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  1. Everybody's talking about how bad our roster is...but sadly our defensive roster is a lot better now than it was when Quinn got here. Think about that...
  2. You make a terrible thread but it's everybody else's fault...come on man
  3. Cam will never play in the NFL again man...give it up
  4. It could also be that Tannehill just isn't that good of a qb so Smith did everything he could to help him out by running the offense through Henry. Tannehill did good at what he was asked to do but when asked to take over a game he wasn't capable....who knows
  5. Doubt we sign a player thats not vaccinated. Doubt Cam would want to come here to be a backup.
  6. I think its pretty obvious our coach doesn't value preseason "games" as much as you do. "Real reps" lol....so preseason games = "real reps"?
  7. so essentially what you're saying is "embrace the suck" is about embracing the suck and "protect the brotherhood" is about protecting your brothers...got it
  8. Telling your qb to "be an artist not a blacksmith" means you want him to look at the big picture. It conveys a message. It's telling the qb how you want him to actually think and do his job. Telling your team you want to be "fast and physical" has no meaning behind it. Telling your team to "embrace the suck" has no extra meaning. "Protect the Brotherhood". They mean nothing. They are just catchphrases. That's the difference.
  9. yea, using hyperbole and metaphors isn't the same as having a team slogan. Hyperbole has a message behind it that you're trying to convey.
  10. my point is that a preseason game is not a real game and does not equal game reps. It seems the coaches view it the same way. From the way they've handles preseason games, it seems they are viewing it as a contact practice. So that's why we've seen more of an emphasis on evaluating the lines in preseason games. You can evaluate skill players better than line players on non contact days.
  11. preseason doesn't equal game reps. Pitts won't be able to get actual game reps until the actual games.
  12. just knowing how to manage the clock at the end of halves would have won us several games
  13. You're assuming that if Ryan gets hurt it will be a season ending injury. That's usually not the case. You still need a guy that can maybe sneak out a win or two if Ryan goes down for a couple of games.
  14. Yea but if he only misses one or two games you want a guy that can possibly sneak out a win for us.
  15. The offensive and defensive lines are a lot harder to evaluate than the other positions during practice especially with contact limited. You can get a pretty good idea with other positions. So I think Arthur Smith is mainly using preseason games to evaluate the lines. At least that's what it seems like to me.
  16. It goes both ways man, what they're seeing of us is but a snap shot as well. Ridley isn't just going to line up outside at the x receiver spot every single play.
  17. my brother was real good about disappearing when trouble was a brewing...I, on the other hand, was like a moth to the flame
  18. If Dirk Koetter was still calling the plays I'd agree with you...
  19. And his throwing touchdown was on a trick play
  20. He threw two balls that should have been intercepted and also fumbled. He had a good rushing touchdown. But then they ran a trick play so he could throw a touchdown pass? Dont they want to save that for the season? Seems dumb
  21. He looked as bad as McCarron against the dolphins 2nd string, and he looked better than Franks against their 3rd and 4th string.
  22. a good scheme...specifically the west coast scheme will create a lot of clean pockets on its own.
  23. Ryan's legacy as the greatest qb in Falcons history is already set. Anything now is just a bonus.
  24. Yea we had multiple threads about it last year. Most of the top offenses in the league are also top in pre snap motion
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