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  1. Well, Matt looked like **** his first year in Shannys offense too. The only difference this year with Sark was supposed to be the play calling. But it honestly seems more like a team philosophy. We seem more bent on committing to the run this year at the expense of finding rhythm in our passing game. Truth is, your best football player is a WR. You have to get him imvolved early and allow that to open up the run game. We have done a bad job of this year outside of the Packers game. Its time to just cut it loose and get back to dominating the air waves.
  2. Perspective Everybody whining and moaning about one play as if the game ever should have come down to the wire like that. People playing online cops trying to criticize guys for rules they themselves don't understand. Turning on your team after 2 bad losses as if you haven't dealt with much worse after 51 years of disappointment. How about yal ease up a lil and remember that last year you had two losses back to back early in the year and still made out fine. Heck we were just 4-3 after those losses. We are 3-2 right now. I'd much rather us make mistakes and suffer bad losses early than late in the year. Maybe wait just a little before you give up on the 2017 Falcons. Stop picking petty beefs with our players because you're butt hurt and lost that bet at work. It's a long year. Sark and Matt need to pick it up. Defense needs to clean up the penalties. Special teams needs to get more consistent and give us a complete game. We will be alright, check your negative attitudes at the door
  3. I love how Millenials are to blame for our current "soft" 3-2 record as if our franchise ever won anything worth a **** when Boomers and Gen Xers were playing on the team. Yeah let's go back to those glory days old sport. Truth is buddy, Millenials are responsible for some of the most respectable years this franchise has EVER seen. That's not even opinion, the records stand for themselves. So maybe relax and think about that before you get your tights in a wad. stupid thread, stupid premise. Completely hyperbolic and emotional and dare I say "soft". The OP is acting very "entitled" by creating this thread as if it's ok to throw a tantrum on a message board just because things don't go your way. Blaming everyone and everything just because you're upset. Way to be an example of the problem you complain of. Lastly, for anyone who has a problem with Millenials, you should just quit at life now. It's only going to get worse for you. I suggest you wipe your geriatric tears and adapt to an ever changing world. If it makes you feel better, some day us millenials will grow old and frustrated at the younger generation too. It's the circle of life. Geez, we aren't even halfway through the season and people are completely melting down. I'd really hate for us to have a losing record
  4. I think the whole Rico thing is getting blown out of proportion now. One poster commented that we missed him against the Bills. I made a point that the defense played pretty good overall that game without him. And now it's a Rico love Vs Rico Hate debate. The fact that the defense played well without him doesn't imply that he isn't valuable, it's more a testament that our guys were able to step up in his absence.
  5. Defense played well enough to win period. Rico was on the field when Cohen broke off his field day against us. He was on the field when Alford got beat deep for a TD against the Pack. My point wasn't about Rico being a bad player. Just saying that with him out our defense still played a really good game overall and had us in position to win. We lost by 6 points, Bills got 10 pts off turnovers. Do the math. Offense lost that game, not Kazee or Ricos absence
  6. I just wanted to shout out the defense and spread some love. Despite our lack of forced turnovers, the D has played very well as a unit. Aaron Rodgers' garbage time TDs and Matts TOs scew the stats a little yet we still are only giving up 17.25 pts a game defensively which hasn't happened in quite some time. Riley has to clean up his tackling obviously, but overall we are looking like a solid unit. So much so that the offense has been able to loligag for 3 out of 4 games and we still be in position to win. We came in to the season saying that the offense would be the engine and the defense just needed to play well enough so that we could be successful. It's becoming the opposite now. Our offense has essentially spotted our opponents 20 pts off turnovers by either return for scores or getting the ball already in field goal range off turnovers. Were also top 10 in total yards per game which is what we all wanted coming in to the year. I must say, I'm proud of that side of the ball so far. They aren't hungover at all. Offense... get your **** together. We should be undefeated, and the the Lions and Bears games should have never come down to the wire had the offense played well.
