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  1. AB aint even got a job, but I suspect he is talking now because he must believe he will be signed again soon. Him and Julio are cool, I bet Julio is at home laughing at this. Probably called him up already like "really bro? thats how you feeling?" And AB likely spent 10 mins on speaker phone breaking down how he is the better of the two while Julio is cracking up laughing in the background. Just my guess
  2. Fire is like the new way of saying hot. As in, its so hot that its on fire. Which, ironically, is the similar as saying they are cool. And the extreme of that is/was cold or even "icy" Is acceptable. These terms are usually depicted by the fire emoji or the cold emoji lol
  3. Same guy posted this too, another claim at them being fire.
  4. Rico is the chess piece that gets moved. I think Kazee is your single high no matter what. Rico played lights out in the box as well as at corner 2 years ago before he went down. Neal can also play all over at safety and sub linebacker. If Morris is smart, he finds a way to use all 3 to disguise our coverages
  5. I firmly disagree. Is he dropping TDs? Is the ball going his way in the redzone? If they are, are the passes accurate and on time? Julio not getting TDs is not a matter of him not going for it, or competing as I am interpreting that. Rarely is the play even going his way. There have been more times that Julio is open or in position for a 50/50 ball that never gets thrown to him than there have been of him not making the play
  6. 3 is his number. 31 as in 3x1 = 3 21 as in 2+1 = 3 33 as in 3 twice 36 would also work well too
  7. Poole was a UDFA. 32 teams passed up on him 7 times over, in lieu of players that may not even be in the league anymore. The Falcons were the franchise that brought him in to the NFL. The Falcons were the franchise that started him as an UDFA rookie in nickel packages all the way to the Super Bowl. 90% of this message board wanted us to get rid of Poole after 2018 because he kept getting abused in coverage. Poole was not a scrub, he had game. We were the first team to recognize and utilize that. However, the writing was on the wall for him in Atlanta and he likely needed the wake up call and change of scenery to regain the level play he had for us in 2016. Sometimes it take being humbled (like being undrafted or not resigned) for you to realize your dream could be taken away and you have to stay on your grind. Thats exactly what happened with him in NY. Lets see if he can maintain this level of play before we start claiming he is the next coming. Also, lets give props to our own front office and coaching staff for finding a diamond in the rough the way we did, when no one else was willing to. We did that. The same staff yall want to throw under the bus.
  8. Hopkins is from SC, I wouldnt be surprised if he has a place in Atlanta somewhere. It'd be a nice compromise for him and his family I'd imagine.
  9. In college. Winfield hasnt played a snap of pro football. Projecting him to be better as a rookie than a veteran pro bowl safety is a bigger stretch than those projecting Neal to return to form. Before "what have you done lately" there comes "what have you done at all?". College stats dont just roll over to the NFL
  10. Love me some Hooo lio
  11. His bio reads SVP / CCO of AMB So Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer. His role likely oversees the entire roll out of these uniforms from a marketing and merchandise perspective. So his bias is probably because he has been around this entire process from start to finish.
  12. All that sounds good. But that attitude is what brings a defense down. Or a team really. You can be the baddest man on Earth, but in a team sport, I need to count on you to have my back just like I will have yours. 1 guy not willing to get physical means the offense is playing 11 on 10 football. Every coach in this league is scouting Henderson, you dont think they arent going to run the ball right at him or to his side to see if he can level up? And in this league I dont care how good you cover, youre going to give up catches. Everyone does. Especially teams that run zone. As a CB you are going to have to come up and tackle in the flats. Thats a requirement to make that scheme work. Are we just going to play man 100% of the time then? Also, dont give me Deion quotes if you arent the same player as Deion was. QBs feared throwing his way, not because he was going to swat the ball away or be in great position. But because he was going to snatch the ball out of the air and take it to the house. People praised Trufant because QBs didnt target his side of the field, until they realized his hands were trash and he was shied away from contact, then they started challenging him again. There was no price to pay for it. Trufant made business decisions, its why he was a great player on an awful defense. We insert a backup who isnt half the cover corner as he was and the defense became top 10 all of a sudden. We played like a team and not just 11 great players. Henderson will be counter productive to the gains we made as a defense down the stretch. Now your safeties and linebackers will have to work twice as hard to make up for plays on his side of the field.
  13. Short answer yes. Long answer: Not by himself, he isnt the answer to all of our woes, he isnt a savior, I wouldnt predict him to put up double digit sacks. But to have another guy who is capable of getting to the QB and has elite athletic traits doesnt hurt at all. Just like with Fowler. Adding him by himself doesnt all of a sudden make the pass rush legit. The only player with that kind of talent in this draft is Chase Young apparently. And maybe Kinlaw from an interior rush perspective (I havent done any homework on Kinlaw, this is just what folks on here are saying Imagine if we drafted Simmons, it would be a similar fit. Yes, he would rush the passer and play on the LOS, but you're also going to use him in a number of other ways too so youre not expecting him to just fix the pass rush, but to help it. I really liked what I saw from Chaisson out in open space. He covers a lot of ground and makes plays, especially out in the flats. I think besides playing safety, he and Simmons are both similarly versatile players in that regards. I wouldnt make him a full time pass rusher, which in turn would limit his impact opportunities.
  14. Youre not the only one though, that has been a very popular comparison. I thought that you were just attempting to use that comparison against him as he is clearly not as strong as Vic. But he can be a spy for sure. He loves to play around LOS I went back and watched more game footage just to make sure I was saying the right thing and I am a little off. LSU lined him up ALOT at DE, on base downs particularly. He is definitely an edge setter despite his size. His best pass rushes came as a wide-9, as a blitzer, or on inside stunts. He is a 2 point stance pass rusher for sure. When he did play in coverage it wasnt a lot of man, he dropped back in underneath zones, much of how we use our backers (or used to at least). When in man he had the foot speed to run with guys, but he was very handsy. If was never called but it wont fly in the pro's. His biggest trait both good and bad is that his eyes are always locked on the QB and running backs. He is always reading the backfield keeping backside contain and setting frontside edge on runs. In coverage, his head does not turn away from the line of scrimmage. This to me signals that he will transition a lot easier to being a zone cover guy than a man to man guy. At the risk of tipping our hand I think he should always be a pass rusher when we are in man coverage. Thats about all I have. I love his effort, I love his heart, he is a true leader. He rallies his teammates on the sideline. He shows up in big moments on the field. He doesnt put up huge numbers but he does his job really well.