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  1. Those are both good memories but Im not going to act like seeing him leas the NFL in sacks back in 2016 wasnt also a great memory too. That whole year was full of great moments and he was responsible for a 15.5 of them
  2. I was thinking about this after I posted, but Ryan reminds me of the Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso. He somehow manages to both take the ugliest beat-downs and yet keep getting back up to fight and ultimately win the match. At the end you don't really feel good for him, you just appreciate that he found a way to win, and pray he gets some medical attention. That's different than some of these other QBs who have a more physical presence where you can see them dish out as much as they take. Ryan has always been on the receiving end and I think that factors in to how his peers see him. You would never pick Daniel-son straight up over whoever he goes up against, but somehow on points or technicalities, he manages to win lol That's my Quarterback, that's Matt Ryan lol
  3. That might be some of the realist advice I've seen. Props to SJax. Kinda got me hype about beating the Saints
  4. Yes, but more because his teams rally behind him, he raises their competitive spirit to a different level in both sides of the ball. Ryans teams seem to shrink around him, particularly his OLine and defense.
  5. Only reason I wouldnt pick Cam Jordan is because I really just want to punch him in the face, I cant stand his arrogant ***
  6. As long as this kid is suiting up in a Falcons uniform, I am going to wish him the best. This social media stuff isnt personal. People find different outlets for their energy and what they need to get them going. We DID decline his 5th year. That was a business move on our end. If that wakes him up, if that's what turns the light bulb on then good for him. He is still a Falcon and he can put that motivation to good use this season. All the other stuff is inconsequential, to him, to us fans, and to the organization. He is a young man, he has more life to live, and his time in Atlanta will serve as a major step along his path for better or worse.
  7. Props to him for calling them out about his birthday. These guys give up a lot of their personal freedom to be public figures and make other peoples day, etc... the least they could do is say Happy Birthday lol
  8. Terrell is going to be a good one. Bias aside, NCG aside, the kid has all the tools you ask for as well as the intangibles. I'm sorry if you don't like him for whatever reason, but when you look at the entire picture you see a kid with smooth hips, long speed, quick twitch, height, length, IQ, and toughness. He is not the next Trufant, he is not the next Alford, he is not the next Oliver. He is going to take some lumps as a rookie, but he is also going to learn and go back out back out and fight each down. He will be solid for us this year, and injury aside I dont see him being a weakness at any point of his career. Let the kid play before you throw his career away
  9. The blacks look great! They gotta ditch the gradients in favor of an All Red. I mean we have the red bottoms for a reason. After seeing the Hawks new uniforms I'm left a little sour on the Falcons. They (the Hawks) really got it right and did what many of us Falcons fans were asking for with our look. Not gonna lie, the Falcons do look badazzz, but it there is something just a little off.
  10. Basically, One guarantees the other. Lets get er' done
  11. I dont know who is doing that because he is fringe based on what I hear; but in the eyes of the general population, unless Matt gets a SB ring, he will be considered Phillip Rivers-south essentially. Everything we know and believe aside, media popularity and narrative has them both in the same trajectory as great QBs that never elevated their teams to the promised land. We shall see what happens
  12. People asked for veteran depth and we got it. I dont see the need to complain. Terrell may beat out Oliver. I dont know why people are assuming this signing is a indictment against the rookie. This gives us great depth. Has anyone thought this may be in relation to the DB we just put on the Covid list? Forget just injury insurance, we are going to need extra depth in the event we have outbreaks this season.
  13. Its literally the exact same people/person every time that derail topics because they don't have the discernment between personal political opinion and objective commentary regarding a football issue that happens to involve some politics. You don't have to mention/attack the left, right, media agenda, etc... to get your point across about the league and players dealing with Covid-19. You don't. There is a way to have discourse without having to be passive aggressive about differing ideologies because you don't agree with or believe in whats happening in the world. Mods, I pointed this out weeks ago, and I will continue to do so now before this thread gets locked too.; but there are a few bad apples who cant control themselves or their keyboards and they pop up with the same drivel in each of these conversations. Stop shutting down the entire thread because of them and address them personally and individually., because they will continue to do so otherwise. We all see it. You are punishing all for the actions of a few. If ya'll don't have the prerogative to address them then I will take it upon myself. And yes, I' m fully aware that this may be a counterproductive approach, but ****, it needs to be said. Carry On
  14. Oh its a wrap, Hurst has been busting his tail too, all of the skill positions and QB have been putting in that work. Lets just hope the OLine is just as dedicated and focused as the rest of the offense. Lord knows we cant do squat without them getting better.
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