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  1. it is, is based of Arthur Smith's press conference the other day
  2. I mean, it's better than hearing joe blow from the practice squad is looking great against other back ups like we normally get. At least Davidson is a second round pick and actually has expectations and a realistic chance to be a starter.
  3. being honest it's probably less. At most you'll see 3 in a game, usually probably only once or twice
  4. probably because qb's only throw the ball further then 20 yds like 3 times a game
  5. Thinks it's the opposite. He's Grady's blood father but didn't really raise him and wasn't in the picture.
  6. We also were one of the top teams in pre snap motion and one of the bottom with Koetter. In fact almost all of the top offenses are also top in pre snap motion
  7. That is Dirk Koetter's philosophy. I've heard him say it. "We just have to win our match ups". That's the way he thinks. Our guys just have to beat their guy, no scheming people open, no confusion, no easy plays.
  8. Lots of presnap motion. This gives the qb more info on what the defense is doing before snapping the ball, creates confusion on the defense, and creates desirable match ups for the offense. He creates tendencies on offense and then breaks them later in the game or later in the season. He'll also run the same play but in different formations, especially in the run game. He has a good run scheme and works the play action off of it. And he runs a wco.
  9. well he's not hurt and he doesn't have corona so that's a solid improvement right there
  10. I wouldn't really call it garbage yards when your team still has a chance to win the game.
  11. Not to mention his performance in the playoffs is top 3 all time for qb's
  12. when? Almost every loss last year was a one score game.
  13. It always has something to do with Matt Ryan don't it? Smh...
  14. I love Julio as both a bama fan and a falcons fan but I just don't know how much he has left and I think he feels the same way.
  15. yea but it's obvious he's been hurt, regardless if he's played through it or not. Then last year happened. If I'm another team I'd be wondering if the wheels have finally fallen off.
  16. Once they hit that second contract it usually gets a lot harder
  17. Wilson will be 33 this year and he's still got a long ways to go. I don't see him passing Ryan even if Ryan stopped playing today.
  18. Prescott would have to average 5000 yds a year for the next 8 years to catch Ryan
  19. Before I thought this would be Julio's last year in Atlanta, so not much different to me.
  20. I don't know..why don't you ask Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers
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