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  1. But I read on this board when we signed him that he had suspect hands...
  2. Long term deals are high risk/high reward for the team, because if the player doesn't pan out (Brock Osweiler) the team is stuck with that large contract unless they can trade it off. If the player does work out then they have him locked down for years. 1 year deals are the opposite. Low risk/low reward. I disagree with "prove it" deals being exclusively bad for the player, because often times they are coming back from injury or a down year, and if they want to get paid they have to "prove it" by playing well. It's the same as a player being in the last year of his contract, he is extrinsically motivated to have a career year to get that pay day on the open market.
  3. One of the things I admire most about DQ is his ability to let his staff do their job. I agree with you 100%, but I just hope that he doesn't get gun shy and start to micromanage or step in prematurely.
  4. I was a corner. No feeling like lining up across from a man knowing you would make him invisible
  5. It definitely still stings, but if you had asked almost anyone on these boards midseason if they would call a Superbowl visit, a lights out playoff performance by Matt Ryan, and a Defense that would manhandle Seattle, Green Bay, and New England for three quarters, a success, they would be ecstatic. As the season wore along our expectations changed, but if you look at the growth we made from year 1 to year 2 under DQ and the bright future we have with our roster, it definitely makes it a slightly easier pill to swallow. If I felt our window was closing or had closed then I wouldn't be getting over this loss for a looooooong time.
  6. Fairfax, VA. Also, converted family representing back up in Rochester, NY
  7. To be completely honest I'm not surprised by their mistake. We've seen lazy research (or a complete lack thereof) from a number of sources when covering the team. Surprised they actually spelled the names right
  8. Fox showed a graphic of our rookie defensive players Jones, Campbell, and Neal. Only problem is they showed a picture of LaRoy Reynolds instead of De'Vondre Campbell... Did anyone else notice this? Some intern at Fox has some 'splainin to do
  9. Chester has been playing fine. We knew when we signed him that he was an undersized but athletic guard who excelled in run blocking. He certainly takes his lumps in pass pro when he goes against an imposing bull rush, but he has been really stepping his game up this second half of the season. I do agree that he will need to be replaced, but more due to the fact that this is his second 1-year contract with us, along with the fact that he just turned 34. I would be surprised if the Falcons didn't resign him this offseason to start or at least compete with Wes. Do agree that Wes is the future though, loved the pick when it happened, and if for some reason he doesn't work out I have complete faith in this front office to find talent.
  10. Saw on the bottom ticker that Clayborn left with a bicep injury. Didn't see the play during the broadcast and haven't heard it talked about. Does anyone have an update? And if he can't go how does that change what we do 2nd half
  11. Hold my fishing net?
  12. And then they threw a flag on Rico later in the game for a hit on a defenseless receiver... A defenseless receiver that caught the ball turned upfield and lowered his own head
  13. Good God the officiating in the Vikings game is horrid. 2 gift personal foul penalties on that last drive, and the missed call on the int return TD
  14. After watching Pitt upset Clemson, it's amazing to think that a few months ago some people were suggesting trading Ryan and either losing for Watson, or trading the farm to get him. Not to say he isn't playing well this year, but he's looking less pro-ready every week, and #2 putting up his MVP caliber season. The amount of crow being eaten this season has been amazing, and I hope it continues!
  15. If you're going to make a 10th thread about the same thing, at least bring up useful information. This is the first season coaches can be in the box and communicate directly with green dot helmets. I imagine Shanahan stayed on the field prior to this year for just that reason: he didn't want there to be a relay of information just to get a play into his signal caller