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  1. I probably won't even watch that, Van Gorder has no idea how to slow Kolb down nevermind Brees. We'll sweep the saints in 5 to 6 years when Brees is retired maybe.
  2. LMAO it called beef it up, reminds me of a swinging ship ride at king's dominion amusement park virginia, that;s what I'll call it [i'm really not trying to offend anyone]
  3. Roddy needs to practice catching and stop yapping, they need to take his keyboard from him until the season ends.
  4. Espn is worse for showing his coverage themselves, yes I watched a little bit of it. Since NO scouts came he should have just canceled it actually. But Talent wise he would still actually put up good numbers for some team i'm sure.
  5. Ray and Suggs are about to murder someone i'm sure
  6. Looked like a **** fine throw to me. Put in the right place for roddy to catch it.
  7. Wow, that is actually really surprising to me, I guess I don't see many of their game here but still.
  8. I didn't see them actually kick him in the side or anything like that in any video yet. Our offensive line is dirty too so the players shouldn't whine like this to me. If I was a coach I'd ban Roddy from tweeting until he caught 1000 passes in practice or something to that nature. He is a better player than what he has shown so far.
  9. I wish they would keep current logo, since I have so much stuff with that logo on it including a couch, but yes black uniform with black helmets would be a great look.
  10. We should trade a 5th rounder for whoever the tallest corner they can find is and use safety help against this guy, I'm really dreading this matchup
  11. The crazy thing is that Stafford and Newton look like two of the only good qbs in recent drafts [come on matty ice play like you use to!!], maybe Dalton could be there too he and Aj Green have something going.
  12. I don't root for any maryland teams, never will haven't since childhood I use to like Dallas, will never like Baltimore Ravens. Anyway I think the western shore of MD thinks people over here are poor anyway. Home team thing doesn't matter at all to me it possibly could If I was in a bigger state or big city maybe i dunno. When I was a kid I'm obviously not going to go for Jwan Howard and Murashan on the Bullets over Jordan lmao.
  13. Daren stone was a safety we drafted that's highlight video was of him jumping over a car he played on the ravens at a point on special teams, I guess you have a good point if Ryan can't get it to him what difference does it make?.
  14. It looks like Dunta gives up on trying to get the guy out of bounds on some of these Td's they allow imo.
  15. I'd love to have Dennis or Herm Edwards for entertaining press conferences if nothing more.
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