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  1. I HATED this trade when we got him, given he was the guy abused on Denver's OL by Beasley. That being said, he's been extremely solid for us these past 2 seasons when we've used him. I don't think he's a long term solution at RT, but we should def resign him to play swing tackle
  2. What I love most about this is Julio is going to hit the record against the team who traded away the pick for us to get him. amazing that people as recently as this off-season were saying that the trade wasn’t worth it. One of the greatest to ever play the position and we’re so lucky that he wears the red and black
  3. I was at that game and I was worried that I had too much to drink. It looked from my vantage point that Riley was actually making good reads and meeting AP in the hole. Either I was sober or PFF was drinking too.
  4. I want to say that those hecklers don’t represent the redskins fan base, just like a few bad fans don’t represent us. Living in DC I can say that most fans in the area are very respectful. I was at the game and had some playful ribbing with some skins fans there but nothing that crosses the line. That being said, as a teacher of students with special needs, it’s heartwarming and awesome to see such a positive response to this story, and glad it has a happy ending
  5. Being there, the stadium seemed almost split depending on the team sidelines. By the 4th quarter the skins side of the stadium was empty and the Falcons half was rockin! Awesome game and experience
  6. Rochester for me
  7. Living in Northern VA I’ll be there!
  8. Question is does he know the playbook well enough to be out there without missing an assignment?
  9. THIS. I noticed it all preseason and yesterday as well. He stands still in his zone staring at the Quarterback until the ball is in the air, then turns and sprints after the receiver that ran through his zone uncovered. I don't know if he is being manipulated by the Quarterback's eyes, or if he is for some reason being coached that way, or if he is just completely oblivious to what is happening in his peripherals. I learned in pop warner football to "keep my head on a swivel", someone should tell Duke.
  10. Alright man, a career day in receptions really doesn’t mean much unless you’re in a PPR fantasy league. He averaged 7 yards per, with a long of 17. Cam threw for 330, but averaged less than 10 yards per completion. Its all about perspective man, and like @TheFatboi said it was a win and that’s all I care about. Until they scored in garbage time they averaged 4.3 yards per play, while we were averaging 8.2. Hopefully the Falcons can play to your standard next week
  11. How does averaging 5 yards per reception equal “killed us”? It was the same story last week with Agholor. That’s what this defense is designed to give up is the dump off pass. Allow short completions and rally up to tackle. I’m definitely worried about Debo being out too, but let’s not act like McCaffery was a game wrecker today. I swear some of you guys want the Falcons to do poorly so you can say I told you so. We dominated both sides of the ball against a division rival, with a ton of injuries on defense and coming off a poor offensive game. Be happy for an afternoon at least.
  12. I think Archer is on point with everything he said. I actually really liked our playcalling the first drive in the red zone, we just didn’t execute. Hopefully we can shake it off and turn around offensively this Sunday, but our defense is 100% for real at every level. I think our run D will take a hit with Neal done for the year, and unfortunately I think we see more Riley now, but I see no reason this group can’t finish top 5 defensively.
  13. Bumping this thread, if only to delay the sky from falling on the boards. We held the super bowl champs to 230 yards total offense in their house. Yes, our offense was putrid outside of 11, and even he was responsible for the interception. We threw the ball to Ridley one time, and failed to get a lot of our other weapons involved. We were 1/4 in the red zone, had more penalties in one game than we have since ‘99, and we missed an extra point. And we STILL should have won the game. Our offense will improve if for no other reason than talent alone. This is going to be a top 5-7 defense, even with Neal done for the year. I’m just as disappointed and yelled at my TV as loudly as the rest of you. I have just as high expectations for this team as you all. But it’s a long season and one game does not define us. If you as a fan are mailing it in today then see ya later.
  14. Based on draft position and salary, yes. Based on their on-field performance over the last year? At best it’s 1a 1b. They’re both ultra talented, Tru has just been a little off since his pec injury
  15. Also I know this isn’t exactly the best place to mention this, but I LOVED our defensive gameplan last night. Playing Neal in the box and going man across in nickel completely neutralized Ertz, and their receivers averaged something like 4 yards per catch? Not to mention staying in nickel meant Riley stayed on the bench I don’t think he saw a snap on D until Neal went out. Let’s hope the reports are true that it’s a minor injury and he’s only out a couple of weeks. EDIT: sucks about Neal. Next man up.