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  1. Another dropped pass being intercepted deep in our own territory. Another interception of our own wiped away due to penalty. More offensive drives starting inside our own 5 yard line. **** even a nice play by Deion batting down a pass seemed to prevent a great read and potential pick 6 by Rico. In many ways this game had a lot of the same elements that spelled doom for us during our 1-4 stretch. The main difference I saw was how we responded to those adversities. Our defense got off the field on third downs with a relentless pass rush. We won the turnover battle. We sustained drives. We shut down their run game. When we got in the red zone, we settled for 7, not 3. We hit those intermediate-deep passes that have eluded us all season. We converted on third down. Say what you want about Dallas not being at full strength, but that was a talented team that we made look mediocre, and we did it with our backs against the wall. The rest of our season won’t be easy, but this was the first step to righting the ship, and put our fate back in our hands. Now it’s up to us to keep it rolling.
  2. Does anyone have a gif of the sanu hit on Heath? Was like the only play I missed all day
  3. I had to laugh during Sunday's game when the announcers talked about Campbell covering the Lions TE Ebron. At least three times they mentioned that Campbell is a pass rusher and his strength is not in coverage, when in fact it has been quite the opposite. He came to us as a solid coverage guy who wasn't asked to rush last year because it wasn't a strength. I agree 100% on the lasic comment that was made, there were times last year that I screamed at my TV watching him get lost or be too overaggressive in his run fits. In year two the game seems to have slowed down for him, and without glasses he has such better awareness of what is going on around him. Great post OP
  4. This is awesome! Thanks for doing this man. Coming from New York, and now Virginia, the ATL is a bit of a stretch to make frequently. In truth the only time I was able to visit the dome was the 2012 divisional game against Seattle. Was an awesome experience, can't wait to visit the MB dome. would be awesome to win such a cool prize, but whoever gets it will no doubt be deserving
  5. Justin Hardy is an awesome player for us, and another piece of the brotherhood. He makes difficult catches look routine and is a solid downfield blocker. We also know what we have with him. I just wanted to give props to the big guys, one who some(if not most) on this board were writing off after one game, and the other who some couldn't believe we traded a draft pick away for, and was thrown into action due to injury. I was pleasantly surprised by both
  6. Yes! He played much better last night also. After CC started the "no lead is safe" narrative and I poured myself another scotch I forgot about him
  7. The right side of our offensive line quietly had an EXTREMELY solid performance last night. Once Schraeder went down and #74 trotted into the offensive huddle, I began having flashbacks to our trouncing of Denver last year and visions of Clay living in our backfield for the rest of the night. While Ty did give up the one pressure that led to a sack, I blame it more on a miscommunication during a stunt (which can be expected from a player who's been with the team for 17 days). He held his own in one on one pass pro for a majority of the night, and made some key blocks that led to some long second half runs. I was not one of the fans who mashed the panic button on Schweitzer after a rough first outing, as I know how talented Akiem Hicks is. While Mike Daniels going down early definitely made it easier for Wes, I was happy to see a bounce back game for him. Here's to hoping Schraeder goes through concussion protocol and is ready to go for Detroit, but I feel much better about our line depth, and better about the trade that made it happen.
  8. I disagree with your second point, about Sark forcing the run game early. I think it is important to set the tone with the run game early, but to then back it up with play action passing. It seemed a lot of the play calling last week was either run OR pass. I didn't see much play action at all, and I think that is where our offense is most deadly.
  9. Reed will start, but their snap count will be around 60-40. As the season progresses expect that number to shift Takk's way.
  10. I agree Dable has looked pretty good, he is a big bodied receiver with an interesting story (played in France for a few years). If he is going to make the team though it will be because of special teams plays, and he looked pretty bad on the tackle attempt during the punt returned for a TD.
  11. Awesome Mash! Always loved your pics from camp, what an accomplishment to work for the organization now. Keep em coming!
  12. The board consensus was that in nickel situations, Collins and Trufant would be outside with Alford sliding inside. If that was the case Collins would not be running against 4th stringers for a week straight.
  13. Absolutely, I like the player that Jalen Collins has become. He showed an ability to create turnovers in big situations, as well as a willingness to lay the wood (just as Jameis Winston). This post was not about doubting his talent, it was more about concern that he has been a ghost through now 5 days of camp. It's great that guys like Goodwin are stepping up and playing well at camp, but Collins showed himself to be more than capable as a starting corner on the outside, and the fact that he has gotten almost no snaps thus far (to the point that Vaughn McClure and DLed have pointed it out) raises a few flags that something else might be going on. Another poster mentioned that he seems to be a gamer, so we will definitely see once preseason games start, and it is definitely still early.
  14. I know Quinn loves rotating guys through and putting 2's against 1's and so on to give guys a chance to prove themselves, but he has been essentially a ghost out there. We have posters who were at camp that didn't even see him on the field
  15. It's also important to note that we're talking about depth players, whereas in years past this would be a conversation about a heated training camp battle. Really speaks to the talent and depth of this team. Could not be more excited for this season!!