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  1. 3rd runningbacks will always see the field. It inevitable. Ito doesnt have to steal any snaps to get significant touches. There will be multiple weeks where we have to sit Free or Coleman even if its just for rest. Ito will have to be ready to go.
  2. You do realize that for Julio to become the highest paid receiver in the NFL will only take an extra 2.5 or so million a season. Considering we just signed a backup safety for that same amount I seriously doubt a new contract will rape our cap. Truth is this is all likely about the garunteed money in addition to a couple mil raise. There is money to be had out there, the FO may not like his tactics but the truth is it can be done and not hurt the team.
  3. All Duke has to do is tackle the ball carrier on first contact. Thats it. Just bring him down, and when he is in space just contain the guy until the troops rally. If he can just do that he will be miles better than last year. We ain’t asking for big hits, turnovers, sacks. Just tackle the guy. Once he masters that then we can focus on coverage and proper zone depth etc... but as of now he isn’t going to be on the field for Nickle downs (Debo, Campbell, Ishmael are the Nickle backers) So literally all he has to focus on is tackling and he/we will be better.
  4. For one, it will be extremely difficult for Julio to repeat his career low in receiving touchdowns. So if you want to put money on him being worse in that regards I will gladly take you up on that bet. For 2, dont believe everything you see or read. The article was BS 3. Julio has always been about his teammates. For once he wants to look out for himself and fans like you turn on him, that says more about you than him. He has given you 6 straight off seasons of rah rah team team. He wants an extra 2.5 mil a year and now he is Rod Tidwell. Ridicoulous
  5. Way to start some **** on a Friday. Nothing in that article is credible. its about to be a madhouse here any second
  6. Antonio Brown is 5’10 and like 186. Size is an overrated requirement. If he can play, he can play. Hills failure has no impact on Smith’s career. Plus there’s not any real competition. Ward was too good to cut in favor of Hill
  7. So let’s see. People trying to convince us that Austin Hooper is anything but Average. and People claiming Julio has regressed and isn’t that good anymore. You can all sit down now Also Im a bit upset they didn’t include Takk and Vic’s grades considering they did Tevin Coleman on offense Both will be playing starters minutes in Nickle as opposed to Shelby and Reed who will moreso just be base package guys
  8. Not mentioned in this thread, but stated before by many people is their concern over the precedent it would set to renegotiate Julio’s contract. Well one thing this article brings up that I hadn’t thought about was that the team made Ryan the highest paid player in the NFL, and Freeman the highest paid RB in the NFL. They said that to illustrate how difficult it would be to keep that up by paying Julio more too and maintaining the rest of the roster. I look at it like this. The team set the precedent by paying its most valuable guys top dollar. Julio is better at his position than Freeman and Matt are at theirs. We honestly dont need Freeman, and he definitely out performed his rookie deal, but clearly we had his replacement in Tevin ready and waiting. Julio is human. You see your other star teammates getting above their value, and you know that you’re the best player on the team and one of the best players in the league, it is very understandable that he is going for his bank right now. If I’m Julio's agent I see why they did this. My client is my cash cow and he has earned the money he has gotten plus more. It’s my job to get him paid. That’s what agents are for. The Falcons should have thought about this before they made Matt the richest guy in the NFL (thanks 49ers for fuccing the market) Matt would have resigned for less Im sure, but he and his agent made it a priority to get his value in the new QB market. Thats exactly what Julio and his agent are doing for him, and I’m not even sure Julio wants to be the highest paid WR. Just not number 8. If my client is considered by peers as a top 5 NFL player and by analytics as a top 3 NFL player, but is making less money than 7 other guys at his position, then I’m not doing my job well as an agent. You have to see the logic in that. I can’t fault it. The precedent was already set.
  9. Its important to highlight positive news whenever possible. Especially when butthurt crybabies are still trying to paint Julio as some selfish, me-first, Rod Tidwell diva. Like it or not, this is a business. Julio couldn’t holdout like he is and be taken seriously if he wasn’t one of the best football players alive right now. Julio isn’t a bad dude. Never was. He has nothing to apologize for. One bad hit is all it takes to end a career, ask Bo. Julio has put the work in to become one of the best, most highly regarded professionals athletes around. His athletic gifts have an expiration date on them. The window to set himself up for life beyond football is going to close eventually. None of you are going to take care of him when he is done playing football. None of you will be there to push him in a wheelchair when his body breaks down one day. Every man has the right to be selfish at least once. Deal with it and move on. Im proud of him and his teammates for showing the kids some love today. Julio has always been a class act. Always
  10. Peerless Price 2.0 He doesn’t have a full bag of tricks to be considered a legit go-to receiver.
  11. Oh absolutely. My guess is DLed was in the locker room and asked one of the offensive assistants about Julio and T.O, and the response was an annoyed stare from the guy and DLed decided to take that as the staff being uneasy. Thats usually how these things work. If there isnt a direct quote from a team official then it usually is just speculation and assumption.
  12. True, but unfortuantely for us, DLed represents the organization to some degree, especially from an outsiders perspective. Other than the Falcons own Media Relations staff, which only give basic run of the mill answers, DLed is depended upon for the inside scoop on everything Falcons related.
  13. All speculation. Ledbetter's comments were speculation, and this writer doubled down with more speculation on top of DLed's. Next thing you know ESPN will be running a segment today playing old TO rants, mixed in with Julio highlights and the sub header showing: "Julio has one foot out the door"
  14. Since when has Julio been a ME player? Remind me, please. Offseason contract disputes are not the same as on the field throwing your team/QB under the bus, going public about wanting more catches, showboating, drawing unnecessary penalties, staying up all night partying before games, etc.. Some of yall have this Rod Tidwell "show me the money" stereotype burned in to your brains. Julio is a low key, low maintenance guy. A pro athlete is allowed to negotiate his finances. If the GM approached Julio asking him to take a pay cut you wouldn't say trade TD, he is selfish!! No, its business. This wouldn't be a story if it wasn't prematurely blasted early this offseason, and it wouldn't be an issue if WE fans and others outside the organization weren't making it one. If Arthur Blank, TD, and DQ aren't worried, then neither should we be. As long as Julio is a Falcon, he will have my support. And all signs are that he will always be a Falcon..
  15. I wonder if someone could to do a breakdown of exactly where we fell short last year on STs (penalties, but why?) and then what we can expect to be different with the addition of better athletes and teams minded players like Bethel and Gage, and what they bring to the table that we lacked from our ST personnel last year.