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  1. If we told him to just go line up and stand, somehow Matt would still panic and throw him the ball.
  2. I say blitz all day and let Deebo spy. If we play soft zone he will do what every QB does and that is dink us to death. Id prefer if we make his life a living **** and not wait to find out what "tricks" they have planned for us. If you think Payton doesnt have a bunch of smoke and mirrors and misdirection planned then you are mistaken. They are not going to drop back and play us straight, they will try to make us read, react and be a step behind to the ball carrier every snap. Less thinking, more hitting. Please. Do not make this guy a fantasy hero on his first career start.
  3. Ive heard a few people mention Oliver may be better suited for safety. One thing is for sure, he likes to play physical and tackle. I enjoy his play facing the line of scrimmage versus with his back turned to it. Same thing I said about Poole back in the day. They are different players running downhill than downfield.
  4. There have been a few times we had open receivers in the RZ and Ryan went elsewhere with the pass. Dirk needs to get more creative and use the RBs, but Ryan still has to deliver the ball on time to the open guy.
  5. Nice, you just jinxed us. Watch TB12 throw his longest TD pass of the season against us.... And you know it can/will happen too lol
  6. I cant see us finishing better than 9th unless some teams ahead of us start falling back to Earth. One drawback of there being sooo many bad teams/bad records this year, is that the teams at the top put some distance between them and the bad teams. We literally could not lose another game, and even that may not be enough to climb in to the top 7/8 spots. Let's just hope we can beat the Saints. They could end the pipe dream for us single handedly if we cant beat them.
  7. What sucks is, if we just stopped being so good in the 1st half of games, teams wouldn't abandon the run and get so much garbage yards on us. I swear except for like 2 games (Sea and GB) 75% of the passing yards against us come in the 4th quarter playing prevent.
  8. If DQ could have just beat Dallas and Carolina he might still have a job. He lost to good AND bad teams. At least Raheem can handle the weaker opponents.
  9. The funniest meme I saw was along the lines of: "Someone should have told ____ that no lead is ever safe in Georgia, just ask the Falcons." I had to chuckle at that one.
  10. I think the real comparison is much the same as how it actually played out in real life. One team stopped scoring after 3 quarters, and the other, despite being down early, played until the very end and pulled it out in OT. No need to revise history lol
  11. Not to speak too soon, but I told ya'll Okudah was a little too overhyped. I really did not see what the scouts were seeing with him as he looked good in college but not generational or anything. Henderson has been as advertised and has been more physical than he was in college which was my only knock against him. Its still early and I dont really keep up with these guys once they hit the league. Terrell isnt perfect but by all accounts, he was not the reach everyone accused him to be.
  12. Mckay is one of the most well respected figures in the entire NFL. His resume speaks volumes. Yet here in Falcon-land, he is a scrub.
  13. Yeah you right, you weren't complaining at all. I don't know how I got that confused. My bad
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