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  1. It's funny seeing all the Fields' fanboys celebrating Julio wanting to leave.
  2. Julio has two years tops and he knows it. That's why he wants out. He's only playing about 50% of the snaps when he's healthy and that's only about 60 percent of the season.
  3. The Saints just a few years ago? Green Bay like two years ago?
  4. We moved on man. New coach, new GM. This is year one...
  5. I mean...personally I think DK was at least 80% of the problem. We didn't even look this bad with Sark. Dirk's whole premise is that "we just gotta win our match ups". What kind of philosophy is that? This isn't 1980 man, we need some creativity. I'm watching other teams they have guys running around wide open. I'm watching the Falcons and we've got 3 guys running to the same spot being covered by one guy. What are we doing? Most of the tops offenses are also top of the league in pre snap motion. It creates confusion for the defense, but it also gives your qb more information on what the defense is doing. You can also use it to manipulate who you want your guy to be matched up against. It turns football into more of a chess match. That's why I hated Koetter, no pre snap motion. Ryan's best attribute is his brain, let him use it. Give him as much info as you possibly can. You do that with pre snap motion. I think we led the league in pre snap motion in 2016.
  6. Our whole scheme was dependent on Julio getting doubled so it is what it is. That's all Dirk Koetter knows. This year I expect to see a lot more pre snap motion. That will help us get the match ups that we want and should improve the red zone production.
  7. Julio's biggest weakness has always been the redzone and avoiding contact. If Julio catches the ball at the 5 yard line we all know he's not going to slow down and put a move on somebody. Julio is going to run full speed right at the guy and probably trip over him and fall down at the 1. Same thing with his route running. Watch Ridley in the red zone. He comes off the line slow, gives a hesitation move then hits his spot. Julio is always full speed. Tony and Roddy never had problems in the red zone, just Julio.
  8. you're gonna be waiting at least 4 years my guy
  9. or cat down the mountain theater popcorn or whatever
  10. Julio has never been great in the redzone...wasn't in college either. I think he needs to start his routes slower in the redzone like Ridley does. You come out slow and then you can give em a little shake and accelerate into your break. Same thing with the ball in your hand, slow down and give them a hesitation move. Julio just runs full speed straight at people. I think he'd score more td's if he focused more on keeping his balance and strength as well as some hesitation moves instead of being tackled at the 1 or 2 yard line.
  11. The bar as far as coaching was set pretty low. Basically just don't do anything dumb to lose at the end of games and we'll be moving in the right direction lol. That alone should get us back to 8 or 9 wins.
  12. It's going to be even tougher when Matt Ryan is still playing at a high level after Fields flames out in Chicago
  13. I think it was pretty obvious we weren't going qb though. That wasn't really a gamble. The whole premise of the "draft a qb" at 4 was that we were going to tank the next few years and do a complete rebuild which just never was going to happen.
  14. Honestly I don't think TD coming back was ever an option regardless of what he wanted to do. Quinn was TD's last chance. We he left TD was going with him.
  15. I have a feeling the zone running scheme will make them think twice about that
  16. The problem is that Fields' tape just isn't super impressive. It's good...but not great. And we've seen other Ohio St qb's look the same way on tape. He hasn't shown anything except the ability to run that will translate to the NFL. He has a bad throwing motion on top of that which is a major red flag. And on top of that he waits to see receivers open before releasing the ball which is another major red flag. That last part might be Ohio St's fault though. Still, I watched the other qb's releasing the ball before the receiver makes their break and you don't see Fields doing that. And personally I think Lawrence is getting overhyped as well. He's not better than Andrew Luck as a prospect.
  17. 3 of them went in the first round though (two were top 10) and 2 more in the second round.
  18. I can't say I ever ate his slogans and whatever up but I was routing for the guy. I was hoping he'd get our defense turned around. As soon as they brought back Dirk Koetter my faith and hope were pretty much gone. The writing was on the wall...
  19. It's a purely emotional response. They don't like Matt Ryan and they're infatuated with mobile qb's. All reason goes out the window and you start seeing only what you want to believe. Similar to Qanon.
  20. not drafting Justin Fields was my favorite part
  21. I think the point is that this late in the draft none of us have a clue what we are talking about.
  22. Think he's on record saying he would have gone with Justin Fields
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