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  1. For all the deserved criticism about Julio's up and production during the regular season, the fact is he straight up BALLS in the playoffs. When it matters most Julio takes over games
  2. I'm happy for Wes and Ben, and the jury is still out in Harlow. But after defense heavy drafts to start the Quinn era we really need to invest in the offensive trenches early in the draft the next couple offseasons. We are running the risk of returning to those slumping Smitty years if we don't. Levitre may end up a cap casualty, and then there are Matthews and Schrader who we will have to commit to or move on from. Drafting at least a stud OT and physicallly gifted OG would help us in maintaining flexibility at those positions going forward. Then there is TE where either Saubert becomes a gem or we need to make a move. I think finding an athletic hybrid FB/TE or "H-Back" situation would be a great move for our offense. We need some more talent and versatility in our blocking/receiving players as Toilolo, Coleman and Hooper are all limited in what they can do with and without the ball.
  3. Idk man, that was cringeworthy when I heard it. No knock against him but you shouldn't have to do all that to get guys set. It looked like they were all just confused for a moment, like "is he talking to me?"
  4. I think it's also fair to say that the Alford steps it up another notch in the playoffs. Last year last playoffs and tonight were some of his best gems
  5. He has always sat pretty high though, just like Julio is the best playoff WR stat wise. Its just the wins that haven't always been there. The media just looked at that and assumed he was a choker when in actuality he wasn't. I don't even think you could say he choked in the SB tbh he just disappeared down the stretch.
  6. Yea because hiring Shanny who was the best thing since sliced bread really helped with offensive game management when it mattered most. Raheem Morris was a HC in this league and very well respected and is our Asst HC. McVay is also the youngest coach in the league and doesn't have half the life/league experience as most coaches. Quinn by contrast is an older guy with a lot more coaching experience and thus the need for older coaches wasn't as important. Having fresh, younger coaches to help bridge the gap with the players was just as beneficial. Look at how the defense has performed under Manuel (younger) vs Smith (older) or the offense under Sark (older) vs Shanny (much younger)
  7. You mean like Asst HC Raheem Morris? Or retaining 20 yr coaching vet Keith Armstrong? And he DID hire Shanny as well despite losing him in the offseason. Quinn leaned on experienced guys when he got here. Now changes are happening due to his team's success and younger/newer guys like Manuel, and Sark are getting a shot. The best Coaches have coaching trees filled with guys that you may not have heard of until they go on elsewhere. Manuel is going to be one of those guys for Quinn. Morris will get another HC gig, Armstrongs unit sucks this year but he is interviewing for a HC position already. Jeff Ulbrich will get a look someday as well just wait and see. Quinn's a humble guy, but he also knows to develop talent, and that goes beyond the players on the field.
  8. Last year was last year, our offense isn't the same and neither is theirs. I wouldn't expect anything Saturday more than what we've done to date so far this season through 16 games. Defensively we balled the heck out against them last year so even as good as our D is this season it'd be hard to repeat what we did again. Dont get me wrong I think we can win. But using last year as a means to determine that is not smart. Two different squads. Our only advantage is playoff experience. Everything else balances out against them imo
  9. I know smh. When will scouts realize that height isn't a factor when you can flat out ball. Same thing happened with Grady. Game recognize game. If you're projecting potential then sure look at measurements, but if you are watching a player dominate as is then obviously his height doesn't hold him back
  10. It all starts up front, if that man gets going we are gonna have a long day. He is that kind of player. Mack will definitely help on him all game and I'd assume we leave a back in to help block
  11. Everyone will focus on Gurley and the Rams great offense ahead of the game. But the best football player on the field Saturday not named Julio Jones is going to be Aaron Donald. He seems to always get forgotten about because he plays an unsexy position, but he is all pro for a reason and this man can straight up destroy the interior of any offensive line. With Garland starting for Levtire, how do we feel about our line vs the Rams and Donald in particular?
  12. It's crazy how people hated Shanny after the SB. Its also crazy how many (myself included) wanted Shanny gone after 2015 season
  13. That game is the biggest example of how easily things can change your entire season. Last year we were a good team no doubt. But 11-5? Far from the juggernaut people want to remember us as. Without the Cardinals beating the Seahawks we don't get the 2 seed, which means we go on the road IF we win our first round game. Having the byeto rest, and then host two playoffs games at the Dome played a huge factor in our run to the SB last year. Never underestimate how much luck it takes to go the distance. With all the bounces going against us this year and against a tougher schedule we are still in the hunt, only 1 game off last years pace. To me we have shown way more resolve this season than last year. Weve battled every game to get here with very few easy weeks. I feel this team is more rugged and weathered than last year That said I doubt Arizona helps us out tomorrow
  14. Coach 1's comments are how I feel to the T. Everything. People think it's rose colored glasses but the truth is we stop ourselves more than anything and teams know that apparently