  7. Every game is a must win. And until you're out of the playoff race no loss is the end of the world either. Never get too high or too low fellas
  8. Not that it matters much now but I really don't think the defense performed that poorly. They certainly played good enough to win the last two weeks. The turnovers on offense are what hurt us the most. Not saying we didn't miss Rico, but we were in position to win without him. Offense crapped the bed against the Bills for sure
  9. The other thread on last games attendance got locked so I want to address both this and that thread together. Attendance for the Bills game was over 71,000. Stadium looked half empty, everyone blames the anthem demonstrations. But did yal see how it looked against the Packers? It was quite similar a lot of the game. The stadium is not designed for people to stay seated all game. That's the single drawback of the fan friendly amenities. The bars, Skybridge, field level suites all stay packed. While in-seat attendance is middling, in-stadium attendance is doing fine. To the OP, you blame the NFL for bringing politics in to sports. Your premise is very VERY wrong. You can blame them for not handling the situation the way you see fit. But the anthem stuff didn't divide fans from the league until the POTUS made his comments. He is responsible for calling out owners and NFL players and encouraging fans to walk out. Last weeks demonstrations were in direct response to him. The entire message of why CK initially started kneeling has been lost to the wind by nearly everyone. It's quite unfortunate but half the people angry don't truly know what they're even mad at. The narrative has been painted that the players and league are on one side and the military, anthem and flag are on another. That is a prime example of divide and conquer. We can all agree on equality for all, but we will fight teeth and nails on the issue of kneeling. So many are saying don't mix politics and sports yet when the POTUS did it you ran with it. You never stopped for one second and asked him to stop talking about the NFL and just focus on hurricane relief efforts and eminent threats from N. Korea. President calls out NFL and refers to players as SOB's. NFL and players respond directly to his statements. Fans get mad at NFL for being political. President remains free of criticism. His supporters have once again placed a higher responsibility and accountability on everyone else BUT him. He can say whatever he feels, but athletes and owners need to shut up and play. Since when did we wake up in a world where an American football player has more moral responsibility than the leader of the free world?
  10. Nobody is saying he won't ever get better. But that he NEEDS to get better fast as he is currently a liability. The most important part of a linebackers job is to be able to tackle. Thats #1. He has to work on that. His speed and him pulling SUVs doesn't matter if you cannot tackle a ball carrier one on one.
  11. 2 Different positions, 2 different roles. Corners are on islands with guys so yes it is more risky to be aggressive. Single high safeties like ours aren't matched up with any one player. They find the deepest threat and keep it in front of them. They're the last line of defense. But there are many more opportunities for them to be aggressive if they trust their eyes and have the speed to cover the ground. Rico has great eyes. The difference between he and an Earl Thomas is the ability to cover ground. Rico just doesn't have the natural speed. (4.6 guy, slower than Vic, Takk, Duke, Deion, etc..) His eyes allow him to be in position to help. But his lack of speed keeps him from being able to make plays on most balls in air. This is supported by the fact that the majority of his picks and pass deflections have been on errant throws (ducks) OR in the red zone where he has less ground to cover. Rico has much less room for error, and him being a student of the game has really elevated him from fringe guy to a solid starter. His character and leadership are also top notch. He's basically like the new Jonathan Babineaux. He'll get you a highlight every blue moon, he won't hurt you, but he's usually just a step or two away from making a huge play. But he's a locker room guy through and through and his presence alone is good for the team
  12. Just hit me that Takk McKinley is a really dope name for a football player. Random
  13. We're 3-0. We've played a tough schedule to open so far. Had we lost our games our opponents would be 8-1. They're 5-1 without playing us. Defense looks much improved, offense is slowly taking off (23, 27, and today 30 points scored) despite obvious mistakes holding us back. The beautiful thing is that there is so much room for improvement. So far we are our own worst opponent and yet we have found a way to win tough games. Had we lost the two games in question it still would have been ok becasue those games make you better win or lose. Theres no way this team looks at its record with the big head. Our guys know we have to get better and the signs suggest that they will.
  14. I think he is on par with Devondra last season. The Will is such a read and react position for us and much like Devondra last year Duke is off the ball in space either chasing down plays from behind or covering underneath routes. Notice how moving Campbell to SLB this year all of a sudden has him attacking and making more impact due to being near the LOS. I chalk it up as 50% growing pains and 50% scheme dictating impact