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  1. This is the 3rd time in less than a calendar year that we are facing GB. And each time we and the media both raise the stakes a little higher. The reality is that we want to win bad. But we truly don't need to. It's week 2, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things AT ALL. Not even for playoff implications. We were 5-0 two years ago and missed the playoffs completely. We were 1-1 last season after week 2 and made the SB as a completely different team than the one were in week 2. So we can add all this hype and pressure just because we deep down are afraid of Aaron Rodgers embarrassing us again like he did back in 2010. And everytime we play him we now he could go off again. We can be afraid of what others will say and think about us if we lose on national TV. But the truth is that's all hype and it doesn't matter. Say we win, and win big. Do you really think anyone outside of this city is going to care in about a month from now? Nope So don't lose sleep over this game. Its important because it's the next game. But come Monday morning, it will be behind us and we will be on to the next whether we win or lose. We got 14 games left after tomorrow , no need to empty the emotional tank after week 2.
  2. I don't know if anyone knew this stat from last season about Alford but I sure didn't and I'm **** impressed. Everyone wants to point to flags but the man can play some corner. Alford and Tru will always be measured against each other considering we took them back to back in the same draft. Tru had the NFL bloodline and pedigree. Fundamentals and savvy compliments of his brother. Alford has that dog and the edge coming from nowhere and having to outwork everyone to get on the NFL radar. And he's kept that mindset with him from day 1 constantly getting better and better. Both are athletic freaks, both have no quit. We really are lucky to have them both. But Rocky has outplayed Tru going back to last year.
  3. "The only fight that matters is the one you're in." True talk right there. Be the best you can be today. Not yesterday not tomorrow. GB is the only thing that matters right now. Stay locked in, stay focused. One day at a time ~Go Falcons~
  4. Yes, he brought Cohen down from behind AFTER he let Glennon shadow block him out of the play, he could have avoided the block and attacked Cohen before it became a big play that required saving. He needed to come up and meet the ball carrier on several occasions and chose to retreat instead. No, he doesn't have to hit like Neal, thats not the expectation. But you saw Alf, Poole and Allen all play more physical. Tru is on paper bigger than all of those guys but he didn't match their style of play. I'm not one to dismiss someone who has been one of our best players, but starting last year he wasn't as dominant and somehow the defense got better after his injury. He is paid to be better than what he gave Sunday.
  5. This^^^ if there is one thing I dislike about us is that we are going to force that dang soft zone coverage especially when protecting a lead late in games. We gave up a TON of garbage points and yards last year, and on Sunday after we kept them in check all game we backed off again and let them drive up the field on us twice in the 4th quarter. If they hold on to the ball at the end they would have 14 points against us in the 4th versus just 10 points over the first 3 quarters. I know Quinns DNA is the cover 3 zone but the coaches HAVE to see and recognize that our team's natural strengths are in man coverage. Matter of fact I know they do because on the very last play we went man with the game on the line and came up big. All I know is I can't take another season of watching teams drive on us late in games because we start backing off with the lead. I can't remember the last time we got beat deep over the top (maybe Seattle in playoffs) but I have nightmares still about Brady dinking and dunking his way down the field and not being able to do anything about it.
  6. Our defense did what it was designed to do, we took away everything deep. We forced them to make the underneath throws and we relied on our guys to rally and make sound tackles. When we couldn't make those sound tackles is when we got gashed as a unit. Tru and Alf mostly get the deep thirds when we're in zone but when the ball comes out they have to come up big in the open field to help bring down ball carriers. Especially in the run game. On those plays everyone is talking about with Tru he did not come up big for us, and the exact same way teams throw away from him in man, the Bears seemed to pick on his side of the field on the outside throws and runs once they realized he wasn't being physical. As hard as our defense was hitting on Sunday he was the one player that didn't get in on the action and Chicago exploited that as the game went on.
  7. Dunta Robinson was the worst at this, he literally knocked himself out of games, it was so bad.
  8. I just remember that last season after we lost to the Bucs at home in week 1, I was just as POed as a lot of yal are right now. It made me lower my expectations and just enjoy the season. It was the best thing could have happened because no matter what happened I was able to watch each game without the stress of the standings or stats or whatever. This year it's the same thing. Everyone else can talk about the super bowl all they want, none of that is garunteed. We have a really good team that competes every game. And despite how we look we all now that we can beat ANYONE if we play our game. What more can you want? Its going to be a long season for some of yal if you expect us to play 16 games and look the same way we looked against GB in the NFCCG. Many of yal forget that we were an 11-5 team with a couple of ugly losses last year. This is a talented squad no doubt, but we aren't the second coming. We wipe our azz the same as 31 other teams. We have to start over from the beginning, and establish new ways to continue winning. This season is a marathon, there will be ups and downs. We will look great at times and not so great other times, but there's no doubt we're going to be right there in the end. So everyone relax and enjoy the show. It's a long season folks.
  9. And he threw for 213 yards. Not like he destroyed us. He got nothing down the field. It was all underneath which is what we know our defense is designed to give up. Cohen was the main problem for us today, not Glennon. That little guy did damage in the open field and that's where our defense HAS to be strong to succeed. So, a 4th round rookie from a small college snuck up on us in the first game of the year. I think we will be ok going forward.
  10. No sir, we almost lost against a 0-0 team. Last season is over, I keep having to remind my all my people. Half the teams yal are afraid of because of last year are going to stink and half the teams yal think suck because of last season are going to be good with a couple making the playoffs. Welcome to the NFL, where parity is real and ANY GIVEN SUNDAY anyone can be beat We just won a hard fought game on the road. The goal is the same every year. Take care of home, have a winning division record, and break even on the road. You do that and you're looking good. On to the next, we're 1-0. We're in good shape. 1 game at a time
  11. Running backs are consistently left open underneath in our zone coverage. After that it's up to the team to rally to the ball carrier. Cohen put a lot of our guys on skates today. At the end of the game tho it looked like we went man on the last couple plays and told Jones to stick him and it worked
  12. It hasn't been that long, it hasn't even been a full year. I get what you're saying but don't exaggerate lol
  13. Hoop is a valuable weapon for us. He makes more explosive plays than some of our WRs. I just want to see him make more catches with tight coverage. Seems like he is only targeted when left open.
  14. Dude, you're attempting to make people look dumb by oversimplifying the issue to a black or white thing but instead have made yourself appear ill-informed. 1. Police brutality knows no color. PERIOD. It can happen to anyone, it just unfortunately happens disproportionately to people of color. 2. Hispanics are still considered Caucasian in this country according applications and government records. But even still that doesn't matter because anyone can profile against another regardless of what race they are 3. You don't have to be a racist to have prejudices. For example, you don't have to hate black ppl to feel threatened by one in a confrontation. Every cop that pulls a trigger on an unarmed citizen isn't a racist, but they are still acting upon prejudices based upon that persons race. There's a difference Dont patronize ppl just because you disagree with their point of view
  15. Idk about that, considering every team league wide has a group of players kneeling nowadays, just pay attention during other teams broadcast and you will finds clusters of players doing it and not being mentioned in the headlines. Nobody would have cared about Colin Kaepernicks protest if he hadn't suooorted it through interviews. Also he was the starting QB and face of his franchise. Therefore it was newsworthy and gained steam. You don't see Matt Ryan or any of our high profile guys in that photo, thus they aren't being interviewed postgame about what they were doing. Also our PR guys seem to have a good connection to the players and media and have probably made it clear that no comments will be made about the players kneeling so as to maintain focus on football and the team as a whole. My guess.