hold on to Barner. He is on the roster because he can return kicks and nobody else proved they could. If Barner wasn’t a returner he wouldn’t be on this roster because both Hill and Ollison showed more potential and value as true RBs. I look at his spot the same as when Hester was here. We had to keep 6 receivers at least back then because he was occupying a spot at WR even though he really was just our starter at Returner.
  10. I’m really digging the wheels on this kid. Having seen that kind of explosion at QB since MV7
  11. The reckless dive tackles were something I noticed and pointed out last pre season. He was flying around making plays but was leading with his head way too much. The fact that it came back to haunt him during the year in multiple occasions is telling and indicative of the type of season we ended up having. There were a lot of bad habits on this team and especially on defense that were not properly addressed until our backs were up against the wall and it was too late. Kazee was a bright spot for us overall yes, but he unfortunately was another example poor coaching when it came the basics and technique
  12. I think it’s safe to say that in general everything from the watermark to the uniforms could use a facelift.
  13. I think we lost both Super Bowls because they painted the **** endzones red. When have we ever had a red endzone? To my knowledge it’s only been black or grass backgrounds.
  14. In the most respectful way, Rico’s Wife is beyond awesome. She may look the part of the model trophy wife but she is a real one. Her support and perspective really is what carried Rico through this process. Kudos and thank God for her.
  15. We only go backwards with Schaub in. Trash trash trash