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  1. There are some really good posts on the message board that can teach you the basics of football if you're interested...
  2. We have more talent now then we did in 2015...honestly, if you know this little about football you should probably stop posting for awhile and just read...
  3. According to our GM and coach...this isn't a rebuild
  4. Yea, I was trying to figure that out...I was kind of thinking the same thing. Is there someone else that wears a visor that maybe he has personal history with?
  5. When he stops playing well and is no longer part of the solution to the Falcons being a great team...
  6. Go ahead and look at total playoff performance as well...same thing. Historically Matt is one of the greatest playoff qbs in NFL history.
  7. The only thing I needed to see from Bryce Young was how fast he could make his reads correctly. He was getting the ball out pretty quick, a lot quicker than i was expecting.
  8. I don't know man...the media hype for Fields' is a bit out of control right now. I watched him play...unspectacularly at that, and then the media headlines are about how dominant he was. His coach was calling trick plays just to build the guys confidence up against the other teams 4th stringers....
  9. Fair, but I wouldn't put him above average in the other games. I noticed they actually ran the Shanny play action with the TE sneaking out the backside of the formation so he could throw his first touchdown pass. That's a borderline trick play. I found that kind of telling.
  10. yea, he looked pretty bad to me. Of course he's more athletic than the 2 and 3rd stringers he was going up against. Don't get me wrong, he'll still be good for a couple of highlight plays each game though.
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