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  1. Does similar matter? It does not. If this is our line-up on opening night I will personally fly you to our first road game and give you box seats . Stupidly yours, Art
  2. Excellent job of reporting the news! I shall reccomend you to some connections I have with CNNCuba. Luckily yours, Art
  3. Threadstarter needs to keep evading his taxes, because YOU'RE FIRED! This proposal is ridiculous. Excitably yours, Art
  4. I giggled. Mike Mularkey, YOU'RE FIRED! Regrettably yours, Art
  5. Somehow I believe this really is Jamaal Anderson. Best, Art
  6. Mike, you're supposed to deny it, SHHHHHHHH. Hushably yours, Art
  7. You also believe in Christ. I guess faith goes far these days. Gullibly yours, Art
  8. Get an avatar Jamaal. Not only do you suck at football but you are stupid. I told RIch we shouldn't have gotten drunk the night before the draft. Regrettably yours, Art
  9. Says who? You are not Arthur Blank or any member of our exclusive front office. Laughing at you, Art
  10. Please elaborate on what is interesting. Thanks, Art
  11. I am just trying to keep the fanbase in the loop. I'm sorry if my insider information has offended you. Does anybody else feel this way? Regrettably yours, Art
  12. Judaism is a religion not a race. Mr. Dimitroff, you are not the bright mind I expected when I first hired you. ERNIE ACCORSI, YOU'RE FIRED!!!
  13. We have had preliminary discussions with Roy and his agent about being our weakside linebacker. However, we don't feel like this would be a good fit and we have chosen to go in another direction. Informatively yours, Art
  14. I immediately quelled all rumors last night. Attentively yours, Art
  15. You guys need to listen to Coach Smith. This is why he gets paid the big bucks. Thank you, Art
  16. YOU ARE FIRED! I am old as balls and I know that he can't cover. Laughing at you, Art
  17. We are currently working on a fix. Thanks for being patient and your continued support. -Art
  18. But he likes the adversity. Well I'm off to sleep with my younger wife. Farewell, Art
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