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  1. We need to fix the blocking. We have a lot of capitol tied up in a line that can't move the opponent to save their life. Fix the blocking and any average RB will look good. And any good RB will look great.
  2. Honestly, I feel like we have had some of the best coaches in the game come through Flowery Branch and none of it mattered. Im holding out to see if the culture change is what it will take for us to finally establish a physical presence in the trenches.
  3. All this sounds nice, but if this OLine doesn't start blocking, all the innovations in the world are going to be neutralized. And the domino effect ensues. Block better, we run better. We run better, we can actually sit on leads. Sit on leads, play the clock game, the defense gets more time on sidelines which makes giving up a lead that much harder to do. Pick up blitzes better, we can actually take advantage of the weapons we have on offense vs watching Matt flail around the pocket. Blocking is more crucial to a quick turnaround than some new plays in the playbook.
  4. The uniforms are fire except for the gradients. I would also prefer an all red version instead of gradient. The cross matchup colors also were my fave. The stripe grew on me at the season went along and the ATL was a nice touch to finish them off. The font, stripe and gradient were my least favorite elements but all grew on me except the gradient. I like the red color rush jerseys from a few years back and would have preferred a red concept in a similar style to those with black numbers and letters instead of white. The white characters on red jersey seems so soft to me.
  5. And not to mention, the Dolphins hoped he would retire because they wanted to replace him with someone younger. They weren't interested in bringing him back. That would be the equivalent of Matt announcing his retirement and sparing us the decision on what to do with his contract. You would say "Oh Matt retired as a Falcon, and the greatest QB jn franchise history, yayy!" But in reality it would be " Matt did himself and the organization a huge favor, thanks for your service."
  6. Not my point. Talking about retiring with the same team. At age 38, Marino opted out of his contract to mull over retirement. He left money on the table and his options were to: a) come back with the Dolphins for less money by choice b) sign with another franchise (he had 3 offers), or c) retire off in to the sunset. http://www.espn.com/nfl/news/2000/0209/346422.html This after 3 straight playoff appearances despite his play declining. His team was still winning. 7 playoff trips in his last decade. 3 in a row before retiring. Nobody here would complain about Matt or Julio if w
  7. When I think of players retiring with one team I always think of the Steelers and Hines Ward, Jerome Bettis, now Roethlsberger. (Bettis drafted by Rams but nobody remembers that about his legacy) There are a few factors that usually garner the retire with same franchise treatment in my book: 1) Championship nostalgia. The fact that said players achieved the ultimate glory and world wide respect that goes along with being a world champion. That took them from just being great ambassadors to symbolic figures. 2. Contract. Players let go of their individual gains, and accept their
  8. Defense had a bad game today. Doesn't excuse poor offense led by Matt for several games this season. You draft your QB of the future when you dont need one. That's been the philosophy of great franchises. I havent even begun doing my draft research yet, but just because we shouldnt take one at 4 (I agree) doesn't mean we dont take one at all. Brees and Wilson both were drafted after the 1st round. Dak and Brady as well. I don't know if that pans out for this draft but we need to be looking at QB's so we aren't forced to start a rookie in a couple of years.
  9. The entire defense can't cover, likely has more to do with coaching philosophy and technique than individual ability. Neal balled this year. Im very proud of what he did. He is a FA though. That's the only reason I don't expect him back. A new GM with limited cap likely wont spend the little money he does have on holdovers from the previous regime. He is gone, but Im not going to celebrate his departure.
  10. Tyrann Mathieu and Antoine Winfield Jr would both like a word with you lol
  11. Allen = weaksauce Looking at the ball, cant make a play on it. We need a gamechanger at FS
  12. Have you not watched the entire 2020 season? These guys have sabotaged a lot of otherwise winnable games
  13. Here just to say, I dont care what people voted or thought, these all Pewter Bucs jerseys are and always were butt-ugly. Sorry. I know some on here even liked them more than ours, but no. They are ugly. Maybe in a photoshoot it was cool and nostalgic, but as I knew at the time, under the sun, they look ashy, washed out, faded, dingey, just plain UGLY. Stop believing the hype. Carry on.
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