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  1. I am slammed today pause but ill marinate on it.. Im trying to get done for Vick & Ore/Boise State tonight
  2. nope just Swift & another 1 or 2 people this really aint gonna be complicated at all
  3. oh & we need mad smileys as many that are inappropriate as possible
  4. imm marinate on a site name, someone work on that banner
  5. c/s 150% I am already thinking of my new user name
  6. I dont see that being a problem & alot of people will follow us from here I guarantee it
  7. ` is ******* gay, its a bunch of unfunny posters who just hate thats not my style at all
  8. relax, you can understand our concern with an outsider willing to just do us a solid.
  9. dumb mods, censors we have to be in control for this to even be worth it I dont know what any of this means?
  10. yeah guys let not cut corners, if were gonna do it, lets do it
  11. are u serious *in awe face* absolutely, but u gotta be there very often if u gonna take that on
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