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  1. Makes you wonder what drugs they gave him back in the locker room...
  2. Him and lindstrom both have a ton of heart. Chris playing an entire series on a broken foot and McGary coming back after a trip on the cart
  3. People it’s literally a 3 min press conference just watch it
  4. I can’t believe the number of pundits saying he might hold out after that press conference. He straight up said he can’t say he will play because DQ and the staff have to clear him from his injury last year. A bunch of media talking heads trying to get clicks.
  5. McGary is on another level against these scrubs, his guy is routinely pushed back 5 yards. Wish we could’ve seen him run with the 1s in a game or two
  6. Goosebumps. I’ve told this story before, but I went to school with Rico at Purdue and his wife was a graduate assistant there. Two of the best people I’ve been around and I wish him nothing but the best.
  7. He’s a rookie 4th rounder in his second preseason game... he’s been in great position all game, as has Miller. That undrafted rookie Williams is making great plays on the ball, and is 6’5”. chill.
  8. I really hope we don't miss Coleman this season
  9. Those 9 PBU's don't follow the narrative of a lack of instincts.... Charles Davis mentioned that he sometimes had sloppy feet in college, that is something we can easily correct with him. I'm super excited about the pick,
  10. That’s my quarterback
  11. I HATED this trade when we got him, given he was the guy abused on Denver's OL by Beasley. That being said, he's been extremely solid for us these past 2 seasons when we've used him. I don't think he's a long term solution at RT, but we should def resign him to play swing tackle
  12. What I love most about this is Julio is going to hit the record against the team who traded away the pick for us to get him. amazing that people as recently as this off-season were saying that the trade wasn’t worth it. One of the greatest to ever play the position and we’re so lucky that he wears the red and black
  13. I was at that game and I was worried that I had too much to drink. It looked from my vantage point that Riley was actually making good reads and meeting AP in the hole. Either I was sober or PFF was drinking too.
  14. I want to say that those hecklers don’t represent the redskins fan base, just like a few bad fans don’t represent us. Living in DC I can say that most fans in the area are very respectful. I was at the game and had some playful ribbing with some skins fans there but nothing that crosses the line. That being said, as a teacher of students with special needs, it’s heartwarming and awesome to see such a positive response to this story, and glad it has a happy ending
  15. Being there, the stadium seemed almost split depending on the team sidelines. By the 4th quarter the skins side of the stadium was empty and the Falcons half was rockin! Awesome game and experience