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  1. I’m intrigued by the overall athlete that Gage is. He has a presence whenever he is on the field albeit in very limited snaps. But his competiveness and speed usually flash on special teams and offense
  2. The OP is correct. It is vital to either hit on your draft picks or at least develop them in to pieces that are key contributors. Having busts or underperforming drafted players is what throws off your roster plan because you then are forced to make up for it via free agency. We’ve drafted Vic, Grady, Senat and Takk. That’s a starting 4 on the defensive line, but what’s the biggest weakness we have on the team? DLine. Think if all 4 panned out to be as good as advertised (Grady has out performed his draft position to date) then we’d be sitting here taking about adding complimentary players to them and not about adding another 1st round pick to carry the slack. There is a trickle down effect. Take CB, having Collins fizzle out forced us to invest a high pick in Oliver when we should have already been set at CB. That meant we ignored the trenches for another round. Think how many mid round picks we’ve spent on the OLine and not a single one has manifested as a key starter. (Matthews was a top 10 pick and Schraeder was UDFA) Schweitzer had some run here and there but he has failed to keep a starting job that was practically handed to him when what’s his name retired. We’re still trying build the OLine as a result and likely to invest high capital to do so. We have some great talent that we’ve acquired via the draft but we’ve missed, in the trenches mainly, way too much and we are seeing the effects now
  3. This dude right here, freaking miss that guy.
  4. I agree, I think they all agree that the Tag was the lowest price they’d accept for Grady. And they knew they could force it by starting at Donald’s price. I don’t think they really believe Grady will get that. But that’s a starting point. Grady is likely valued closer to the 15 mil mark. By askng for way more than that they forced the FO to use the tag. So at the very least they’ve secured a good payday and if the Falcons want to keep him long term now they are virtually obligated to go above the Tag price. Now, the posturing is just to get the number as close to 20 as possible. If his agent had told him a year ago that he could garuntee he gets nothing less than 15 mil, Grady would have been ecstatic. Well, he just came thru, and the sky is still the limit. I don’t want us to go that high, personally but as far a good agent goes, “don’t hate the player hate the game “
  5. It was a great performance that game nonetheless
  6. Not sure if this has been posted before but I think this shows how good our defense (or any defense) could be when you can dominate the line of scrimmage. The Cards O-Line was a wreck and our guys feasted on them. Imagine this kind of performance every game. Poole showed out as well, showing how valuable he can be to us when we’re clicking as a unit
  7. Is anyone else relieved that this happened in Florida and not here in Atlanta? I was for sure the story was going to be about him taking advantage of our southern “hospitality” before and after the SB. Even more likely considering we are the highest sex trafficking city apparently. Thank God the craziest headlines all come out of Florida
  8. There’s levels to this. There’s rich like athletes, who can pay for things like this and other amenities that are frowned upon for them and try to use false identities etc...but generally get exposed for their misconduct Then there’s wealthy like the owners and Kraft, who have enough money to commit a crime in front of your face and look you square in the eye and say “you didn’t see anything” and a random dude shows up with a briefcase full of money or a blank check. im not mad at him for what he did, that stuff is very prevalent. I’m mad he allowed himself to get caught/exposed. Like, if I can’t pay for sex at my leisure then I don’t want to be Billionare lol
  9. Nah, out of 32 owners I’m sure 31 (not including our angel Uncle Arthur ) have paid for “service” before on the regular. Behind closed doors they will likely slap him on the wrist for getting caught and embraressing himself but I seriously doubt they vote him out of power. They will come out publically with a statement condemning him but make no mistake, they’re all going to hit him up behind the scenes like “Bro, tell me that’s not the same spot you took me to for my birthday. Were you with our girl Chi-Chi? Crap, I dodged a bullet. Stay strong Rob, let me know if you need a place to crash while Wifey cools off”. my take lol
  10. To be that rich and not be able to get this covered up without it reaching the media is a shame. Like, c’mon, you might be the most powerful owner in the game. You could’ve offered serious money, season tickets, free travel and lodging, future Super Bowl tickets, as well as offered the chance to hang out with the team and Brady up close and personal. Like, the leverage is unmatched. No way should this have been news
  11. Pierce has already stated that he is ok with the turnovers for now due to his extremely high usage rate. He is making good decisions overall, and will work through it with experience. One thing about younger players that people have to realize is they inevitably all will share most of the same issues: Shooting consistency Defense Turnovers Trae is more than likely to improve his shooting and turnovers as he’s already done so during the course of this season. The defense will likely never be a selling point but Trae has shown the moxie to at least be a crafty defender someday and that’s a win in my eyes.
  12. I actually like Fernando’s game. I’d be happy if we were able to draft him with Dallas’ pick as well as one of the Duke wings with our first pick. The reason I like the Duke trio is that they all can be secondary ball handlers/playmakers for us to help free up Trae more off the ball
  13. And all of a sudden Cam Reddish is starting to show lately that he is still a top prospect in this class. I hope we get one of the top dogs in Zion and RJ, but if we don’t get to move up I’d still take Cam at 5 if he is there
  14. Quinn only been here 4 years FYI. Made playoffs twice, won 3 playoff games and finished 1 game under .500 the other two seasons combined Some coaches can’t even reach the post season let alone win once they get there.
  15. It doesn’t matter what a guy “can” do. It matters what he does consistently. Every pro athlete has the talent to be great “if” they play to their abilities, but you can only measure potential so long. I like Alford, I love the fact that he is a playmaker. But he is coming off a mundane season, and he no longer has the excuse of youth to forgive his mistakes