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  1. WEll this would be a rematch right? and this is a Century we are living in Right? So there you go..... As I said be fore Rematch Of the Century.....
  2. I was just looking at the playoff picture AFC and NFC. I was wondering who would when in a rematch this year of Broncos vs Falcons superbowl. I think our Sfatey play this year is certainly a better match up and I think Smith could keep his players out of the streets of N.O. and out of jail. I would give the falcons the win in a rematch. What say you?
  3. You said it all when you said THE RAMS ARE GOING TO OPT OUT. Nuff said...
  4. Knock Knock Who Dat? Nodda Nodda who? Nodda Saints Victory, Thats for **** sure.....
  5. That really was a great Vid. Gave me goosebumps.
  6. That may very well be true but it would still seem a better game plan to stick to a sure thing against a paticular defence like our run game yesterday instead of Ryan trying to pass and getting sacked 7 times and dependijng on a Hail Mary 8 yards deep from your own endzone for a win. Just Sayin.
  7. Dirk or whoever it is calling the plays kept calling passing plays even though Turner straight up the middle was KILLING the panthers D. I am certainly not an expert but shoudnt we run up the middle until they figure out away to stop it. I mean people on this board love to hate on turner but maybe its not all on him. Just Sayin.
  8. Well one thing for sure this game will make NFL network replay
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