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  1. The main reason Collins gets crap is because he played awful during the SB. People forget about his play during our run, such as the forced fumble against GB that started to break the game open
  2. He always had the physical tools, the knock on him out of college was play recognition. For a 4th round pick he exceeded most expectations for us. Never fully understood the hate for him here. Glad he’s making his money and wish him the best
  3. Sad, he was one of my favorites but his knees just aren’t the same. Hope he lands somewhere quickly. on a side note, I’m glad the Falcons waited until AFTER his birthday to cut him
  4. kinda submarines this post’s narrative. We’ll see what happens
  5. Best of luck Vic in your future endeavors! Thanks for the sack title in ‘16. Thinking this move benefits both parties
  6. Your title and your post are asking two different things
  7. Just because it was a meaningless victory to you, does not mean it was meaningless to our players, our organization, and other fans. no one knows what will happen to DQ after the season, but just because we are out of the playoffs does not undermine this victory, just like it didn’t undermine our victory vs the panthers in their otherwise undefeated season. this pic says it all: you think it was a meaningless win for MR2?
  8. Just to be clear, Cam Jordan was called for a block in the back for pushing Ryan to the ground. It was a nice stiff arm but it’s pretty clear that Cam was the reason Ryan ended on the turf
  9. That’s your opinion man, hope you’re wrong
  10. The defense played PHENOMENAL football until midway through the 3rd qtr. they just ran out of gas - as any team would - after playing 90+ snaps. Freeney mentioned it how the Pats were cycling receivers and backs the second half. Debo Rocky Collins and Poole didn’t come off the field. Vic Grady Clay and Freeney hardly came off. When the offense went three and out repeatedly those guys got no time to catch their breath. SO many things went wrong that game, but the offensive playcalling compounded the defensive collapse.
  11. For as much as this year has sucked, #2 has me eternally optimistic. This year is beyond shot, but I’m hopeful for next year. Our window is open as long as this guy is in a Falcons uniform. Obviously just my opinion, and many on here want to move on from the ice man, but that’s my quarterback
  12. No
  13. Makes you wonder what drugs they gave him back in the locker room...
  14. Him and lindstrom both have a ton of heart. Chris playing an entire series on a broken foot and McGary coming back after a trip on the cart
  15. People it’s literally a 3 min press conference just watch it